How to get quirks in mlb the show 22? MLB The Show 23 is Bringing the Heat with Tons of New Updates and Features

How to get quirks in mlb the show 22? In MLB The Show 22, players can unlock quirks for their characters by achieving specific in-game accomplishments, such as hitting home runs or striking out opponents. These quirks provide various bonuses and abilities that enhance the player’s performance on the field. Quirks can be obtained by meeting the necessary requirements and progressing through gameplay.

How can I unlock and earn quirks in MLB The Show 22

Unlocking and earning quirks in MLB The Show 22 allows you to enhance the abilities of your player, giving them an edge on the field. Here’s how you can unlock and earn these quirks:

Play the game: By playing games in various modes such as Road to the Show or Diamond Dynasty, you have the chance to unlock different quirks for your player.

Complete missions: Participate in mission-based objectives within the game, which often reward players with new quirks upon completion.

Achieve statistical milestones: Hitting home runs or recording a high number of strikeouts can lead to unlocking specific quirks associated with those achievements.

Improve attributes: Increasing your player’s relevant attributes like power, contact, or speed through training sessions will also unlock certain quirks connected to those abilities.

Unlocking and earning quirks is a rewarding process that adds depth and customization options to your player’s performance. With dedication and skill on the virtual diamond, you’ll be able to acquire different quirks that cater to your playstyle and help dominate the game.

Whether it’s through gameplay, completing missions, achieving milestones or improving attributes, there are several avenues available for unlocking and earning quirks in MLB The Show 22. So get out there, play hard, and watch as your player evolves into a true diamond stalwart!

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How to get quirks in mlb the show 22

What are the requirements or criteria to activate quirks in MLB The Show 22?

In MLB The Show 22, there are certain requirements or criteria that need to be met in order to activate quirks for your player. Here are a few key points:

Player Attributes: Each quirk has specific attribute requirements that need to be met. These can include attributes like contact, power, speed, fielding, and more.

Player Performance: Some quirks may only become available after you achieve certain milestones or accomplish specific feats during gameplay. This could include hitting a certain number of home runs or stealing a certain number of bases.

Gameplay Situations: Certain quirks may only activate during specific situations in the game. For example, a clutch hitting quirk may only come into effect when your player is up to bat with runners in scoring position.

Activating quirks can greatly enhance your player’s abilities and performance on the field. It’s important to pay attention to your attributes, performance, and gameplay situations in order to unlock and utilize these special traits effectively.

In addition to these general requirements and criteria, here are some examples of specific quirks that may be available in MLB The Show 22:

Power Hitter: This quirk activates when your player has high power attributes and consistently hits home runs or extra-base hits.

Speed Demon: This quirk activates when your player has high speed attributes and frequently steals bases or advances on base hits.

Defensive Ace: This quirk activates when your player has exceptional fielding abilities and regularly makes outstanding defensive plays.

Contact Specialist: This quirk activates when your player has above-average contact attributes and consistently makes solid contact with the ball without striking out often.

Clutch Performer: This quirk activates when your player thrives under pressure situations and performs exceptionally well during critical moments in the game.

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In conclusion, the requirements or criteria to activate quirks in MLB The Show 22 involve player attributes, performance milestones, and gameplay situations. By meeting these criteria, you can unlock and utilize special quirks that enhance your player’s abilities on the field, leading to more success in the game.


The pitcher-batter dynamic is better than ever with the revamped competitive gameplay engine. And don’t worry Casual or Simulation fans, we have also tuned and balanced those gameplay styles as well.

One of the major attribute updates to MLB The Show 23 is we have redefined the Clutch attribute. With runners in scoring position, Clutch attribute directly replaces contact. This helps to facilitate more realism. The battle between a batter’s Contact attribute and a pitcher’s Hits per 9 innings (H/9) attribute is directly replaced with batter Clutch and Pitcher Clutch with Runners in scoring position (RISP).


We’ve added over 5,000 gameplay animations to MLB The Show 23! We have hundreds of new animations ranging from robbing foul balls, dives, hot shot variety at the corners, and as always animations for urgency and efficiency.

Gameplay Styles

Gameplay styles are meant to create unique experiences for all players out there. Gameplay style tuning for Casual and Simulation are continuously taking place. However, the biggest gameplay style change revolves around Competitive gameplay style.

Competitive gameplay style is the default for all Online Head-to-Head* games and all Diamond Dynasty* modes. Competitive Gameplay Style can also be accessed by visiting the gameplay settings and toggling the Gameplay Style setting under General Difficulty.

The goal of this gameplay style is to increase the consistency of good input for producing good results and bad input for producing bad results, without going too far from baseball strategy and basics. Players will notice more swings and misses, fewer popups and choppers, and the hits put into play are slightly better to make up for fewer being put into play.

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Swing Feedback

Swing feedback is a piece of art that appears in the bottom left corner of the screen after a swing attempt is made. This feedback displays Batter Attributes, Pitch Location, Pitch Type, Swing Timing, and Plate Coverage Indicator Placement. It is meant to help describe the outcome of the hit.

Although it is difficult to achieve perfection through this art, strides were made to increase precision and accuracy of the art. Previous versions of MLBTS swing feedback displayed Swing Inputs on the left and displayed the outputs on the right. Now, the swing feedback is a story that can be read from left to right, top to bottom.

How to get quirks in mlb the show 22

In Game D-pad functionality

Left on the Directional Buttons now display live, up to date, Statcast numbers. Right on the Directional Buttons now display important Pitcher/Batter matchups, attempting to present all factors that impact the At-Bat. This includes vital attributes that dynamically swap in and all active quirks.

Up on the Directional Buttons remains relatively consistent to previous years of MLB The Show, with slight functionality updates, including the ability to bring in a pitcher that’s being warmed up without needing to navigate back into the bullpen.

Settings Updates

Settings terminology, organization, and descriptions have been updated to better inform players as for what each gameplay setting does. There are now two new settings that allow for increased customization of Pre-Pitch displays while on Offense and Defense.

These new settings can be found under Display and aim to allow for increased control over what information is presented on screen prior to a pitch being thrown. These two settings are Pitch Select Displays and Batter Controls Display.

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