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What Exactly Are Magnet Fishing and How Does It Function? Magnetic fishing is a fresh concept in angling that has been created due to the latest developments in technology. It’s not only good for fishing, but also a great workout. To be able to understand what Magnet Fishing is all about, one must first get a very clear comprehension… Continue reading Boats & A Different Fishing

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I’ve got a lot of disc magnets in my garage and a few of them has really caught on among my boating friends. There are several people that will come around to my house and sit for hours while I show them how to properly utilize the magnets and demonstrate how to create a variety… Continue reading Boating Friends

Bass Boats

Bass Boats – Pros & Cons of Different Boat Types Bass boats are smaller than other ships on the water. They are made for speed and maneuverability in small streams and rivers. A bass boat can also be a smaller boat, which is specifically designed and equipped mainly for fishing for bass, usually within water… Continue reading Bass Boats