How many trophies have Liverpool Won ? EXCLUSIVEHow many trophies have Liverpool won? All Silverware Won By Liverpool.

How many trophies have liverpool won ? Liverpool have tasted plenty of success in recent years, but have they surpassed Man Utd in major titles? Legendary Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson famously stated that his mission was to knock his club’s great rivals Liverpool off their perch and he managed to do just that.

The Scottish manager won 13 Premier League titles, five FA Cups and three Champions League honours during his time with the Red Devils, and is regarded as one of the greatest of all-time.

Following Liverpool’s success in their sixth Champions League title in June 2019 and their 19th league title in 2020, however, Jurgen Klopp’s side have shown that they are able to challenge once again.

But which team can claim to be the most successful side on English soil, and how many trophies has each side won? GOAL takes a look.

Who has won the most titles in England?

Well, it depends on who you ask.

After Liverpool won their sixth UEFA Super Cup title in 2019, beating Chelsea through a penalty shootout in Istanbul, Reds fans were quick to claim that they became the most successful club in English football.

In beating the Blues on that occasion, Liverpool lifted their 46th major trophy, with supporters believing that they had surpassed great rivals Manchester United, who, they said, have 45 major trophies.

While the Reds have now won 50 major prizes – including the league, FA Cup, League Cup, Champions League/European Cup, the UEFA Cup/Europa League and the UEFA Super Cup – their count disregards one competition.

Liverpool’s 50 major titles exclude the number of Community Shield titles they have won, which is the key point of the discussion – as Man Utd have a record 21 Community Shields to their name, compared to Liverpool’s 16.

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And so, if Community Shield titles are to count in the trophy haul, Man Utd have one trophy more than Liverpool who have won 66 major titles. With the Carabao Cup triumph over Newcastle United the Red Devils are now once again the most successful team in England.

how many trophies have liverpool won

Does the Community Shield count as a major trophy?

The key point of contention between the sets of supporters is about whether or not the Community Shield counts as a major title. Once again, it depends on who you ask.

The FA considers the Community Shield to be an official honour in English football, and it is seen as the first game of the new English top-flight season, though its status as a ‘major title’ has been contested by certain football figures and fans.

The Community Shield is seen as a minor trophy to some compared to the likes of the FA Cup and League Cup, with some referring to it as a ‘glorified friendly’ – especially as yellow card and red cards earned in the match do not carry on to other competitions.

In 2008, Alex Ferguson stated: “The Community Shield is a prestigious match, but I have used players in it who were not quite fit…”

However, for the most part, players and managers involved in the Community Shield respect its status as a major trophy, and regard it as the first ‘final’ of the season.

Speaking on his players’ fitness levels ahead of the 2018 Community Shield against Chelsea, Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola said: “We have just four or five days to prepare for the first final [Community Shield]. so we have to adapt.

“Some of them are coming back before, some are coming back after the final.”

Moreover, in 2016, ex-Leicester manager Claudio Ranieri added: “Why do you say this question, a friendly? [Since] when is the Community Shield a friendly?

“Of course we will be at the maximum and Manchester United will be at their maximum. The two teams want to win. I am very excited.”

How Liverpool has Fared in the Champions League Final

Liverpool will face off against Tottenham in the Champions League final on June 1, aiming to add another trophy to the club’s impressive history. The club is one of five teams with five-plus Champions League (formerly European Cup) titles, tied with Bayern Munich and Barcelona for the third most all-time.

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Liverpool is a five-time Champions League/European Cup winner. It won its last title in 2005 after ripping off a streak of four titles in eight years from 1977-1984. Liverpool had a chance to clinch its sixth Champions League title in 2018, but fell to Real Madrid 3-1 in the final.

Liverpool FC has won a total of 63 major trophies since the club was founded in 1892 – including 19 league titles, 6 European cups, 3 EUFA cups, 4 EUFA super cups, 7 FA cups, 8 league cups, 1 club world cup and 15 community shields. Here we will go through the full list of the trophies that the club has won in chronological order.

1900/01 – League title

Liverpool managed to secure their first title in 1901. Their title charge seemed to be fading in the later stages of the season but once the manager (Tom Watson) got a win against his former team Sunderland in February, the Reds didn’t look back and won 5 league games out of 8 – scoring thirteen and conceding four.

With their last game of the season against an almost relegated West Bromwich Albion, the Reds got the job done and were crowned as champions of England for the first time.

When Everton had moved to Goodison Park some 9 years earlier (as on year 2020), the club’s president at the time (John Holding) found himself with the rights to Anfield but without team to play in it. As a practical man, Holding decided to form his own team and Liverpool Football Club was established.

1905/06 – League title

Liverpool’s second title was also won on fine margins, with the Reds finishing the season top of the table with 51 points – just 4 points above Preston in second place and 7 points above Sheffield Wednesday who came third.

1921/22 – League title

Meanwhile, the 1921-22 season was Liverpool’s 30th season of football since the club was established in 1892, and the Reds celebrated their anniversary in style with their third league title whilst Manchester United were relegated to the second division.

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1922/23 – League title

Back to back titles occurred for the first time in Liverpool’s history in season that followed – Harry Chambers being Liverpool’s standout man of the campaign with 22 goals in 39 appearances.

However, David Ashworth (who had led Liverpool to their title success the year before) was no longer at Liverpool when they won the league again in 1922 after he controversially returned to Oldham before the end of the season for his second spell as a manager there.

He then left Oldham for a second time in 1924 and lasted less than half a term at Manchester City. Ashford rightly takes his place in Liverpool’s Hall of Fame, but we can only imagine what he might have achieved at the club if he had stayed with the Reds a while longer.

how many trophies have liverpool won

1946/47 – League title

In the aftermath of the second world war, Liverpool managed to secure their fifth league title – winning the league just one point above Manchester United in second place who, Like Liverpool, were starting to create an impressive collection of silverware at the top of English football.

1963/64 – League title, Community Shield

When a man named Bill Shankly first arrived at Anfield in 1959, Liverpool Football Club was fading into the background. Their league title in 1947 was shrouded in a sense of hypocrisy as a team’s success during that time was largely dependent on how well they had come out of the second world war, and a number of poor years which followed had resulted in Liverpool being relegated to the second division in 1954.

Thankfully, the now great Bill Shankly plucked us out of our hole and put Liverpool back in the first division in 1962 with an 8th placed finish in the league. Anfield quickly became a ‘bastion of invincibility’ under Shankly with home defeats coming few and far between as they do so now under Jurgen Klopp, and Liverpool won the league title again in 1964 before winning the community shield for the first time a few months later.

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