Is Eli Manning still playing football? Eli Manning rejoins Giants organization; date set for jersey retirement & Ring of Honor induction

Is eli manning still playing football ? Former New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning spent 16 phenomenal years in the NFL. He became the most successful quarterback for the franchise and led them to two Super Bowl victories.

Eli Manning is not playing professional football as of now. Manning announced his retirement in January 2020 after playing 236 games for the Giants in 16 years.

Manning decided to retire from the game after grinding every week on the gridiron for more than a decade. Eventually, making sacrifices became difficult for him.

Every football player has to plan his life around their training and playing schedule. Manning knew he had played enough football, and it was time to hang up his cleats now.

The Giants retired Manning’s Jersey, No. 10, and inducted him into the team’s Ring of Honor last year. Manning is currently enjoying the second phase of life with his family.

Eli Manning is married to Abby McGrew and shares three children with her: Lucy Thomas Manning, Caroline Olivia Manning, and Ava Frances Manning.

Apart from enjoying quality time with his family, Manning works in the front office of his former team. Eli and Peyton Manning, brothers and former NFL quarterbacks, also co-host ESPN’s Monday Night Football with Peyton and Eli, which is running for a second season.

Career statistics and achievements of Eli Manning

The San Diego Chargers drafted Eli Manning as the first overall pick of the 2004 NFL Draft. However, Manning refused to play for them, and the Chargers traded him to the Giants for Philip Rivers, who was the fourth overall pick.

Manning has played all 16 seasons with the Giants and recorded 57,023 yards with 366 touchdowns and 244 interceptions.

His first Super Bowl win came in 2008 when the Giants defeated the New England Patriots 17-14. In 2012, they again faced the Patriots in a Super Bowl game and again defeated them by 21-17.

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Manning has made it to the Pro Bowl four times and was named the MVP in both Super Bowl games.

is eli manning still playing football

Keeping up with the Manning brothers: How retirement is keeping both Eli and Peyton busy

Over the years, football fans have gotten to know Eli and Peyton Manning. The Manning brothers played in the NFL for a combined 34 years, quarterbacking some of the best teams in the league.

Both of them racked up some of the NFL’s top awards including a couple of Super Bowl trophies, MVP awards and Pro Bowl trophies.

Peyton announced his retirement after 18 seasons in 2016 and Eli announced his retirement after 16 seasons in 2020.

Since then, America has welcomed the Manning brothers back into their homes on Monday night as the two co-hosts of ESPN’s “ManningCast.”

It’s been a hit with fans and has put the brothers on the same team for once.

During the broadcast, the brothers watch a live Monday Night Football game, commenting and analyzing certain plays. The two also welcome guest commentators and occasionally do a little ribbing with one another.

“I didn’t know a job existed where I could sit on my own couch, watch football and make fun of my brother, but I’m happy it does,” Eli said.

“It’s conversations, taking shots at each other and analyzing certain plays that, you know, the people sitting around us might, you know, think it’s pretty interesting,” Peyton added.

The two have also been tapped as head coaches for the AFC and NFC teams at the 2023 Pro Bowl Games — giving the two a chance to show their coaching skills, with one emerging with coveted bragging rights.

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“To see the best players in the world playing in a flag football game coached by a couple of, you know, has-been quarterbacks, I think it’s going to be fun,” Peyton said.

Their untraditional life after retirement has kept the two busy but has ensured time for what means the most to their life — family.

“That’s kind of the priority number one, you know, for me and I think for Eli as well. This allows us to do that to be present in our kids’ lives,” Peyton said.

is eli manning still playing football

On his relationship with co-host Sean O’Hara:

He was my center. The center-quarterback [relationship] is a pretty special bond. There’s a closeness you don’t really have with some of your other players. He’s still one of my best friends in the world. We hang out with our families and go on trips. We have that closeness where we can get on each other, we can make fun of each other, and we’re not gonna be sensitive afterwards — even though we’re making fun of each other for a live show that millions of people might see.

That attitude keeps things very loose. Once we start making fun of each other, I think the guest is like, oh, I can make fun of y’all, too. We want everybody to look good. We’re not trying to call people out. We want this to be fun. We want for them to share their story, have some laughs and make it a unique experience.

On the different guests he’s had: They gave me a little script of questions with Bill Murray. I’m like, “I don’t need it. I’m a fan of Bill Murray. I got this. I have my questions that I already have been thinking about for 15 years of things I would ask Bill Murray.” And then the next one I’m with Fivio Foreign, and I’m like, “Yeah, I need all the information possible. I’m not up on my hardcore rap scene right now, so I need a little intel.”

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But both of those are exciting, and it’s a little bit out of my comfort zone being the guy asking the questions, where my whole life, I was the one being asked the questions.

On seeing a different side of the NY Giants: When you’re a player, you’re so focused with the coaches. And now you see this whole other world of the production and everybody doing sponsorships and the different relationships and impacts on different companies that the Giants are associated with and how it all works.

So it’s been fun to meet all those new people, a new side of the business, and to form relationships on this side. I had so many great friendships with people in the film department, in the training room, in the equipment room, and then now I come to this other side of the building and a lot of people who are a little bit more behind the scenes. Now you get to work with them and kind of listen to how their mind works and different ideas that we can do with the show.

On his relationship with his brother: Peyton and I are competitive about things that you wouldn’t think we would be competitive about. On the field and in sports, we’re super-competitive with each other. But he’s five years older than me, so we never competed against each other in sports. We were never on the same team.

We didn’t play high school together. We played against each other three times in the NFL, and that was it. I destroyed him in the Pro Bowl this year as a coach.

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