How to bunt in mlb the show 22? Master the Art of Bunting in MLB The Show 23

How to bunt in mlb the show 22? Bunting is pretty simple in MLB The Show 22. Depending on what kind of bunt you’d like to use, you’ll only need to press Y or triangle, depending on your console of choice.

To lay down a sacrifice bunt, press the Y or triangle button early and hold it before the pitcher begins his windup. This is useful for when you don’t have the best hitter up to bat in your lineup, and/or have a speedy baserunner on base who you’d rather send into scoring positions at the sacrifice of an out.

To lay down a drag bunt, press the same button as the sacrifice bunt, but later. When the opposing pitcher has already began their wind up and is about to let the pitch go, hit the bunt button to lay down the drag bunt and try to beat the defense to first base. This is useful against defensive shifts or if you have a fast player up to bat or if your opponent is playing their defense deep.

How to Bunt in MLB The Show 22

To perform a Bunt in MLB The Show 22 is pretty simple. Here is what you have to do to execute this move.

  • Xbox One & Xbox Series X/S – Hold Y and aim with the Right Joystick.
  • PS4 & PS5 – Hold Triangle and aim with the Right Joystick.
  • Nintendo Switch – Hold X and aim with the Right Joystick.

If performed correctly, you will execute a Bunt. As you are holding the respective button for the Bunt, you will feel the Controller vibrate. You will be able to knock the ball consistently with a little practice.

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Having the Bunt in your arsenal will throw your opponents off their game. Do note that you should not perform this technique often as your opponent will read the next time you do it. Be random & unpredictable, that’s how you will win. Also, when you do hit the technique in MLB The Show 22 be ready to run. Any Fielders that are close by will react quickly and you may end up losing that play.

How to bunt in mlb the show 22?

Bunting in MLB The Show 22- How to Do?

As we’ve previously mentioned that bunting is a skill that can get the players on the base but be sure to have an appropriate player to perform bunting in MLB The Show 22. The player you choose to perform bunting must have a high speed (above 88 is recommended) and have standard bunting skills. Once you get the appropriate player

  • Press ‘Triangle’ on PlayStation
  • Press ‘X’ on Nintendo Switch,
  • Press ‘Y’ on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

Once you press the respective buttons, your player will square up and try to knock the ball down. Now, if you try to move the ball in the infield, press right or left on the left thumbstick on your controller before the pitch comes in. You can set a direction to bunt, but you’ll likely bunt back to the pitcher if you don’t set it.

The Art and Science of Bunting in MLB The Show 23

Let’s dive into the intricacies of bunting, from understanding its potential benefits to mastering the button mechanics, and learning how to use it strategically in your games.

Remember, you can bunt with Triangle (PS), Y (Xbox), or X (Switch) if you’re using the buttons, or the right analog with Pure Analog. Hold before the pitch for a sacrifice, and hold after the pitch for a drag bunt. Use the right analog to influence the bunt direction either left or right.

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The Potential Benefits of Bunting

According to in-game analytics, a successful bunt in MLB The Show 23 results in a 35-40% chance of reaching first base safely, significantly higher than the 27% chance with a standard swing. A successful bunt can be the difference between a loss or a win, especially in nail-biting, late-game situations.

Mastering the Drag Bunt

Learning the “drag bunt” can make you a more formidable player. This technique involves holding the Triangle, X, or Y button for button settings, and the right analog stick in the direction of your desired bunt placement while the pitcher is winding up and about to throw for Pure Analog. Executing it correctly can significantly increase your chances of a successful bunt.

The Expert Viewpoint

Professional MLB The Show player and Twitch streamer, McGunski, considers bunting a valuable strategy in MLB The Show 23. According to him, “Bunting is especially effective with speedy players or in late-game situations where advancing a runner can be crucial.”

Putting Bunting into Practice

Knowing when and how to bunt can be game-changing. Now that you’re armed with the knowledge, it’s time to take to the field and put these strategies into play. Go ahead and even try a squeeze play!

MLB The Show 23 – How to bunt

In order to bunt you need to press and hold the Triangle, Y, or X button on whatever controller you’re using. There are also two other bunts called the sacrifice bunt and the drag bunt, depending on the console you are on you will have to perform these actions for each bunt type:

With these different types of bunts, you can confuse the opposing team. You can use the left stick to help with the accuracy and guide the bunt into a better position. Each bunt is unique and does different things for your team.

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Each bunt type can have the biggest impact on games. The regular bunt allows for the batter to take an easy base and rewards good placement. The sacrifice bunt is used to get individual runners onto the next base while the hitter gets out. Finally, the drag bunt can only be used by lefties. This bunt lets the lefties bunt the ball and go straight to first base at the same time.

Be careful because if the pitcher throws a fast pitch while you’re bunting it will pop into the air leading to an easy out.

A bunt is different from a normal swing. Instead of a classic hit, a bunt is when you position the bat so it pinpoints certain pitches. It’s an easy way to make a safe play for an individual runner but does not have the aggressiveness of a heavy hit to get extra bases. Try not to let any players attempt to steal a base when you know you’re going for a bunt.

How to bunt in mlb the show 22?

How To Bunt in MLB The Show 22

Of the many batting tricks you can employ, bunting is pretty common. You need to bunt in MLB The Show 22 sometimes. Bunting is great if you need a quick single, or to just load up more runners on base. It can even help keep a pitcher on their toes. Like all other games in the franchise, your hit style depends on the buttons you press. You need to press a certain button combo then aim your hit to connect with the pitch.


Mastering bunting in MLB The Show 23 can add a new dimension to your gaming strategy. It’s not just about power hitting or dominant pitching – sometimes, the subtler art of bunting can be the ultimate game-changer. Don’t let this underutilized strategy slip through your fingers. Start practicing and embrace the art of the bunt!

Above is information how to bunt in mlb the show 22.   Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of how to bunt in mlb the show 22 .Thank you for reading our post.

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