What is the triple crown in Baseball ? What is a Triple Crown in Baseball

What is the triple crown in baseball ? Winning a Triple Crown is one of the most difficult feats in baseball, as a player has to lead either the American League or National League in batting average, home runs and RBIs.

It was much more common in the first half of the 20th century, but it has been far more rare in recent years: When the Tigers’ Miguel Cabrera won the AL Triple Crown in 2012, he ended a 45-year dry spell. MLB has had 10 players win a total of 12 Triple Crowns since RBIs became an official statistic in 1920.

Here is a closer look at each of the men who have accomplished this impressive hitting feat:

2012 — Miguel Cabrera, Detroit Tigers (AL): Miggy captured baseball’s first Triple Crown in 45 years by batting .330 with 44 homers and 139 RBIs. Even during the offense-filled 1990s and early 2000s, no player managed to achieve what Cabrera did by leading the AL by four points of batting average, one homer and 11 RBIs. The effort propelled Cabrera to the first of two consecutive AL MVP Awards.

1967 — Carl Yastrzemski, Boston Red Sox (AL): In the year before 1968’s “Year of the Pitcher,” Yastrzemski won the second of his three batting titles (.326) while leading the league in homers (44) and RBIs (121) for the only time in his 23 seasons. All three numbers were career highs for the Hall of Famer, who also topped the AL in on-base percentage (.418), slugging (.622), runs (112), hits (189) and total bases (360) while earning a Gold Glove Award and the AL MVP Award.

1966 — Frank Robinson, Baltimore Orioles (AL): In December 1965, the Reds traded Robinson to the Orioles for three players ahead of his age-30 season. All Robinson did for his new club was hit .316 with 49 homers and 122 RBIs, while also leading the AL with a .410 OBP, a .637 slugging and 122 runs. Those efforts earned Robinson an MVP Award for the second time, giving him one in each league after he also won for Cincinnati in 1961. Robinson’s timing was impeccable, as this was the only time in 21 seasons he led his league in any of the three categories.

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what is the triple crown in baseball

Who has the most Triple Crowns in MLB history?

Winning one Triple Crown is a rarity. Winning multiple? Well, that’s borderline impossible.

To date, just four players have ever been crowned trifecta winner multiple times. Leading the way is Black baseball pioneer Oscar Charleston, who three Triple Crowns in five years in the Negro National League.

He’s joined by Cardinals legend Rogers Hornsby, Negro League icon Josh Gibson and hitting machine Ted Williams as the only players to be awarded the Triple Crown on multiple occasions.

When was the last Triple Crown winner in baseball?

In the dead-ball era, the Triple Crown was a fairly common occurrence. As the game evolved, though, the frequency dwindled — just one player has won the trifecta in the past 45 years.

That player was Miguel Cabrera in 2012. That year, Cabrera smacked 44 homers, drove in 139 runs and posted a .330 batting average en route to snagging AL MVP honors.

Aaron Judge could become the latest player to receive Triple Crown distinction. With an AL-leading .313 batting average, 61 dingers and 130 RBIs with seven games left, Judge is in prime position to win the trifecta.

Triple Crown near misses

Some players finished just short of baseball immortality, falling a few points, homers or RBIs from nabbing the Triple Crown. Here are a few hitters who had phenomenal years, but couldn’t quite get that Triple Crown:

Dick Allen

Allen, one of the greatest hitters of his generation, should be in Cooperstown. The longtime Phillies slugger led the league in homers (37), RBIs (113), walks (99), on-base percentage (.420), slugging percentage (.603) and OPS (1.023) in his 1972 MVP season with the White Sox. He finished just ten points shy of Rod Carew’s AL-leading .318 average that year.

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Gary Sheffield

Sheff really came into his own in his age-23 year, leading the league in batting average (.330), while falling just short of the league-leading totals in homers (which was 35, Sheffield had 33) and RBIs (which was 109, Sheffield had 100). He was rewarded for his efforts with a Silver Slugger and a third-place NL MVP finish.

Albert Belle/Frank Thomas

1994 is MLB’s ‘what-if’ season. Much like Matt Williams and Montrealers, there’s got to be a part of Belle and Thomas that wonders what could have been if players’ demands had been met earlier in the 1994 season.

The ’94 strike halted the MLB season with about 50 games remaining. Belle and Thomas were well within striking distance of leading the league in the Triple Crown categories. Belle was two points shy of AL batting average leader Paul O’Neill, four dingers behind AL home run champ Ken Griffey Jr., and 11 RBIs from Kirby Puckett’s AL-leading total. Thomas was also 11 RBIs shy of Puckett’s RBI total, as well as two homers shy of Griffey and just six batting average points away from O’Neill.

Larry Walker

The Rockies’ icon tore the cover off the baseball in 1997, leading the league with 49 homers (29 of which came away from home). Walker posted an absurd 1.176 OPS away from home, nine points higher than his home OPS (in pre-humidor Coors Field).

Despite his balanced hitting splits, Walker fell 10 RBIs short of teammate Andres Galarraga. His .366 batting average also fell just shy of Tony Gwynn’s league-leading .372 mark.

However, it was Walker who earned NL MVP honors for his performances. Silver linings.

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Christian Yelich

It was only a short time ago that Yeli was putting up numbers that would make your favorite players jealous. In his NL MVP-winning 2018 season, Yelich led the NL in batting average with a .326 mark. He also finished one RBI short of Javy Baez’s high-water mark of 111, while falling four dingers shy of Nolan Arenado’s league-high 38. How times have changed.

How do you win the triple crown?

Winning a Triple Crown can be difficult. It is a combination of power, hitting for average, and also driving in runs. Two of those categories are determined solely by your skill (home runs and average).

However, the third statistic runs batted in depends on your teammates getting on base AND your ability to hit with runners on base. There’s a reason why this achievement is so rare.

Often, batters that hit for average aren’t power hitters. The reverse is often true as well. Power hitters may have a good average, but that’s not the same as leading the league on average. Notice that none of the home-run kings (Ruth, Aaron, or Bonds) are on the list of winners.

One last thing to clarify—you only need to lead your league in all three categories. For example, if you are a hitter in the AL (American League), you do not have to also beat out hitters in the NL (National League).

what is the triple crown in baseball

How many people have won the triple crown in baseball?

The Triple Crown is one of the most challenging feats to achieve. Aaron Judge nearly accomplished the feat this year (2022), but it has been ten years since the last time it was done. In 2012, Miguel Cabrera won the triple crown. Prior to Cabrera, it had been 45 years since the last person who had achieved triple crown status—Carl Yazstremski in 1967.

The triple crown has only been won 16 times in MLB by 14 different people (two players accomplished it twice). If you include the statistics from the Negro Leagues, that number grows by ten and includes seven additional players.

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