Does baseball have a salary cap? MLB players’ union head: ‘We will never agree’ to salary cap

Does baseball have a salary cap? Fearing that Major League Baseball’s team owners are gearing up for a push toward a salary cap, the head of the players’ union unequivocally stated his side’s position on a cap the day after spring training games began.

“We’re never going to agree to a cap,” Tony Clark, the executive director of the M.L.B. players’ union, said in a meeting with reporters at the union’s new satellite office in the Greater Phoenix area on Saturday.

He added later: “A salary cap is the ultimate restriction on player value and player salary. We believe in a market system. The market system has served our players, our teams and our game very well.”

The latest labor deal, which ended a contentious 99-day lockout between M.L.B. and its players, will be one year old in a few weeks. It won’t expire for another four years, so a new round of haggling and bickering over the structure and economics of the sport should still be a ways off.

But in recent weeks, Commissioner Rob Manfred and the owners or top executives of some teams have expressed their concerns about the economic system that they agreed upon. And the league itself formed a new economic reform committee to examine major issues.

“We do have a disparity issue in the game on the revenue side and consequently on the ability to spend on players,” Manfred said this month. He commended Peter Seidler, an owner of the small-market San Diego Padres, for his massive payroll, but he wondered about its sustainability.

“There are real underlying issues facing revenue disparities in the game that are so different from capped leagues and leagues like football, where you have real shared national revenue,” Bob Nutting, the principal owner of the Pittsburgh Pirates, told The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Nutting’s club receives help from other teams as part of M.L.B.’s revenue-sharing system, yet has the third-lowest payroll in M.L.B., at $91 million, according to Cot’s Baseball Contracts. He added, “That’s a longer discussion, but I think one worth having.”

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does baseball have a salary cap

‘We will never agree’ to salary cap

“Baseball is doing very well,” Clark said on Saturday as the first full slate of spring training games began in Florida and Arizona.

Clark’s perspective is not shared by all. There’s a group of owners — including Bob Nutting of the Pittsburgh Pirates — who believe that a recent jump in free agent spending is part of the reason smaller market teams, like the Pirates, struggle to remain competitive. It’s one of the reasons MLB recently formed an economic reform committee.

“It’s the single biggest issue facing the Pittsburgh Pirates,” Nutting told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on Friday. “Competitive disparity, revenue disparity and payroll disparity are all real challenges.”

Clark told ESPN that he believes the new MLB committee ultimately desires a salary cap like the ones that exist in several other major professional sports leagues such as the NBA and NFL. He was also adamant that the union would never agree to one

MLB’s attempt to impose a salary cap was a major factor in the 1994 players’ strike that canceled that year’s World Series. Ultimately, the strike ended in early 1995 without a salary cap in place.

This offseason, salaries have risen following last year’s agreement on a five-year labor contract with the players’ association. Payrolls rose 12.6% to a $4.56 billion last year, breaking the previous record set in 2017, and are set to go even higher this year.

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The New York Mets, entering their third season under owner Steve Cohen, project a payroll upwards of about $370 million — which would smash the previous high of $291 million by the 2015 Los Angeles Dodgers.

Some so-called smaller market teams have even joined the spending surge. The San Diego Padres have been very active with free agents over the past few years, adding standouts like shortstop Xander Bogaerts.

Clark said that’s evidence that teams from markets of all sizes can compete financially and on the field, noting that the Padres have seen an uptick in fan interest.

There’s no doubt that economic disparity exists in baseball. While the Mets are set to spend around $370 million on payroll, others like the Orioles, Rays, Pirates and Athletics are expected to be in the $60-80 million range.

The causes for that disparity are where friction occurs between MLBPA and MLB.

“The question that should be asked in regards to one team’s payroll versus another, is whether or not that team is making a conscious decision to have its payroll there, or whether it has the ability to increase its payroll,” Clark said.

does baseball have a salary cap

Does MLB have a salary cap?

Player salaries in the MLB often draw criticism for their gargantuan size. Indeed, other North American sports leagues do not see their athletes paid that much. Today, we ask; does baseball have a salary cap?

The salary cap is a pre-determined amount that a team can spend on their players. Salary caps can be a limit on spending per player, a limit on the aggregate amount of money a team can spend, or a combination of the two.

Salary caps are implemented in sports leagues across the world to level the skill invested in teams across an array of wealth. Salary caps can often be arcane arrangements that fans do not always understand.

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For example, the NFL has enacted a rule that no team can pay their players a total sum exceeding $182.5 million. Likewise, the NHL has a hard-cap of $82.5 million. This means that teams are not allowed to exceed this amount in their total payroll per season.

In contrast, baseball works slightly differently. The league has a luxury tax, which charges teams based on how much money they spend over a certain threshold. This, in theory, discourages teams like the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox from spending ungodly sums on their players.

In any five-year period, any team whose payroll exceeds the threshold pays 22.5% of the sum in fees to the league. If a team exceeds the threshold for a second time, the rate jumps to 30%, and 50% if they exceed the limit three or more times.

Some say that the luxury tax does little to discourage teams. Since 2003, the Yankees, Red Sox, and LA Dodgers have paid nearly half a billion dollars in luxury tax fees.

So no, the MLB does not have a salary cap. Some say that this provides an unfair advantage to rich teams, while others claim that an egalitarian measure like a salary cap would invalidate wealth and punish success.

MLB salary cap unlikely to come in soon

Some small-market teams like the Milwaukee Brewers have called for the introduction of a salary cap. However, staunch opposition from the players’ union as well as rich teams make this hard to imagine. For now, poorer teams will just have to search for their own Billy Beane to lead them to glory.

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