Is Ronaldo Going to PSG ? Could Cristiano Ronaldo join Lionel Messi at PSG?

Is ronaldo going to psg ? Cristiano Ronaldo is perpetually stuck in the focus of the media eye. As one of the most talented players to grace the game, the interest in the Real Madrid star is a huge media draw. With this in mind, it comes as no surprise that the web has an unbelievable amount of content regarding Ronaldo.

The amount of print dedicated to Ronaldo has risen to another level in the last few weeks as his stellar play has been coupled with the reports of “sadness” at Madrid. The sadness report has spurned a large amount of rumors and opinions on not only the cause, but the potential fallout of the situation.

Part of the fallout category is a report originating from on contact with Ronaldo’s agent by PSG. Soccer gossip sites like and have picked up on this report out of Spain. As with many of these reports, determining what the true potential outcome is the difficult part.

Has PSG made contact with Cristiano Ronaldo’s agent? The answer is probably. PSG (along with multiple other teams) would definitely be interested in bringing Ronaldo to their club. According to the follow on by

Little, if anything, should be read into this at the current time. Clubs make inquiries to agents regarding players on a regular basis. A club has to get a feeling for whether taking the time for an official approach to the player’s current club is worth it or not.

It is likely PSG is trying to get a feel for what potential interest Ronaldo would have in coming to Paris. The money portion of any potential deal is secondary to PSG at this time.

They know it would take a salary at a level higher than they gave Ibrahimovic to entice Ronaldo. Then there is the record-setting transfer bid that would be required for Real Madrid to even think about letting their star potentially leave.

PSG is one of only a handful of clubs with the financial backing to pull off a move of market value for Ronaldo. With their courtship of David Beckham, and their capture of Ibrahimovic, Moura and Silva, PSG have the reputation of not shying away from any name in the market. This makes a perfect match for the speculation of where Ronaldo could go.

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No one can be sure of what is currently running through the mind of Ronaldo. If there is any discontent with being at Madrid, his play has not shown us any hint of it. No one can say whether he would even consider a move to Paris. All that can be done at this moment is to speculate on the possibilities and try and gauge how realistic they may be.

I believe PSG has made initial contact with Ronaldo’s representatives, and I imagine it was a simple “we would be happy to discuss any interest Ronaldo would have in us.” So from that perspective, I believe there is some truth to the rumor as I believe PSG is interested.

If PSG were able to pull off a move for Ronaldo, it would be an incredible move. The addition of Ronaldo to Ibrahimovic and the cast of talent in Paris would be magical. The value of the Ligue 1 television rights would increase tenfold overnight. The effect on PSG and Ligue 1 would be huge.

The most interesting effect of a Ronaldo to PSG move may be the meshing of egos between him and Ibrahimovic. While both are professionals and are about winning, a partnership of the two could provide a lot of interesting press.

In the end, Ronaldo will be hard pressed to leave Madrid and find the kind of footballing environment worthy of his skills that he is already in. In Spain, he has his foil in Messi and Barcelona. In Paris, he would not have that worthy adversary to match up against.

is ronaldo going to psg

Paris Saint-Germain reject chance to sign Manchester United’s Cristiano Ronaldo – sources

Cristiano Ronaldo was offered to Paris Saint-Germain by his agent Jorge Mendes, but the French champions rejected the possibility of signing the Manchester United forward, sources told ESPN.

Ronaldo, 37, wants to leave Old Trafford in search of Champions League football in the coming season, only a year after rejoining the club and with another year on his contract.

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Mendes discussed the availability of the No. 7 with PSG sporting director Luis Campos and club president Nasser Al-Khelaifi. The super agent is very close to both of them after having worked for many years with Campos before his arrival in the French capital this summer. He has also handled numerous contracts for his players with Al-Khelaifi, including PSG’s most recent signing Vitinha, who joined from Porto.

Sources added that PSG don’t feel that Ronaldo is the right signing at this moment and that the club doesn’t have enough space in their wage bill to pay him.

From a sporting perspective, there are also concerns that there isn’t room for him in the team, with new manager Christophe Galtier wanting to start a season with using a back three. The former Nice coach may already struggle to find ways to play Neymar, Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappe together in his preferred formation, so a move for Ronaldo would not make sense.

PSG are not the first club to say no to Ronaldo this summer. Bayern Munich also turned down the chance to take on the former Real Madrid and Juventus star, while Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel is not keen either, despite a meeting between Mendes and new Blues owner Todd Boehly to discuss the Portugal international’s future.

In addition to Ronaldo’s desire to play in the Champions League in the upcoming campaign, the six times Ballon d’Or winner is also said to be unhappy with the lack of transfer activity from United so far this summer.

However, Manchester United’s new manager Erik ten Hag insisted the club wants Ronaldo to remain with the team as recently as Monday in a press conference before the Red Devils’ 4-0 friendly win over Liverpool on Tuesday in Bangkok during their preseason tour.

“We are planning for Cristiano Ronaldo for the season and that’s it,” Ten Hag said. “I’m looking forward to working with him. I have read [that he wants to leave], but what I say is Cristiano is not for sale, he is in our plans and we want success together.

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“I spoke with him before this issue came up, I had a conversation with him and I had a good talk. That is between Cristiano and me. What I can confirm is we had a really good conversation together.”

Ronaldo, who has been granted time off to deal with a family issue, did not travel to Thailand as part of the tour.

Could Cristiano Ronaldo join Lionel Messi at PSG?

In theory, yes, Ronaldo and Messi could play together for the same club. However, there are various obstacles to overcome if this were to become a reality.

Firstly, there’s a rather large hurdle in the form of PSG’s new transfer strategy. Since Luis Campos arrived as a footballing advisor, the French champions have been targeting younger players with potential instead of big name stars.

PSG would probably be happy to pay Ronaldo’s huge wage, but it would be easier to absorb should they sell one of their current key men.

Reports earlier in the autumn suggested Kylian Mbappe was seeking an exit, while Messi himself has continually been linked with a move back to Barcelona. A slightly more realistic scenario is that Ronaldo will replace Messi as opposed to compliment him.

is ronaldo going to psg

What is Cristiano Ronaldo’s relationship with Lionel Messi?

Ronaldo and Messi featured side-by-side in a Louis Vuitton advert last week, marking the first time they’d ever appeared in such promotional material together before.

During his blockbuster interview with Piers Morgan, Ronaldo opened up on his relationship with the Argentine.

“He is an amazing player. Magic. Top,” he told Morgan on Talk TV. “As a person, we share the stage for 16 years. Imagine 16 years. So, I have a great relationship with him.

“I am not a friend of him, in the sense that someone who always spends at my house or talking on the phone. But he is like a teammate – a guy I really respect. I like the way he speaks about me.

“Even his wife and my girlfriend, they always respect each other. They are from Argentina. So it is all good. He is a good guy, he does everything for football.”

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