How much is Barcelona Worth ? Who is the Owner of Barcelona Football Club?

How much is barcelona worth ? Barcelona tops the Forbes list of the world’s 20 most valuable soccer teams for the first time, knocking Real Madrid to No. 2. Barcelona is valued at $4.76 billion, just nudging out Real Madrid at $4.75 billion. The top spot had been monopolized by two teams for the previous 16 years, with Real Madrid taking it five times and England’s Manchester United 11 times.

Barcelona’s rise comes as the club has been caught in a public fight with superstar Lionel Messi, the world’s highest-paid player, who threatened to leave last year before the final season under his contract. The months-long cliffhanger ended with Messi staying put and the team’s president resigning.

The world’s 20 most valuable soccer teams are worth an average of $2.28 billion apiece, an increase of 30% from two years ago, the last time we published the ranking. The jump comes despite a decline in revenue caused by limited attendance during the pandemic, with buyers focused on what they see as still untapped revenue potential in the sport’s massive global following.

Average revenue for the 20 teams was $441 million for the 2019-20 season, down 9.6% from 2017-18, while average operating income fell by 70% over the period to $23 million. The pain is far from over, with a worsening decline in match-day revenue during the current season as most of the teams in Europe’s top leagues still permit few fans to attend games.

Still, investors continue to pay the kind of rich multiples for top-tier soccer teams that they offer for NFL, NBA and big-market MLB franchises. For RedBird Capital’s recent acquisition of a minority stake in Fenway Sports Group, which owns Liverpool, an appraiser valued the Premier League club at more than $4 billion, roughly 6.4 times revenue—about the same multiple Steve Cohen paid for the New York Mets last year when he bought the MLB franchise for $2.42 billion. The NBA’s Utah Jazz changed hands for $1.66 billion in December, or six times pre-pandemic revenue. Liverpool’s value is up 88% since our last valuation.

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The club, which lands at No. 5 on this year’s list at $4.1 billion, has 84 million combined followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and is the world’s 12th-most-valuable sports team. Barcelona (fourth in the world overall) and Madrid (fifth) have more than 260 million social media followers each. The NFL’s Dallas Cowboys, the world’s most valuable sports franchise at $5.7 billion, has less than 16 million social media followers.

Those massive followings pay off. Manchester United, with almost 140 million followers, recently replaced shirt sponsor Chevrolet with TeamViewer, a German software company. The deal begins in the coming 2021-22 season and will pay Man U an average of $64.9 million over five years. While that’s less than the amount paid by the carmaker under the club’s previous deal, the new agreement includes fewer commercial rights, which means Manchester United can seek another automotive sponsor and match—or even exceed—the original deal with Chevrolet in combination. Madrid, Barcelona, Liverpool, Paris Saint-Germain and Juventus, home to soccer’s No. 2 earner Ronaldo, all have shirt deals expiring within the next few years.

how much is barcelona worth

Forbes’ most valuable football teams

Real Madrid is the most valuable footbal team in the world, coming in at No. 13, just two places in front of Barcelona in the list of all professional sports teams. The Spanish clubs are first and second in the soccer category, in front of Manchester United, an international sports brand that has dropped into third place after many years at the front of the pack.

Real Madrid and Barcelona had been in the top 10 until recently, but the US sports teams have found ways to grow financially and overtake the top European soccer clubs.

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Ten years ago the top three teams on Forbes’ list were soccer teams. Although the Premier League has a very lucrative TV deal, it can’t compare with the $112 billion agreement the NFL has signed through 2032. In fact there are 30 NFL teams in Forbes’ top 50 list and the sale in 2022 of the Denver Broncos for $4.65 billion is proof that these numbers are grounded in reality.

Other soccer clubs that are in the top half of the 50 most valuable sports clubs are Liverpool (No. 22), Bayern Munich (No. 23) and Manchester City (No. 24). Paris Saint-Germain (No. 49) and Chelsea (No. 50) round out the list and are the last soccer clubs that are represented in Forbes’ research.

Who owns Barcelona?

In a unique twist that sets Barcelona Football Club apart from many other football giants, the club is owned by its fans, known as “socios.” This distinctive ownership model grants a voice to the supporters, allowing them to participate in key decisions through a democratic voting process. The socios elect the president and the board of directors, contributing to the club’s direction and identity.

This fan-centric approach embodies the essence of community and loyalty that Barcelona Football Club represents. The socios’ involvement extends beyond matchday enthusiasm; they hold the power to shape the club’s policies, from choosing leadership to endorsing major transfers. This dynamic interaction between the fans and the club’s administration fosters a sense of belonging and shared responsibility, binding the Barcelona’s faithful fans even closer to their team.

aking the reins of Barcelona’s destiny lies squarely in the hands of its registered members, who wield the power to elect not just the board of directors, but also the president of the revered club. This pivotal process underscores the democratic ethos at the heart of Barcelona’s operations. The club’s history is intrinsically woven with the fabric of its association, dating back to its inception by the visionary Joan Gamper in 1899. A constant beacon of Catalunya’s spirit, Barcelona remains an unwavering torchbearer, emblematic of the very essence of its people.

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Presidents, the helm-bearers of Barcelona’s journey, embark on a rigorous six-year tenure, a mandate that compels them to steer the club with precision and passion. This deliberate term structure ensures that fresh perspectives and unrelenting commitment drive the club forward.

how much is barcelona worth

How to get Barca Membership

Intricately linked with the club’s identity is the notion of membership, a conduit through which individuals become not just spectators, but active stakeholders in the Barcelona saga. This privilege comes at a price of €185 annually for adults, €92 for children, and €44 for infants under six, encapsulating the idea that age is no barrier to embracing the club’s legacy. Yet, in cases where the familial thread to the club is absent, and the stipulated criteria remain unmet, there exists an avenue in the form of a commitment card, a bridge to potential membership.

The journey to full membership, however, is no fleeting matter. It involves wielding a commitment card for a requisite span of three years, a gestation period before one can aspire to embody the essence of being a bona fide Barcelona member. The price of this intermediary step, the commitment card, is €144 per year, necessitating an investment of at least €432 over this preparatory phase. This financial commitment underscores the gravity of stepping into the role of a true Barcelona member.

Exceptional circumstances can carve out paths that deviate from the norm. In extraordinary instances, the Barcelona board of directors holds the authority to bestow membership, an exemplification of flexibility in recognizing that unique situations warrant unique solutions.

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