Boats & A Different Fishing

What Exactly Are Magnet Fishing and How Does It Function? Magnetic fishing is a fresh concept in angling that has been created due to the latest developments in technology. It’s not only good for fishing, but also a great workout. To be able to understand what Magnet Fishing is all about, one must first get a very clear comprehension… Continue reading Boats & A Different Fishing

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Boating Friends

I’ve got a lot of disc magnets in my garage and a few of them has really caught on among my boating friends. There are several people that will come around to my house and sit for hours while I show them how to properly utilize the magnets and demonstrate how to create a variety… Continue reading Boating Friends

Bass Boats

Bass Boats – Pros & Cons of Different Boat Types Bass boats are smaller than other ships on the water. They are made for speed and maneuverability in small streams and rivers. A bass boat can also be a smaller boat, which is specifically designed and equipped mainly for fishing for bass, usually within water… Continue reading Bass Boats

Boat Costs?

Boat Costs – How to Have the Best Price For The New Boat The holidays are the best time to get yourself a brand new boat. You can go and have a picnic on the lake along with your friends and family, or perhaps you wish to race that lake at a sailboat. Now it… Continue reading Boat Costs?

A Simple Greenhouse

It’s easier than you might think to build a simple green house. And you don’t need to possess any special knowledge for that. Follow these steps and you will discover how easy it can be. However, for you to get an elegant green house, then you’ll have to follow these step-by-step procedures. First, check your… Continue reading A Simple Greenhouse

Between The Intensity

Science teachers often ask the question, “How does the intensity of the light change with distance?” Understanding the relationship between intensity of light and distance is key. Understanding the relationship between the intensity and distance of light is key. Understanding the relationship of the intensity of light with distance and the light wave frequencies available… Continue reading Between The Intensity