Does Ronaldo Know Ishowspeed ? IShowSpeed’s tears as he finally meets his idol Cristiano Ronaldo

Does ronaldo know ishowspeed ? YouTube sensation ‘IShowSpeed’ holds a pretty strong claim as the biggest Cristiano Ronaldo fan in the land.Constantly waxing lyrical about the former Manchester United striker on his viral streams, Speed seems destined to meet his hero one day in what is fast becoming an ongoing saga.

After all, the 17-year-old flew across the Atlantic Ocean in a bid to see Ronaldo in action back in November, only to learn that the five-time Ballon d’Or wouldn’t be featuring in what proved to be Erik ten Hag’s final match-day squads before his exit.

Has Speed ever seen Ronaldo?

And while Speed did finally succeed in seeing Ronaldo with his own two eyes at the 2022 World Cup, things probably didn’t pan out quite how he imagined.

The internet star was shocked to see that Fernando Santos had dropped his captain for the knockout games against Switzerland and Morocco that he had flown to Qatar to witness.

Yes, of course, Ronaldo did indeed come off the bench in both encounters, but Speed ultimately never saw his hero start a game as Portugal crashed out of the tournament in tepid style.

As such, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the stars might never quite align for Speed to bag the fairy-tale meeting with Ronaldo that he so badly craves.

Unless, that is, Rafael Leão is able to pull some strings and serve as a go-between for Ronaldo and Speed to finally share the same room.

LUSAIL CITY, QATAR – DECEMBER 06: Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal warms up prior to the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Round of 16 match between Portugal and Switzerland at Lusail Stadium on December 06, 2022 in Lusail City, Qatar. (Photo by Justin Setterfield/Getty Images)

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does ronaldo know ishowspeed

Does Ronaldo know who Speed is?

And we say that because Leão made a surprising appearance on Speed’s latest livestream on Wednesday, picking up a video call to the surprise of even the YouTuber himself.

The pair soon started conversing before the eyes of millions of viewers and Speed eventually asked the million-dollar question: does Ronaldo actually know who he is?

And, well, to the utter delight of Speed, Leão was indeed able to reveal that Ronaldo is aware of who he is and even knows about the – how we say it? – change to the pronunciation of his trademark ‘SIUUU’ celebration that has become a staple of his livestreams.

All in all it made for a very surreal moment that Speed was understandably chuffed about, so be sure to check out the clip before everybody else does down below:

To be fair, you know you’re famous when Ronaldo is familiar with you. Fair play, Speed.

And with both Ronaldo aware of him and Speed having connections with a key Portugal teammate, there’s every reason to believe that we’re one step closer to getting the moment that everybody’s been waiting for.

It’s a little surreal and heady to imagine Speed running towards Ronaldo while barking and whipping out his ‘Suey’ version of the celebration, but it would certainly be gold, that’s for sure.

Speed will just have to keep his eye out as to where Ronaldo goes next after his United divorce and you never know, his dream might come true.

“He actually knows me?”: IShowSpeed has an emotional moment after Lingard claims that Ronaldo knows about him

Popular for his over-the-top interactions and reactions on his YouTube streams, Darren is known for dabbling in European football despite living across the pond. He was one of the key attractions in the recent Sidemen charity football match held on September 24, 2022.

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As a longtime fan of Cristiano Ronaldo, fans have, for the longest time, dreamed of a collaboration between the streamer and the football legend. A clip of him allegedly face-timing Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. also went viral a few days ago.

After mentioning that his idol knew of him, Jessie Lingard had to explain himself and describe how he would use IShowSpeed’s iconic accent and the phrase “sui” in front of him. The Nottingham Forest player revealed:

The YouTuber was still having trouble believing it and repeatedly asked if it was true. Clearly emotionally invested, he implored Lingard not to fib:

does ronaldo know ishowspeed

IShowSpeed finally meets Cristiano Ronaldo after begging him to get out of car

A popular YouTuber with a fierce devotion to Cristiano Ronaldo has just managed to meet his idol in the flesh – and his response was about as joyous as you’d expect.

Millions of people tune in to watch YouTuber IShowSpeed and his live streams, and on his latest one, he met the man who is arguably the greatest and most famous person ever to kick a ball.

Those familiar with IShowSpeed will know he’s a consistent and ardent fan of Ronaldo, praising his idol to the high heavens whenever he gets the chance.

Obviously, such a huge fan would dearly love to meet the actual Ronaldo and he got his wish at Portugal’s recent 3-0 victory over Bosnia and Herzegovina.

While he didn’t see his idol score, with Portugal’s goals coming courtesy of Bernardo Silva in the first half and a brace from Bruno Fernandes in the second, he did at last get a chance to meet Ronaldo.

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Waiting in the stadium as the players drove away, the YouTuber patiently bided his time until Ronaldo was heading out of the stadium, with IShowSpeed begging for a picture and remembering his ‘por favor’.

Ronaldo’s car stopped and the YouTuber could scarcely believe it when Cristiano Ronaldo himself stepped out for a hug and a quick chat.

He fell to his knees with his arms outstretched in worship and kept telling the football legend ‘I love you’, he even got Ronaldo to do the ‘siu’ celebration with him before the footballer got back into his car and headed off.

It’s safe to say that IShowSpeed was reasonably happy with his encounter, collapsing against a wall and repeating the phrases ‘I finally did it bro’ and ‘I love you so much god’.

Appearing to hyperventilate and saying he was ‘about to pass out’, the YouTuber still had enough left in him to do another ‘siu’ celebration to the camera and commemorate the chance to meet Ronaldo.

Ronaldo himself is doing pretty well considering these are supposed to be the twilight years of his career on the pitch.

He’s 2023’s highest paid athlete in the world as he’s set to rake in an estimated $136 million (£106) thanks to his pay packets on and off the pitch.

In fact, the vast majority of his earnings will come from what he does off the football pitch thanks to his merchandise, marketing and sponsorship deals.

While he might be raking it in hand over fist in earnings, it does look like Ronaldo is nearing the end of his time as a top footballer.

Ever since a rather acrimonious exit from Manchester United, the 38-year-old has been playing for Saudi Arabian club Al Nassr, a far cry from those heady days of Champions League dominance he enjoyed with Real Madrid.

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