How many cycles in mlb history? What is the Cycle in Baseball?

How many cycles in mlb history? In only his fifteenth major league game, Cincinnati’s Elly De La Cruz has entered an exclusive club. Hitting for the cycle in Friday’s 11-10 win over the Atlanta Braves enters his name into the record books at several different levels.

Only 343 people out of the 20,405 total major leaguers throughout the long history of professional baseball have hit for a cycle. The first was in 1882 when the Boston Red Caps’ (now the Atlanta Braves) Curry Foley hit for the cycle against the now-defunct Cleveland Blues. And now De La Cruz.

At only 21 years, 163 days old, De La Cruz is the youngest player to hit for the cycle since 1972 when Houston’s César Cedeño accomplished the feat. De La Cruz is the first Red to hit for the cycle since Eric Davis in 1989. Interestingly, De La Cruz wears the same No. 44 jersey that Davis did.

How many cycles in mlb history

Pirates hold franchise cycle record

Only 14 players in MLB history have ever hit a natural cycle, most recently Gary Matthews Jr for the Texas Rangers in 2006.

In terms of franchises, the Pittsburgh Pirates hold the record for the most cycles hit with 24, while the Miami Marlins are the only current MBL team never to have hit for the cycle.

On two occasions in the MLB a father-son cycle has been achieved, first in 2004 when Daryle Ward matched his father Gary Ward’s cycle 24 years earlier, and again in 2019 when Cavan Baggio hit for the cycle, following in his father Craig’s 2002 footsteps.

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Since the disruption of the pandemic in 2020, here is a list of the players who have hit for the cycle.

How many cycles have been hit in MLB history?

What’s more impressive about De La Cruz’s record is that he was the third-fastest to a cycle in MLB history. Only Gary Ward, who did so in his 14th game and Cliff Heathcote, who got it in his sixth game completed the accomplishment faster.

Hitting a cycle is one of the rarest feats for a batter. Following Elly De La Cruz’s cycle against the Atlanta Braves, the MLB has seen 343 cycles in its history.

The first player to record a cycle in the league was Curry Foley, way back in 1882.

Elly De La Cruz’s cycle, by the numbers: Reds rookie makes MLB history in 15th career game

For the first time in what feels like millennia, the Reds are relevant. More than relevant, in fact. They’re flying, picking up win after win to thrust themselves up the NL Central standings. They’re up to 12 in a row after rallying to beat the Braves 11-10 on Friday.

Why? Well, it’s hard to look past the play of unicorn Elly De La Cruz. The rookie has given the team a new lease on life in the little more than two weeks he has been at Great American Ball Park, animating a long-dormant fan base in the process.

De La Cruz added to his growing legacy with another historic display against Atlanta. He hit for the cycle, becoming one of the youngest players — both in age and experience — to record the accomplishment.

The freakish infielder did so with his patented flair, including smoking this 96.3 mph liner to right field for his round-tripper

He capped his night with a dizzying triple, his limbs going every which way as he reached the bag. The cheers spilled from the fans, many of whom had yet to see a Cincinnati player accomplish such a feat in their lifetime.

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Oh, and did we mention that he did all of that in his first four at-bats? Or that he slipped in a highlight-reel catch between his hits?

What is a cycle in baseball?

A cycle refers to a batter recording a single, double, triple and home run in the same game. It’s a rare feat in baseball. Hitters need luck as well as skill to hit for the cycle. There’s a reason it has only been done 343 times in MLB history.

Hit for the Cycle Meaning and Origin

You may hear this word during a baseball game, but what exactly does “hitting for the cycle” mean? It’s one of the things that make baseball a fascinating game.

When a player manages to hit a single, a double, a triple, and a home run in one game, that batter has a complete cycle. The sequence of the hits does not matter as long as these hits happened all in the same game.

It took over five decades for the term “cycle” to make its way to the baseball scene, despite it now being the standard term to describe the exceptional achievement of collecting one of each sort of hit in a single game.

According to research, the word “cycle” was first used in 1921 to describe George Sisler’s achievement of hitting the 70th cycle in baseball history. Nearly ten years later, “hitting for the cycle” was used again.

Players Who Have the Cycles

Cycle hits are uncommon, but they do happen frequently enough that 339 players have done it. The first player to achieve a cycle was Curry Foley in 1882. And on July 1, 2022, currently the last player to hit for the cycle was Nolan Arenado, who played for the St. Louis Cardinals.

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A natural cycle, which has only ever been accomplished 14 times in the MLB, is when a player records these hits in the sequence of a single, a double, a triple, and a home run.

There has never been a home run cycle in MLB. A player completes a home run cycle in baseball terms when they hit a solo home run, a 2-run home run, a 3-run home run, and a grand slam home run all in the same game. A home run cycle in MLB is like a needle in a haystack, very hard to accomplish due to the guidelines that must be met in order to achieve it.

On the other hand, Gary Ward, an outfielder with the Minnesota Twins, became the first player in MLB history in which in only his 14th game, hit his first cycle. Ward’s feat is considered the fastest cycle in baseball.

List of Cycles

Most cycles in MLB history have happened within the franchise team of the Pittsburgh Pirates. But although the Pirates have managed to achieve this feat, getting a perfect cycle happens rarely enough that no Miami Marlins player has ever done it.

How many cycles in mlb history

How Many Cycles in MLB History

One of the rarest achievements in baseball is to hit numerous cycles throughout the course of a career. Trea Turner and Christian Yelich have recently joined the most career cycles in MLB, having to hit 3 cycles which is the most number of cycles in the MLB.

Turner of the Washington Nationals made headlines as one of the MLB’s swiftest runners, having at least twice in 2016 been timed at a speed of 22.7 mph (36.5 km/h). Trea Turner then went to record his third cycle on the 30th of June, which is why he is now in the group of players who have the most career cycles in MLB history.

And although hitting 3 cycles is the most number recorded ever in the MLB, 24 players have hit for the cycle twice, which is a feat that requires just as much skill.

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