Did patrick mahomes play baseball? Patrick Mahomes baseball career: Everything to know about Chiefs QB in MLB

Did patrick mahomes play baseball? Mahomes turned down an offer from the Detroit Tigers who had selected the youngster in the 37th round of the 2014 MLB First-Year Player Draft, opting instead to join Texas Tech University.

It was there that the promising pitcher really started to morph into the formidable quarterback he is today.

Alongside his football commitments, Mahomes still found time for baseball. He even made one freshman appearance as a pitcher for the college team – albeit not a great one.

According to ESPN, Mahomes threw 15 pitches before being taken off in the game. Safe to say that it’s not one of his finest sporting achievements.

“I came into the game, I walked the first guy, I believe,” Mahomes told reporters in the build up to Super Bowl LVII.

“I hit the second guy, gave him a double and they scored a run and then I got taken out of the game.

“I think I have an infinity ERA, which isn’t probably a good one. That’s not something I’m not very proud to have on my record.”

Thankfully for football fans, Mahomes’ baseball career never took off and it stopped entirely once he started getting serious about reaching the NFL.

Mahomes’ went 13-19 while playing for the Red Raiders and broke records during his time at Texas Tech – as a junior, he had four games with at least 500 passing yards.

In his final game, he threw for 586 yards, six touchdowns and no interceptions against Baylor serving as a springboard to future success.

After showing his worth at the collegiate level, Mahomes was drafted by the Chiefs in 2017.

At the time, many franchises balked at picking the unorthodox quarterback, deeming him to be somewhat of a risk.

Turns out, it was a risk worth taking.

Did patrick mahomes play baseball

Gamble which paid off

Since being drafted, Mahomes has been named the league’s Most Valuable Player twice, won the Super Bowl and claimed the Super Bowl MVP trophy, as well as helping to transform the Chiefs into one of the league’s premier offensive juggernauts.

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Now the face of the NFL, he’s on the verge of lifting the Lombardi Trophy again, with the Philadelphia Eagles standing in his way on February 12.

While Mahomes knows the elation of winning the Super Bowl, he also knows the crushing feeling that comes with falling at the final hurdle.

He was outperformed by Tom Brady in 2021 as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers brushed aside the Chiefs at Super Bowl LV.

“This is the worst I’ve been beaten in a long time,” he told reporters after the game, before reverting back to those lessons learned during his childhood.

“My dad lost in the World Series and still continued to battle and be himself. Obviously, it hurts right now, but we will get better. We can’t let this define us.”

His reaction to the defeat is another example of Mahomes’ elite attitude. Throughout his career, it’s an attribute that’s been as dangerous to his opponents as his right arm.

After the defeat in 2021, Mahomes doubled-down and finished the current season as the league’s leader in passing yards (5,250) and touchdown throws (41).

It seems like nothing can get in the way of Mahomes winning a second Super Bowl ring, not least his own body.

He once again showed his heart by playing through an ankle injury to lead his team to victories against the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Cincinnati Bengals in order to get to the final.

While he’s unlikely to be fully healthy for the Super Bowl, it would take a brave person not to play him on the biggest stage of all.

After all, Mahomes has a wealth of experience that he’s been desperate to share with his teammates.

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“Just trying to give them a blueprint of how the week goes. Obviously, you can see it on the schedule, but I want them to see it from a player’s perspective,” Mahomes, mature beyond his years, told reporters ahead of the big game.

“The Super Bowl week is special, it’s a special week, but it’s not about being down there for the week of the Super Bowl, it’s about winning the game. I want guys to keep that at the front of their mind.

“Enjoy the whole entire week but make sure you’re prepared to go out there and play your best football as well.”

It’s been quite the ride for that young boy from Texas who was chasing his father around the baseball diamond.

Now, all those years later, the roles have reversed.

“My baby boy did what he always do,” Mahomes Sr. said from the field after watching his son lead the Chiefs to this year’s Super Bowl.

“You know he’s gonna show up and show out, and I’m just glad he did it.”

Which MLB team drafted Patrick Mahomes?

The Detroit Tigers selected Patrick Mahomes in the 37th round of the 2014 MLB Draft. He would never play for them.

“With Patrick, it was as simple as ‘here’s a kid who looks like he’s going to play football BUT…let’s be that team that started to build the relationship so that if he wants to play baseball 2-4 years down the road, we’ve got our foot in the door,” scout Tim Grieve said.

Grieve said that Mahomes could have graded out as a third or fourth-round prospect had he focused solely on baseball. Of course, he had other aspirations.

“He’s the type of prospect where you say let’s get our uniform on this guy and figure the rest out later,” Grieve said. “With any of these kids it’s always a dream.”

Did patrick mahomes play baseball

Did Patrick Mahomes play in MLB?

Patrick Mahomes opted not to pursue a career in professional baseball when the Tigers drafted him. Like the Kyler Murray’s and Russell Wilson’s of his day, Mahomes saw a far more direct path to fame and financial security in football, and it was the right choice.

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“You could’ve (tried to) throw a dollar figure at him…the fault with that is do you really want to convince a kid by throwing money at him? To me that’s just asking for trouble,” Grieve said. “What was being portrayed from his side was clearly ‘football is what I would like to do’. I think a lot of people that scouted Kyler Murray would probably tell you the same thing.”

Patrick Mahomes Sr. baseball career

While Patrick Mahomes II did not play baseball, his father had an esteemed career in the big leagues. Pat Mahomes pitched 11 years in MLB, notching 42 wins in 308 appearances. He had a career 5.47 ERA and pitched for six teams.

Grieve noticed plenty of his father in Mahomes’ ability as a pitcher. He was also an incredible leader on the field at such a young age. It’s a natural ‘what if’ for any scout who saw him play.

“The energy, the passion, the leadership…you can tell he’s having fun when he plays. When you go see a high school baseball prospect so many are robotic, but he was different. He was just letting his athleticism and passion for playing take over. That was very evident at a young age…he was that same guy when he was playing baseball,” Grieve said. “I loved that Patrick was a multi-sport kid.”

Patrick Mahomes baseball highlights

Mahomes was borderline unrecognizable on the diamond. He doubled as an outfielder and a pitcher — two positions where his arm thrived in. As a pitcher, he was wild and needed some help with technique. The talent was there, though, as he could already hit the mid-90’s at 18 years old. His highlights showcase just that.

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