How many wnba teams are there? Who has won the most WNBA championships?

How many wnba teams are there? So, you’re looking for more information on how many WNBA teams are currently in the league? Let’s talk about it! The WNBA was founded in 1996 and is the premier women’s professional basketball league on the planet. It was formed as a collaboration between the NBA and various team owners, with the goal of promoting and developing women’s basketball at the professional level.

Today, the WNBA is made up of twelve franchises who play in different cities across the United States. The league has seen franchises created and folded, but it’s finally in a healthy position, and the teams we have today seem here to stay.

How Many Active WNBA Teams Are There in 2023?

Today, the WNBA has had 12 teams since 2010 – six in each conference. The league will expand to 13 teams in 2025 with the arrival of San Francisco Bay Area expansion team.

The WNBA’s teams are divided into two conferences: the Eastern Conference and the Western Conference. Here is a list of WNBA teams

Under the current WNBA playoff format, the league’s top eight teams qualify for the postseason. Regardless of their conference, the teams are seeded from one to eight based on their regular season record.

Five of the league’s current 12 teams have direct NBA counterparts. Our guide to WNBA teams by state provides insight into where each of the 12 teams are located in the United States.

How many wnba teams are there?

The History of WNBA Teams

The story of WNBA teams is one of resilience and growth, as more teams have come than have gone throughout the league’s history.

Let’s step back in time and relive the evolution, celebrating the teams that have graced the courts and shaped the league’s team makeup.

Overall, there have been a total of 18 franchises in WNBA history. The just-announced San Francisco expansion team will become the 19th. Here, we unravel the dance of teams entering and exiting the WNBA, offering insights about “how many WNBA teams are there” at different points in history.

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Are They Adding More WNBA Teams?

The anticipation is palpable, and the question on every fan’s mind is – are we about to welcome new teams to the WNBA family? For those constantly asking, “How many WNBA teams are there?” – the answer might soon be more than you think. With whispers of expansion and cities abuzz, let’s explore the prospects and the potential locales.

This list of WNBA teams is about to grow. WNBA expansion isn’t a question of if, but when and where. It’s been 15 years since the league added a new team, but growth is around the corner.

WNBA Commissioner Cathy Engelbert has said, “We need more than 12 teams,” and suggested the WNBA could add two new teams by 2025, bringing the league’s team count to 14. So, if you’re wondering, “How many WNBA teams are there going to be?” – well, the landscape is about to get even more exciting.

Confirmed Expansion

In October 2023, the WNBA announced it was expanding in 2025 by adding a team in the San Francisco Bay Area. The new franchise is owned by the Golden State Warriors, and they will announce their official name in the coming months. The addition of the team will bring the league’s number of teams total to 13.

Potential Further Expansion

Commissioner Engelbert confirmed at the press conference announcing the new Golden State WNBA franchise that the league is hoping to add a second expansion team for the 2025 season.

Other expansion possibilities include Nashville, Toronto, Austin, Denver, Charlotte, Philadelphia, and Portland. With the Bay Area a lock-in, it’s safe to assume the second location would be somewhere on the Eastern side of the country to keep the conferences equal.

As a WNBA fan, I’m here for it. Some players, like Las Vegas Aces guard Kelsey Plum, would prefer the WNBA focus on current issues like travel and salary benefits for the league’s current players before adding new teams. But new teams mean more exposure for the league, a new pool of fans, and a refreshed answer to “How many WNBA teams are there?”

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How many teams are there in the WNBA?

WNBA fans are relighting the conversation about expansion and it’s getting more heated than ever before. After 15 years of stagnancy, the league desperately needs to get around to adding something else in its field.

A big topic of conversation that comes with expansion is where will the teams go, and what stadiums will they call home?

Right now, six WNBA teams are sisters to an NBA team, meaning they’re within the same market. This includes the Nets and Liberty, Pacers and Fever, Lakers and Sparks, Timberwolves and Lynx, Suns and Mercury and Wizards and Mystic. However, of these teams, the Sparks are the only ones with completely separate ownership.

Three teams are within the same market, but not siblings with an NBA team, including the Sky and Bulls, Wings and Mavericks and Dream and Hawks.

And five teams are within the same market as an NBA G League team, including the Dream, Mystics, Sparks, Wings and Liberty.

So, that’s where the logistics come in. If we’re looking at places that might be ideal to add a WNBA team to the mix, I think there’s a good chance it can be within a pre-existing, healthy and thriving basketball market.

Let’s take a look at what cities are rumored to call the WNBA home sometime soon and when the last time the league tried expansion was.

Rumored list of WNBA expansion teams

There have been rumors flying around for the last couple of years that the WNBA is planning to expand as early as 2024. When the Lynx and Sky met in Toronto on May 13 for the first-ever Canadian-based game, the “when?” question started coming up again. More specifically, and also, “where?”

Toronto has been on the list of cities thought to be in the mix for quite a while now, mostly due to the fact that they’re already home to a professional basketball team, the Raptors.

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According to ESPN, WNBA Commissioner Cathy Englebert told the Sports Business Journal recently that she would like to see two more teams birthed in the foreseeable future, putting the total at 14.

Other than Toronto, she mentioned cities like the San Francisco Bay Area; Denver; Austin, Texas; Nashville, Charlotte, N.C.; and Portland, Ore. that are on the constantly revolving list.

Charlotte and Portland have both had WNBA franchise experience before, but that doesn’t make them front-runners in this race.

How many wnba teams are there?

When was the last WNBA expansion attempt?

The last time the league expanded was in 2008 with the addition of the Dream.

The first wave came in 1998 and then again in 1999.

The original slate of WNBA teams was eight. It was quickly upgraded to 10 after its inaugural season and then the current 12 the season after. They tried expanding the 16 in 2000, but relented down to 14 in 2003 and bounced back and forth between 13-14 teams until 2010, when it was officially cut back to the current 12.

There were teams that used to exist in other places, some of those teams going extinct as the years went on and some of them morphing into other places.

For example, the Charlotte Sting folded in 2006, the Houston Comets in 2008 and the Sacramento Monarchs in 2009.

The Portland Fire was part of the first wave of WNBA expansion in the early 21st century with the Miami Sol, both only around for two years, but they weren’t able to get off the ground the same way other franchises were and ended up folding in 2002.

Meanwhile, the Orlando Miracle became the current Connecticut Sun in 2003, the Detroit Shock moved to Tulsa in 2010 before solidifying as the current Dallas Wings in 2016, and the Las Vegas Aces were known as the Utah Starzz until 2002 and then the San Antonio Stars until 2017.

The only three teams that originated in 1997 and remain the same in 2023 are the Liberty, Mercury and Sparks.

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