What does Wild card mean in Football ? All you need to know about NFL Wild Cards

What does wild card mean in football ? When the clock at Lambeau Field runs down to the last second of the fourth quarter on Sunday night, the last team to enter the postseason with the Wild Card tag will have been determined.

Throughout the years, wild-card teams have rocked the postseason, which is why fans are paying attention to them from the beginning of the bracket to the Vince Lombardi trophy.

How does the Wild Card work?

The National Football League is made up of two conferences (AFC and NFC) each divided into four divisions. The teams that finish with the best win-loss card in each division are declared champions of that unit and earn an automatic spot in the postseason. Thus, four playoff spots are already filled per conference, for a total of eight for the entire league.

Since 2020, when the coronavirus pandemic forced the NFL to expand the playoffs to raise more money for television rights, wild-card teams have gone from two to three per conference .

But how does an organization become a wild card?

Currently, a total of 14 teams reach the postseason. the eight winners from each division and six wild card teams (three from each conference). The organizations that win the Wild Card are those with the best win-loss record overall, but failed to win their division title.

The three wild cards of each conference can belong to the same division as long as they finish above the rest of the teams that were not champions of their respective sectors.

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what does wild card mean in football

How many teams play the Wild Card round?

Prior to 2020, the top two teams from each conference would earn a bye in the Wild Card round.

However, with the inclusion of a third wild card, only the top seed gets a bye in the first stage of the postseason.

In this way the three wild-card teams play against the three divisional champions that did not finish with the best winning record.

The top ranked wild card takes on the divisional champion with the worst record.

The second-highest ranked wild card will play the second-lowest ranked champion.

The worst wild card will face off against the team with the second best record from each of the conferences.

What Does a Wild Card Game Mean in Football

Football, one of the most popular sports in the world, is known for its intense competition and unpredictable outcomes. Every season, teams battle it out to secure a spot in the playoffs, where they have a chance to win the ultimate prize, the Super Bowl. However, only a limited number of teams from each conference make it to the playoffs, and among them, a few lucky ones get the opportunity to play in the wild card games. In this article, we will explore what a wild card game means in football and how it adds excitement to the postseason.

A wild card game is a playoff game in the National Football League (NFL) that involves teams that did not win their division but still managed to secure one of the available wild card spots. In each conference, the team with the best record that did not win its division is awarded the top wild card spot, while the team with the second-best record is awarded the second wild card spot. This format allows for more teams to compete in the playoffs and ensures that the best-performing teams get a chance to showcase their skills.

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The wild card games are usually played during the first weekend of the NFL playoffs, following the conclusion of the regular season. In each conference, there are two wild card games, featuring the two wild card teams against the two division winners with the lowest records. The games are played at the home stadium of the division winners, providing them with a slight advantage.


The winners of the wild card games advance to the divisional round, where they face the top two division winners from the regular season. From there, the winners move on to the conference championship games, and ultimately, the Super Bowl.


The inclusion of wild card games in the NFL playoffs has several benefits. Firstly, it allows for more teams to have a shot at the championship, increasing the overall competitiveness of the postseason. It also provides an opportunity for teams that may have had a slow start to the season or faced challenging circumstances to prove themselves and make a run in the playoffs.

what does wild card mean in football

How many wildcards teams are there in NFL playoffs?

If the NFL playoffs only included divisional winners, there would only be eight teams in the playoffs. That would certainly indicate that top-level teams would be battling it out with one another to see who is truly the best in the entire league.

But what about the teams that came in second place in their divisions, posting winning records? Should they not be allowed a chance to make it all the way?

Back before the 1970 merger, a new playoff model was proposed. The game of football wanted not only divisional winners to battle it out in the playoffs, but the second-place team in the divisions with the best win/loss percentage was also to be added. The wild card was born.

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That is what makes the wild card spots so coveted, as teams that have essentially lost or lost more often than the divisional winners get a chance to rectify the end of their seasons. Teams can lose games while they figure themselves out, but once they become these best end-season versions, they still get their chance in the playoffs.

Think about the 2007 New York Giants. They landed themselves a wild card spot with a 10-6 record and went all the way to the Super Bowl. They also beat the New England Patriots. If the wild card aspect of the playoffs had never been implemented, this historic game would have never happened.

What the NFL is saying is “any given Sunday.” That is especially true for teams that are having a tough time gelling with one another and figuring out how they all meld together into a competitive group. A lot of wild card teams get better as the season goes on, and that is proven in the playoffs, as they fight even harder to make it to the Super Bowl.

The current playoff picture in the AFC has the Buffalo Bills, Los Angeles Chargers, and Cincinnati Bengals in wild card spots. Think about wild cards in this light. The Kansas City Chiefs are currently #1 in the AFC West. The Chargers had already beaten them earlier in the season. Now there’s potential for them to rematch in the playoffs. The wild card makes things much more exciting in that way.The new wild card playoff rules add an additional team to that designation. Now instead of two wild card teams, there are three from each division.

Wild card teams keep football honest. If the divisional winners are truly that good, they need to beat bottom-level teams, especially those that have already beaten them in the regular season.

Above is information what does wild card mean in football.  Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of  what does wild card mean in football .Thank you for reading our post.

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