How many Children does Ronaldo have ? How many children does Cristiano Ronaldo have & who are the respective mothers?

How many children does ronaldo have ? The superstar footballer announced the birth of his fifth child in 2022 and GOAL looks at his burgeoning family and their Instagram moments

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most well-known and well-regarded footballers in the world, but his personal life remains shrouded in a great deal of mystery.

Understandably, the Al-Nassr star has been protective of his family, but in recent times he has given his fans a glimpse behind the proverbial curtain through his social media channels.

As well as his football moments, social life and various commercial ventures, Ronaldo increasingly celebrates his growing family, sharing tender moments with his legions of followers.


Cristiano Ronaldo now has five children after his partner Georgina Rodriguez gave birth to a baby girl named Bella on April 18, 2022. In October 2021, Ronaldo and his partner revealed that they were expecting twins but later the ace player announced that the baby boy had sadly passed away. The couple has two boys and three girls.

The former Manchester United star became a father at the age of 25 when his first child, Cristiano Jr, was born in June 2010.

Ronaldo has never publicly revealed the identity of his first son’s mother, but Cristiano Jr is a prominent figure in the star’s life and he often appears by his father’s side at award ceremonies.

Indeed, Ronaldo is evidently very proud of his eldest son and has shared a number of videos of him playing football, prompting speculation that the youngster is set to follow in his father’s footsteps.

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In fact, in case there wasn’t enough pressure on the kid, some bookmakers have even offered odds on Ronaldo Jr one day playing for Man United or Real Madrid.

how many children does ronaldo have

Cristiano Ronaldo’s twins

In June 2017, seven years after the birth of Cristiano Jr, Ronaldo’s family grew by two as the Portugal international revealed new baby twins following his return from the Confederations Cup.

The twins, a boy and a girl, are reported to be named Mateo and Eva and are said to have been conceived with the help of a surrogate mother.

As with his first-born, Ronaldo is happy to show off his twin children and they regularly feature on both his Instagram and that of his girlfriend Georgina’s social media.

Fourth child

Following the birth of his twins in the summer of 2017, there were murmurings that Ronaldo was set to welcome a fourth addition to his family.

Those rumours were eventually confirmed that the 32-year-old was expecting his first child with girlfriend Georgina. Details initially began to emerge about the pregnancy in July, with the couple announcing they were expecting a girl, with the name Alana Martina their choice in advance.

Georgina has now given birth to Alana Martina, with Ronaldo announcing the news in an Instagram post featuring a picture of himself, his girlfriend, eldest son and newborn daughter.

Birth of their third daughter and passing away of unborn son
After a gap of almost five years, the couple had a baby girl in 2022 but they also had to bear the grief of the passing away of their unborn son.

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On April 18, 2022, Ronaldo penned an emotional note on Instagram where he informed the world about the sad news of their son passing away and also shared the joy of welcoming a baby girl.

Who are Cristiano Ronaldo’s children?

Cristiano Ronaldo has a total of five children, since this Monday, April 18, one more girl was born for the family. However, this birth was accompanied by sad news, after the twin brother of the newborn, did not have the opportunity to live, after a complicated birth suffered by CR7’s partner, Georgina Rodriguez.

“With our deepest sadness we have to announce the passing of our son. It is the greatest pain that a parent can feel” announced through a statement on social networks, Cristiano Ronaldo.

On the other hand, the other children of the Portuguese star are Cristiano Jr, Eva, Mateo and Alana.

Cristiano Jr. is the oldest of them, being 12 years old and is even part of the Manchester United youth team, where he has already scored goals and celebrated in the style of his father.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s firstborn was born on July 4, 2010, in the state of California, through a surrogate pregnancy. The identity of the mother is confidential, since the Portuguese agreed with her to keep everything confidential, in addition to Cristiano Jr. would be under her guardianship.

After the birth of Ronaldo’s first child, in 2017 it was again made known that he became a father again through the same artificial insemination process and this time twins Eva and Mateo were born. The identity of the mother was not revealed and they were also left in the care of Real Madrid’s top scorer.

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During that same year and while he had been in a relationship with Georgina Rodríguez for more than a year, Cristiano Ronaldo formalized his union with the Spaniard when he announced that she was pregnant. By November of that same 2017, Alana was born and the Portuguese announced it with a selfie with Cristiano Jr. and Georgina after the birth.

Gio and CR7 family matters

Georgina has five children with partner Cristiano Ronaldo (with the couple remaining unmarried), and is the stepmother of his first child (Cristiano Junior), raising the child as her own without involvement from the child’s biological mother. In June 2017, the couple welcomed twins Mateo and Eva via surrogacy.

In November 2017, Rodríguez gave birth to their daughter, Alana Martina and in 2022, Rodríguez gave birth to twins in April with the boy tragically dying during childbirth, while the girl twin survived, Bella Esmeralda.

how many children does ronaldo have

How many children does Cristiano Ronaldo have?

The Manchester United star has five kids. The first of his children is named after his father, Cristiano, and was born on July 4, 2010.

Aged 12, Cristiano Jr is plying his trade at Manchester United’s academy. He was born in the United States, in California, through a surrogate pregnancy, and the name of the mother is unknown as the footballer, and due to a confidentiality contract with her, wanted it to be this way, keeping the exclusive guardianship of his son.

Eva and Mateo were born in 2017. Like their older brother, they were born through surrogacy and the identity of the mother was kept secret by both parties.

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