How to throw a baseball faster? Secrets to Throwing a Baseball Harder and Faster like a Pro

How to throw a baseball faster? A player’s throwing speed is one of the key elements in determine how good of a pitcher they are. Along with placement and movement the velocity at which an individual can throw the ball often determines their success on the baseball field.

Improving your pitching velocity can be a great way to succeed as a baseball player with scouts from Little League all the to Major Leagues placing a strong emphasis on a pitcher’s throwing speed.

Lift Leg Momentum

One of the biggest secrets to throwing like a pro is getting your lift leg moving in the right way. When lifting your leg, make sure your hips fall forward and down at the same rate, creating momentum for your pitch. This forward movement will eventually power the arm, ultimately leading to a faster pitch. Follow the 3X approach and start your lift with this linear movement for maximum power. Learning and perfecting this technique can take your pitching game to the next level. So don’t forget, to move forward and down at the same rate for that pro pitch velocity.

how to throw a baseball faster

The “Load” Position

The “load” position in pitching is essential for efficiently generating force and throwing with maximum velocity. It involves holding your weight back on your drive leg, while pushing off and extending through the front side towards the target. This triple extension of the drive ankle, knee, and hips in a linear position create a force vector that propels the ball toward the plate with power. Strong legs and core muscles are necessary to maintain this position and drive off effectively. Mastering the load position is a crucial component of throwing like a pro.

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Triple Extension (3X) & Separation

Triple extension refers to the extension of the ankle, knee, and hip flexor in your drive leg, allowing for maximum power production. Hip-shoulder separation refers to the timing and stability ability to allow your hips to rotate well ahead of your shoulders. This allows for optimal “separation” of your upper and lower body, giving you that extra mph on your throw. So next time you’re on the mound, remember triple extension and hip-shoulder separation for some serious heat on your pitches.

Chest Thrust External Rotation

This technique involves driving the chest forward and externally rotating the throwing shoulder, creating maximum power and velocity on each pitch. The 3X Pitching Velocity Program delves deeper into this crucial component of pitching, helping players improve their speed and control. So what are you waiting for? Start incorporating chest thrust external rotation and watch your pitches fly by hitters.

Elbow Extension & Internal Rotation Pronation

To finish off the pitching delivery, it’s all about maximizing the power in your arm’s path. First, chest thrust helps generate momentum as you externally rotate and bring your throwing arm up toward the sky. From there, elbow extension and internal rotation work together to create maximum velocity as the ball is released from your hand in pronation. Utilizing these techniques can have you throwing harder and faster like a pro in no time.

2X Extension

One important aspect of throwing a baseball harder and faster like a pro is stabilization and extension in the front leg. As the pitcher strides toward the plate, the quadriceps contract to stabilize and extend the front leg. This helps transfer energy up through the body, leading to a powerful pitch. Without proper stabilization and extension in the front leg, a pitcher may lose valuable energy and velocity on their pitch. So remember: stabilize and extend that front leg for maximum speed and power!

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Bonus tip: practice your lift leg mechanics in front of a mirror or with a teammate to ensure you are doing it correctly.

Why you need to Start the 3X Pitching Velocity Program

The 3X Extreme Pitching Velocity Program not only has a track record of success with thousands of pitchers, but it also offers individualized instruction. Our team of coaches will analyze your pitching mechanics and create a personalized training plan to help you throw harder and faster.

Don’t just take our word for it – check out the testimonials from professional pitchers who have used our program and achieved their dream of throwing 90+mph.

– “I was skeptical at first, but the 3X program completely transformed my pitching. I went from throwing in the high 80s to consistently hitting 90+mph and getting noticed by scouts. Thank you!” – Jack S., Minor League Pitcher

– “The 3X program not only increased my velocity but also improved my overall pitching mechanics. I highly recommend this program to any pitcher looking to take their game to the next level.” – Frank G., Minor League Pitcher

– “I struggled with arm injuries for years before trying the 3X program. Not only did my velocity increase, but my arm finally felt strong and healthy. This program is a must for any pitcher.” – Luis T., Collegiate Pitcher

Invest in your future as a pitcher and see the results for yourself with the 3X Extreme Pitching Velocity Program.

how to throw a baseball faster

Factors that determine pitching velocity

There are three main factors that determine a pitcher’s throwing speed. The first is strength. The stronger you are, the more velocity you will be generate when pitching.

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The second factor is power which goes in hand with strength. Using the right techniques and strengthening the muscle groups that are engaged while pitching will help you generate more power.

Finally your mobility, rotational mobility specifically, is another crucial element as in addition to the throwing shoulder, other joints such as the hip and pelvis play a critical role in increasing your pitching speed.

Using your entire body

As stated earlier, your arm alone won’t generate the speed you wish to pitch at. In order to improve the velocity of your pitches your body needs to work in a synchronised manner, which when mastered is sure to improve your delivery speed.

Gaining body weight

It has been proven that player’s with greater weight have faster pitches. You can gain weight by following a calorie surplus and following strength training regimen.

Above is information how to throw a baseball faster.   Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of how to throw a baseball faster .Thank you for reading our post.

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