How much is the Premier League Trophy Worth ? How much prize money do the Premier League winners make? Full list of position prizes

How much is the premier league trophy worth ? How much do you get for winning the Premier League? All 20 teams in the PL receive generous compensation for their efforts, with the best-performing clubs receiving a larger share of the pot. At the end of the season, many teams will have more at stake for their CEOs and financial planners. There are five major European soccer leagues, and the EPL has one of the highest prize funds anywhere.

The incentives grow sharply between first and last place, with a gap of about $40 million (£38.8 million). Sporting News examines the entire process, from Champions League qualifying through Championship lockouts.

Even the teams that are relegated will still make more than £100 million, therefore the prize pool for the PL champion is over £160 million. The EPL prize money has not been made public since the middle of the preceding decade, but the distribution is well-known, thus approximations can be made with little trouble. Broadcasting budgets are expected to climb in 2022/23, from an estimated £2.5 billion in the previous season.

Premier League prize money and how the funds are generated

The EPL currently has the biggest income share of any professional sports competition in the world, and the highest share of any football tournament. Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur, etc. are only some of the world’s wealthiest football clubs that play in the PL.

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In recent years, television rights have generated a lot of money. The tournament has made billions of dollars from selling television rights to major networks like Sky Sports, BT Sport, etc. Over £2.5 billion in central finances and prize money was made available to EPL teams, which the clubs happily accepted in exchange for broadcasting and merit payments.

how much is the premier league trophy worth

How much do you get for winning the Premier League?

The broadcast pot has increased from last season’s (2022) to about £2.5 billion ($3.03 billion), meaning teams will take home, even more, this year. A total of over $194 million will be awarded to the tournament’s champions, but even the three teams who finish worst and are relegated will still earn over £100m in prize money.

What do players get for winning the premier league?

In addition, 40 silver medals measuring 2.25 inches (5.7 centimetres) in diameter are presented to the winners as a token of recognition. As long as every player who made at least five PL appearances during the title-winning season receives one, they can be given to the manager, players, and officials in any way the club sees proper.

How much do you get for winning EPL?

Prize money for the PL, sometimes known as “merit rewards,” accounts for another quarter. Merit payments range from £2.2 million for the team in the worst place to £44 million which the champion gets after winning the PL.

Is there prize money for winning the Premier League?

As we have seen, there are a lot of dollars the PL winners get, but even the teams who do not place in the top seven can reap substantial rewards by doing as well as they can. Some teams, for instance, could have advanced from thirteenth to tenth place before the conclusion of the final two rounds of matches, a difference of about nine million pounds ($11.1 million).

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That amount would well outstrip the $2 million ($2.5 million) profit that Leicester City, one of the middle-of-the-pack clubs, reported for the tax year ending in May 2018 after taxes and would more than double the amount the club declared from commercial and other income in that same period. Relegated clubs might outspend several of their opponents in the next season’s notoriously expensive Championship if they avoid coming dead last by just £2.2m ($2.7m).

How much do Premier League clubs get paid for being on TV?

Each year, the PL draws billions of fans throughout the world, making it the most popular league in terms of viewership. Because of the success, it has been able to secure massive TV deals that will ultimately help all of the clubs in the division. The base payment from television rights is split evenly among the tournament’s teams.

Last year, it was estimated to be over £84m. The frequency with which a team is selected for television appearances will determine further compensation. In addition, there is a merit pay structure in place that is reflective of each team’s final standing in the league, with each position estimated to be worth roughly £2.2m.

Do players get a bonus for winning the Premier League?

The amount won in each game will determine how the pot is divided among the participants. Bonuses for things like trophy wins and qualifying for the Champions League are often incorporated into player contracts.

How does prize money work?

PL clubs earn an extra £2.2m ($2.7m) for each rank higher in the table. The massive TV money on offer remains the strongest incentive for clubs to aim for and remain in the PL, even over sporting pride.

In the 2020-21 PL season, each team received approximately £84m ($104m), half of which came from TV. Each club receives a share of the remaining half based on a number of criteria, including the number of times its games have been broadcast on television.

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How much do you get for winning the Premier League? Well, as we have seen, the prize money for the PL season is distributed to the clubs based on their final table positions. The prize money of the EPL is reportedly the highest among Europe’s top five competitions.

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Premier League prize money

While there are obvious riches to be had from qualifying for European competition, the teams outside the top seven positions also stand to gain significant windfalls by finishing as high as they can.

Ahead of the final weekend, as an example, ninth-place Brentford can trade places with Tottenham one spot above them, earning an increase of £2.2m/$2.7m in the process.

Even finishing second-bottom, rather than bottom, makes a £2.2m ($2.7m) difference — the kind of money that could allow a relegated club to outspend most of their rivals in the notoriously demanding EFL Championship next season.

how much is the premier league trophy worth

How does prize money work?

As you may have spotted in the table of prize money, Premier League clubs receive an extra £2.2m ($2.7m) for each position higher up the table.

Aside from sporting prestige, the greatest incentive for clubs to reach for, and remain in the Premier League, is the vast TV money on offer.

Half of the TV jackpot is split evenly between the clubs, which gave each side around £84m ($104m) in the 2020/21 Premier League season.

A quarter is used as prize money — officially called ‘merit payments’ — and a quarter is divided according to various factors, including how often clubs have appeared in televised games.

While the race for eighth might not have broadcasters clamouring to follow the action, it demonstrates how every club has a major financial incentive in their final game.

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