How Old is Soccer ? What Age Is Too Old To Play Soccer ?

How old is soccer ? On average most players reach the professional level between the ages of 18 – 23. However, many countries have well-developed professional leagues and players can be bought & sold by professional clubs at even very young ages (9–16 years olds).

It is possible to become a professional soccer player into your later ages but usually 25 is the cut off. Obviously, there are some exceptions of players going pro at 26 – 28 but this case is very rare.

Also, keep in mind there are different levels of professional soccer. You don’t have to play for Manchester United or Barcelona to be considered a pro soccer player. You can play Division 3 Albania and still get paid to play the sport you love.

What age is too old to play professional soccer?

If you’re asking when do pro soccer players start to be considered “old” and when do they usually retire, this questions varies based on position.

Most outfield players will usually play into their mid 30s.

Most retiring between 30 – 35 years old.

Exceptionally well-conditioned and physically fit players who keep their match fitness into their older years will often retire between 35 – 39. But very players are playing top level professional at the age of 40.

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However, the oldest recored professional player I believe was a Japanese player who played until the age of 50. Was still in great physical condition but I believe he was also part owner of the club so had some control over coaching decisions and player selection.

Goalkeepers have an older age for retirement.

They will often play into their late 30s and sometimes 40s.

How Old is Soccer

How old is too old to start playing soccer?

You are never too old to start playing soccer. You just might have to adjust your goals.

Don’t expect to become a professional soccer player, if you’ve never kicked a ball before your 18th birthday. But you can still start playing with your friends, local leagues, co-ed soccer, recreational sports.

You might even be surprised at how quickly you improve and start to move up the divisions in your city. It’s never too late to start.

And there are so many personal benefits to playing soccer. You develop your fitness, confidence, make new friends, build connections, and learn valuable life lessons through sport.

What is the oldest age to play soccer?

If you’re asking the simple question of when are you too old to play soccer. In my opinion, the answer is NEVER. You don’t have to play at a high level to enjoy the beautiful game.

You can start playing at any age because there are always leagues available for players of different ages and abilities.

I see many recreational players still kicking the ball in their 50s and 60s. They may not move as fast or play as intense but they are still loving the game.

Also, playing soccer into your later years is great for your physical and mental health. As well as improving the quality of your social life.

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If you found this information helpful…

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The early years of a child are a period of rapid brain growth through processes like myelination and dendritic arborization. These complex processes help children to learn and collect new information quickly and easily. So it is better to start playing soccer at an early age.

The age between 3-5 years is too young for playing competitive youth soccer. At this stage, they get a feel for kicking the soccer ball around and learn to have fun.

When the kids are between 6-7 years of age, it is time for them to learn the fundamentals of soccer. They can also start doing basic soccer drills to improve speed and stamina.

It is best that players start playing competitive soccer when they are 8 years old. But even if your kids want to start playing soccer when they are 8-9 years old, there is no need to discourage them.

The level of interest that young players show between 5 to 12 years of age determines whether they want to continue as professional soccer players.


In the early stages, parents should allow the child to develop a liking for the game without focusing on competition and physical training. This involves allowing them to move and control a soccer ball. Make sure to choose the right soccer ball size.

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Kids can start as early as the age of 3 at home by moving and kicking the soccer ball. Once they are over 5 years of age, they will have more control over their bodies. This is the right time to introduce them to the actual game of soccer.

Note, children between 6 to 14 years of age tend to have more concussion-related injuries while playing tackle football. For this reason, the United States Soccer Federation has banned headers for players below 10 years of age.

So, parents and soccer coaches should ensure that school soccer teams have a necessary concussion safety policy in place.


The better question is, “How old should you be to play soccer”?

The fact is, there is no best age to start playing with a soccer ball. Even a child who can balance on two feet can start kicking a soccer ball of the right size at home.

However, organized soccer training as a part of a team might have to come later as your child develops.

Keep in mind that some of the best learning happens in the backyard. The Open Goaaal 3-in-1 Net and Rebounder is a great tool to help your young child learn and progress. Best of all, it comes in sizes small enough for even toddlers to enjoy.

How Old is Soccer


Your child just turned 2, is an active kid, and shows a definite interest in running around and kicking a soccer ball. You’re wondering what’s the best age to start soccer for her. This post will help you decide the best time to enroll your child in organized soccer.

These thoughts are based on involvement in youth soccer for almost 30 years, including owning a children’s youth soccer coaching franchise. You can use this article as a helpful guide to help you determine how old your child should be to start playing organized soccer.

Above is information how old is soccer.  Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of  how old is soccer  .Thank you for reading our post.

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