What is Fantasy Premier League ? Wildcard and when to use it

What is fantasy premier league ? The Fantasy Premier League (FPL) is one of the most popular fantasy sports games in the world. The 2021/22 season currently has more than 8.6 million players.

The FPL is a classic salary cap fantasy sports game. Fans pick 15 Premier League players with a budget of £100 million. During the season you manage your team by selecting the best starting 11, a captain, doing transfers and playing boosters (chips).

The Fantasy Premier League is so succesful because it’s the official game of the biggest football league in the world. Next to that, the FPL is free to play and there is great official content created about it. Fans discover the PL in new and interesting ways thanks to the FPL-related team and player data. With 3rd party websites and services translating those stats into valuable insights, and creating an entire ecosystem.

What is FPL

FPL stands for Fantasy Premier League. It is an online fantasy football game where participants can create their virtual teams composed of real players from the English Premier League (EPL). The game allows users to act as managers, selecting players within a budget and making decisions on tactics, formations, and substitutions.

Throughout the actual Premier League season, participants earn points based on their chosen players’ real-life performances in the EPL matches. Points are awarded for goals scored, assists, clean sheets, and other various positive actions on the field, while points may be deducted for things like yellow cards, red cards, and conceding goals. The goal is to accumulate as many points as possible and compete with other Fantasy Premier League managers in leagues or overall rankings.

What is the Fantasy Premier League?

Fantasy Premier League is an online game in which players collect points based on how real-life footballers perform each week. A record-breaking 9.1million managers played the game last season and you can join them in 2022/23. Basically, you choose real life players for your team every game week and if they do well in those games, you earn some points. You can join in the fun this season by joining Soccer24’s community league and set yourself up to win some awesome prizes every month.

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what is fantasy premier league

How does it really work?

You have to register first, if you are not yet registered. You can do this by heading over to fantasy.premierleague.com to register your account by submitting an email address, setting up a password and then confirming your email address. Once you have set up your account and chosen a team name you are ready to start playing.

You must pick a squad of 15 players from the 2022/23 Premier League, who score points for your team based on their performances for their clubs in PL matches. Prices are given to players based on the number of FPL points they are projected to deliver and you are limited to a budget of £100.0m for your 15-man squad. You need to fill your team with all the positions a real team would have – you’re not allowed to simply buy 11 strikers who score goals every weekend. You need goalkeepers, defenders and midfielders too, plus one substitute for each position.

How does the point system work?

Points are awarded to players for goals, assists, saves and clean sheets. Players can also earn additional bonus points in Fantasy as a reward for a good performance in a match. Your team’s points for the match round or “Gameweek” will be scored by your starting XI. But if a starting player does not feature for their club in that round of matches, the points scored by the first player on your bench will automatically be counted instead.

The same process occurs if two or three starting players fail to appear. You can also earn extra points by selecting a captain from your starting line-up. The captain’s points are doubled in that Gameweek.

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It’s also worth noting that players can lose points for negative actions in real-life, such as getting sent off (-3 points) or missing a penalty (-2).


You can easily buy and sell players in game. One player from from your team is allowed to be sold each game week. You can make more than one transfer each week if you like to bring in better players, but it will cost you points (four per change) if you make more than one

How to use Chips

There are four bonus chips which you can use once each throughout the season.

Bench Boost

The points scored by your bench players in the next Gameweek are included in your total.

Free Hit

Make unlimited free transfers for a single Gameweek. At the next deadline your squad is returned to how it was at the start of the Gameweek.

Triple Captain

Your captain points are tripled instead of doubled in the next Gameweek.


All transfers (including those already made) in the Gameweek are free of charge.

What is a Wildcard on FPL?

In the Official Fantasy Premier League (FPL) game, the Wildcard is the most powerful chip we have at our disposal. A Wildcard allows you to make unlimited changes to your team without incurring any point hits. All FPL managers are given one free transfer per week and two free transfers if you ‘roll over’ a transfer.

You cannot roll over more than two free transfers so you would effectively ‘lose’ a transfer if you don’t make a single change across two gameweeks. Every additional transfer you make on top of your initial free transfer(s) results in a four-point hit per transfer.

For example, if you have one free transfer and you make three transfers, you will be deducted eight points from your total score. However, with a Wildcard, you can make as many changes to your team as you want without losing any points.

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The FPL Wildcard gives you unlimited transfers and it cannot be cancelled once activated.

When can I use the Wildcard in FPL?

Users are provided with two Wildcards throughout the season.

The first can be used for the start of the season right up until the end of December, usually Gameweek 20. The second one becomes available immediately after the first one expires and you can use it from then right up until the end of the season. It is important to note that if you do not use your first wildcard before the expiry date you will lose it. You cannot carry it over.

To use the Wildcard you have to make your transfers. Upon confirming these changes, the option to play the Wildcard will appear. After finalising these transfers, the chip is now active and you can transfer in as many players as you want before the upcoming deadline.

what is fantasy premier league

When should you use your first FPL Wildcard?

The beauty of the Wildcard is that there are no rules on when you have to play it, bar the aforementioned expiry of the first one at your disposal.

The key to a successful season often hinges on your Wildcard selection and when you decide to use it. However it’s important to avoid being reactionary and not use the Wildcard after one bad Gameweek.

I would advise using the first Wildcard to target fixture swings. These could be identified when picking your Gameweek 1 squad.

For example, you can identify certain teams’ fixtures picking up after Gameweek 5. You can pick your initial team for the opening 5 Gameweeks, then Wildcard after Gameweek 5 to take advantage of these fixture swings.

Using the Wildcard during international break

Another popular time to use the wildcard is during an international break. The reason for this is that sometimes the international break throws up some surprises in the form of injuries, and even players returning back late from duty, which means they might miss the following Gameweek.

Using a wildcard during this time is a good way to prepare for anything untoward. I think this is even truer this season due to COVID still being at large and with players travelling to different countries ranging from Amber to Red list.

Above is information what is fantasy premier league.  Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of what is fantasy premier league .Thank you for reading our post.

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