Is softball harder than baseball? Get Facts Here!

Is softball harder than baseball? Is softball harder than baseball? The answer is yes; softball is more challenging to play than baseball. This is not just based on polls, ‘softball is harder than baseball’ essays, or top Reddit answers. Softball is scientifically proven to be more complex and challenging compared to baseball.

Which is Harder Between Softball and Baseball?

As we mentioned, when discussing softball compared to baseball, there is scientific proof that the former is harder to play.

But why? Due to the difference in field distance and pitching speed, softball players have less reaction time in batting compared to baseball batters.

And because softball fields are more compact, the basepaths are shorter, and the pitching style is more challenging.

As we tackle the differences and similarities between these two popular sports in America, it would be easier to understand the answer to questions like “is baseball or softball harder?”

What is the difference between softball and baseball

is softball harder than baseball

Pitching distance and field size

From the pitching distance alone, you can tell that playing softball would be more challenging as there is less room for players.

Since softball players are 17 ft less than baseball players in terms of distance, everything happens much faster, thus pitching is harder.

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And when we take into consideration the size of a baseball field compared to a softball field, a softball field is smaller. Naturally, the overall distance in softball is shorter as well.

Also, now that we know which field is bigger, you’d understand why softball players have less time to react to whatever is happening, like hitting a thrown ball and running from one point to another.

Ball size and weight

In addition, the size and weight of baseball vs softball make the former sport even harder to play.

You see, a baseball only weighs between 142-149g or 5-5.25 oz, and it measures about 9-9.25 inches.

Whereas, a softball weighs 6.25-7 oz or 177-198g, and its circumference is 12 inches.

Now that you know the difference between baseball vs softball size, what does this scientifically imply? A baseball can fit your palm better than a softball. Plus, it’s lighter, making it easier to throw in the field.

You may think that a softball is easier to hit because it’s bigger in terms of “softball vs baseball weight and size”, but it actually makes it harder for pitchers to make a good swing. Realistically, it makes it difficult to hit a softball accurately in the middle.

Pitching style

Moreover, the style of pitching is harder in softball. In baseball, you’d typically see pitchers make an overhand throw, while softball players use a windmill motion where pitchers throw harder upward.

And because it’s hard for us to notice motion going up, a softball is harder to hit. When you take into account both the smaller field distance and the windmill throw, you’ll naturally have less reaction time in softball.

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To be more specific, a softball batter only has 25 milliseconds to decide if she’s going to swing. And to put them in comparison, softball batters have 55 percent less reaction time than baseball batters.

On the other hand, softball infielders have only 3.2 seconds to throw the runner out. Add the sixty feet softball base distance, and it’s clear which sport is harder to play!

Game length

What Are the Similarities Between Softball and Baseball?

Now that we have discussed the difference between the two sports and answered, “Is softball harder than baseball?” What can you expect to be similar about them?

By the looks of the field and by watching both sports, or by reading ESPN, you’ll know that they have a lot of things similar between them such as:

Field format

Their field size may differ, but the layout of both baseball and softball fields are the same.

You don’t need to look closer to see that both fields have a diamond-shaped format. This includes the home base and three bases, as well as the infield, outfield and warning track.

Player positions

First off, there is an equal number of players in both baseball and softball, where nine individuals play for each team. Moreso, the positions of each player are similar.

 Scoring system

Both sports adopt the same scoring system where the team who scores more runs wins the game. The rules are also similar for softball and baseball.

A run takes place when players round the bases and reach the home plate. Also, in both sports, an out takes place when players miss the ball or when it hits the strike zone. Ultimately, three strikes would mean an out for the opposing team.

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Slowpitch Vs. Fastpitch Softball

If you’re new to the world of baseball, you may have come across terms like slowpitch and fastpitch. But what do they mean, and what’s the difference between them?

Basically, there are two types of softball. As we mentioned, a powerful windmill style of pitching is evident in softball, especially for the first type, which is fastpitch.

Slowpitch is basically the same, but as the name implies, the pitcher throws the ball slower.

is softball harder than baseball

Why do girls play softball instead of baseball?

One factor that can contribute to why women play softball instead of baseball is the lack of professional women’s baseball leagues.

Plus, there is also a lack of funding for women’s baseball in educational institutes. What’s more apparent is the support given to men’s baseball teams. For girls, funding is typically provided in softball, so you see more girls playing that sport.

However, it does not mean that girls can’t play baseball or that boys can’t play softball. Both sports are not gender specific, and there’s no direct answer to questions like “Is softball better than baseball for girls?” because everyone can enjoy softball.

Can I use the same equipment for baseball and softball?

As we mentioned, softball is different from baseball, so using one for the other sport may become a problem. At the same time, softball gloves are larger than baseball gloves.

When it comes to bats, baseball bats can be used for softball, but a softball bat can easily break when used in baseball.

Above is information is softball harder than baseball.   Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of is softball harder than baseball .Thank you for reading our post.

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