When did Messi get Married ? Lionel Messi and Wife Antonela Roccuzzo’s Relationship Timeline

When did messi get married ? Lionel Messi is in America, and the fans can’t get enough of him! After historic runs as part of FC Barcelona in La Liga, two seasons with Paris Saint-Germain F.C. in Lingue 1, and lifting the World Cup as part of Argentina’s national team, Messi has relocated to South Beach, joining David Beckham‘s Inter Miami as part of USA’s Major League Soccer. Though he has traveled the world, one fan has stuck by his side no matter whose colors he wore: his wife, Antonela Roccuzzo.

In fact, Antonela, 35, has been one of the biggest supporters since Messi, 36, joined Inter Miami. She got up to her feet when Messi scored his first of two goals during Miami’s game with Atlanta United.

There’s no doubt that Messi and Antonela have an adorably close relationship. But how exactly did they get together, and how are things going now? Find out more about the details of their marriage here.

When Did Lionel Messi Meet His Wife?

Lionel and Antonela both grew up in the same town together — Rosaria, Argentina. Antonela is the cousin of Lucas Scaglia, another Argentine soccer player and a childhood friend of Lionel. According to The Sun, Lionel and Antonela met when they were only five years old. However, Lionel moved to Spain at the age of 13 to pursue his athletic career, keeping the two apart.

when did messi get married

How Long Have Lionel Messi & His Wife Been Together?

Lionel and Antolea’s relationship began in 2007 when Antonela’s best friend tragically died in a car accident. As soon as he heard the news, Lionel flew all the way from Spain to Argentina to be there for Antonela, according to SportMob. Lionel then went public with the relationship in an interview in 2009.

They Had “The Wedding Of The Century”

In 2017, the two finally tied the knot after a decade of being together. They married in their hometown when Lionel was 30, and Antonela was 29. The wedding had a whopping 260 guests, and pop star Shakira reportedly attended, per BBC. Antonela wore a gown by designer Rosa Clara, while Lionel sported a suit by Dolce and Gabbana. The ceremony was not only described by an Argentine newspaper as “the wedding of the year.” It was also referred to by some as “the wedding of the century.”

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Antontela Is A Model And Fitness Enthusiast

Antonela originally went to school for dentistry. However, in November of 2016, she announced that she had signed a contract with Argentine modeling agency Ricky Sarkany. With over a whopping 19 million Instagram followers, it looks like her career has more than taken off.

According to her page, she is also an avid fan of staying in shape. One of her go to activities is boxing, as she posted herself making and dodging a few impressive swings in January of 2021.

Lionel and Antonela Have Three Sons

The couple’s eldest son Thiago was born in November of 2012. According to Si, Lionel got Thiago’s name and handprints tattooed on his leg following his birth. Their middle son Mateo was then born in 2015. “Mateo is very special. He’s always doing new things, things that grab your attention,” Lionel gushed to ESPN in 2019. Their youngest child, Ciro, was born in 2018. The happy mom and dad are avid about posting their family on social media, showing off their love to the world.

“You grow, and you learn. You gather experience in all aspects of life, on and off the field. But, as a human being, having three children changed my perspective on life, my way of thinking and it also helped me grow,” Lionel told FC Barcelona about how fatherhood has shaped him.

Who is Lionel Messi’s stunning wife? – everything we know about Antonela Roccuzzo

Lionel Messi may have been the star of his Inter Miami unveiling ceremony on Monday but his wife, Antonela Roccuzzo, stole the show.

The model and the couple’s three children were right by Lionel’s side as he took the stage at the DRV PNK Stadium in Fort Lauderdale.

Her appearance immediately set social media on fire as fans branded the striking brunette, “the most beautiful woman on earth,” and showered her with compliments.

So, who is the woman who holds the heart of the soccer star? Here’s what we know about her.

When did Lionel Messi meet his wife?

Their fairytale romance began many years ago as Lionel – now 36 – met his wife in Argentina when they were only five years old. Lionel was friends with Antonela’s cousin, Lucas Scagilia.

Whenever she came to stay, Lionel would find an excuse to visit and they became childhood friends. Lionel moved to Barcelona at the age of 13, but they stayed in contact.

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When Antonela’s best friend tragically died in a car crash five years later, Lionel, flew back to Argentina to comfort her, and a romance ensued. Their relationship only became public in 2009.

Antonela is a professional model

Antonela, 35, originally went to university in Argentina to study dentistry. But the couple couldn’t bear to be apart and she quit her studies to move to Barcelona.

Her passion for fashion and her beauty led her to a career in modeling. She has worked for brands including Stella McCartney, Adidas, and Alo. She’s also a social media influencer and boasts 36 million Instagram followers.

when did messi get married

The love story of Messi and Antonela: Turning childhood sweetheart into family

When Lionel Messi was a child, he was just a boy who dreamed of becoming a football player. On that day, however, he sat at the table in his room, picked up a piece of paper and a pen and began to write: “Antonela.”

In the letter the little boy wrote to a little girl, there was such a sentence: “One day, we will get engaged.”

This is a love story worth making a movie.

Leonel Messi, a little boy who dreamed of becoming a football player, was born in 1987 in Rosario, Argentina. Antonela Rocuzzo, a beautiful and lovely girl, was born in 1986. The story takes place at the home of Messi’s friend Lucas Scaglia.

When the two met for the first time, Messi was playing Sony games at Lucas’s home and Lucas. When Antonella approached them and asked if they needed something, Messi was too shy to say anything.

At that time, Messi was nine years old and Antonella was eight years old.

“Who is she?” Messi ate and asked her friend. “Antonela, my cousin,” her friend replied.

During those two days, he could not look away from her for a second. The two children became friends, but at that time Messi knew that he wanted to be with her forever.

After that, the young Messi often fell in the house of his buddy Lucas, hoping to meet his beautiful cousin. Because he knows that this woman will become his partner after many years.

Trainer Enrique Dominguez found Lucas’ father and asked what happened.

“What is Messi standing there?” he asked.

“He is waiting for us to leave because he wants to come to our house,” Lucas’s father replied loudly.

“He often goes to your home, why is it so anxious now?” Enrique Dominguez asked.

“Because the weekend is coming, Lucas’ cousin Antonela is coming. Messi likes her,” Lucas’s father said.

Leo Messi soon worshipped under the pomegranate skirt of Antonela Rocuzzo. Messi often writes to her, and he told her that when they grow up, she will be his girlfriend.

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Messi was there, found a group of close friends, and a woman who made him more passionate about life.

However, the couple took a long road.

The two young hearts became close friends and they had a lot of fun together. But one day, life separated them. It was in 2000, when Messi’s father, George Messi, decided to travel to Barcelona with his family.

After that, the relationship between Messi and Antonela stayed for a while. They tried to stay in touch, but because the contact tools were not so convenient and the communication was not smooth, the contact between the two became less and less.

In 2005, a friend of Antonela died in a traffic accident. At that time, Antonella was only 17 years old and was in a bad mood. She did not go to school for several days. Messi got the news and immediately flew to Argentina to come to her side. He has been there to comfort her.

It was then that their relationship had progressed. Messi and Antonella felt their deeper feelings towards each other, but they chose not to disclose it.

Soon, Messi returned to Barcelona, and Antonella began studying dentistry at the National University of Rosario. This relationship was not made until Messi was 21 years old. Antonella’s friend said that she revealed her relationship with Messi on July 20, 2007.

The public discovered their relationship in 2009. In an interview, Messi was asked about his personal life. He said that there is a girl in Argentina.

Although the greatest football player is Antonella’s favorite, she doesn’t like football at all. She feels that football is very boring. Messi made it clear in several interviews: “She is tired of football. When I returned home and said, ‘I scored two goals or I played a hat trick,’ she was not interested.”

The wedding took place at the Rosario Downtown building and the Pullman Hotel. Many football stars come to the wedding. A couple of childhood couples will eventually become dependents.

Famous guests include Messi’s teammates from FC Barcelona, such as Luis Suarez, Neymar, Colombian pop star Shakira. Teammates from the Argentine football team also attended the wedding.

Messi is very satisfied with his marriage life. Antonela is the luckiest girl in the world because she married the sweetheart of childhood. Obviously, the love story of Messi and Antonella is destined to be a great story. The wedding of Messi and Antonella is only a matter of time. Messi knows that he loves her, and Antonella has enough patience to wait for him to realize his dreams and then to marry her.

We wish their small families better and better, and hope that they will live happily forever.

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