How does premier League work Valorant ? What is VALORANT Premier? How to play, team creation, and more

How does premier league work valorant ? The tournament is divided into four different weeks of play, with each week featuring a separate map and three days of play: Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. Your team can play two games a week, which can be spread out over the three days or played all in one day.

Points are awarded for each match: a win earns 100 points, a loss earns 25 points, and if you don’t show up, you don’t get any points. After the four weeks, all scores are tallied up, and if your team has 675 points, you qualify for the tournament.

What Happens After You Qualify?

Once a team qualifies for the tournament, a bracket is posted on the Premier hub of the client, and you’ll be notified of your playing time and the team you’re playing against. It’s important to note that you can’t change the time you’re playing once you’re in the tournament.

The tournament matches are all played in one day, with teams competing in a single elimination format. There can be an infinite number of winners in each division in each zone, as a tournament bracket is made up of eight teams, but a zone can have hundreds of thousands of teams. Any team in a division with 375 points is put into a pool and split off into groups of eight teams. The winner of each group wins the title, gets a gun buddy, and is declared the champion of that division.

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What do the winners get?

The winners of premier get a unique Gun Buddy and Title for winning, and a Player Card for playing at least one match. Gankster teams also get a winner badge that the team can collect an show off their premier performance.

how does premier league work valorant

Important Things to Know

If you’re planning to participate in Valorant Premier, there are a few key things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure you’re available on Thursday, Saturdays, and Sundays, or at least one of those days.
  • Talk to your team about when you’re going to play and make sure everyone is available.
  • You need to play a minimum of six games to win. If you win three games and lose three, you’ll still qualify for the tournament.
  • As soon as you reach the 675 point threshold, you’re not obligated to play any more games. However, the idea is to play to get the points.
  • Brackets will be shown when the tournament time comes, so you won’t know the team you’re playing against until right before it starts.
  • There’s at least a five-minute rest in between games. You may wait more depending on how long the other games take in the tournament.

What is Valorant Premier?

As we mentioned earlier, Premier is a new competitive mode in Valorant that will provide a much higher level of competition to players compared to Ranked.

Riot aims to “present an even higher goal beyond Radiant that provides the most competition-hungry players with a rewarding challenge beyond ranked.”

The mode is a new path to pro for players from the comfort of directly playing from their homes. According to Leo Faria, Valorant’s Head of Esports, Premier “will be the path to the VCT Challengers leagues” in the future, eventually replacing the current open qualifying system.

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Who can play Valorant Premier?

Anyone with a valid Valorant account that’s in good standing (not banned currently) is eligible to take part in Valorant Premier. All you need to make sure of is that your phone number should be verified.

You can form a team of five and up to seven players can take part in the competitive mode. The nature of the mode remains unchanged from what it was during the beta period but is enhanced with more features and will last for a prolonged period.

Once you build a roster, your team will be placed in a division where you’ll play across a persistent season composed of a mix of weekly matches and tournaments. If your team has everything it needs to win, you may even qualify for the end-of-season tournament to battle for being the Division Champions.

If you want to dive into more details on how to play Valorant Premier, our guide has everything you need.

Valorant Premier live match rules

Premier matches in Valorant have a different set of rules when you compare them to Competitive matchmaking.

All weekly matches are Best of 1 and here’s what the Overtime rules look like:

  • The first team to win 12 rounds gains Overtime Priority.
  • The team with Overtime Priority chooses the Starting Side for Overtime by voting, using a simple majority of the 5 players.
  • Teams must win by 2. Every round, teams swap sides.
  • If 3 sets of Overtime have been played, play one final round of Sudden Death.

Sudden Death side choice is whatever the team with Overtime Priority chose during the Overtime Starting Side Choice Phase.

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To qualify for the Playoff Tournament, teams must earn 675 points. All teams within a Division that qualify for the Tournament are matched into a bracket of up to 8 teams. Each bracket results in one winning team. However, a Tournament bracket may start with as few as 5.

Valorant Premier Rewards and Crest

The rewards for participating and winning the Playoff tournament in Valorant Premier include:

  • A unique Gun Buddy
  • Title for winning
  • A Player Card for playing at least one match

All rewards will be distributed on October 23, the day after the Launch Stage ends. You will be eligible for your reward as long as you’ve played at least one match.

You can also earn a Crest and for that, play at least two weekly matches or one tournament match with a team. The Launch Stage Crest will be available at the start of the new Stage in October. You can view your Launch Stage Crest by clicking on Career and then going to Premier.

how does premier league work valorant

When does Premier launch in VALORANT?

Premier mode has fully launched as of Aug. 29, 2023, at the start of Episode Seven, Act Two. The first season, titled Launch Stage, will have a one-week enrollment period and then seven weeks of play, with one week dedicated to each map.

During a Premier season, teams will play up to weekly matches during the weekly queue window on a featured map. Queue windows are zone-specific. Teams will earn 100 points for a win, 25 for a loss, and no points if they do not play. Teams with at least 675 points earned will qualify for the tournament at the end of the season. Each playoff bracket consists of eight teams.

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