When is Mason Greenwood coming Back ? Will Mason Greenwood return to Manchester United squad?

When is mason greenwood coming back ? Mason Greenwood will leave Manchester United after the club conducted an internal investigation into the allegations against him, it has emerged.

United’s 1-0 win over West Ham at Old Trafford in January 2022 remains his most recent competitive football appearance – now set to be his last in a United shirt – with a series of allegations made against Greenwood on January 30 prompting his arrest on suspicion of rape and assault. He was further arrested on February 1 on suspicion of sexual assault and making threats to kill.

The player, 20 at the time, was also suspended by United and did not appear in training sessions or matches for the club during that period, which amounted to more than 18 months.

With criminal charges having since been dropped by police in February 2023, the club then faced a decision over whether to reintegrate Greenwood, now 21, or allow him to leave.

United released a statement on August 21 saying the investigation into Greenwood had been concluded and “it had been mutually agreed that it would be most appropriate that [he] recommenced his career away from Old Trafford”.

Mason Greenwood latest: Where has he been?

Greenwood had been serving an internal suspension by United ever since the allegations were made against him, and his initial arrest, more than 18 months ago.

United released a statement at that time that read: “Mason Greenwood will not return to training or play matches until further notice.”

An earlier statement that same day said: “We are aware of images and allegations circulating on social media.

“We will not make any further comment until the facts have been established. Manchester United does not condone violence of any kind.”

Despite the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) discontinuing the case against Greenwood, United’s ban continues, with the club “conduct[ing] its own process before determining next steps”. It said: “We will not make any further comment until that process is complete.”

when is mason greenwood coming back

Timeline of events in Mason Greenwood case

January 22, 2022: Greenwood’s most recent Man United appearance

Having scored three days earlier in the 3-1 win at Brentford, Greenwood started and played 82 minutes of the win over West Ham, before being substituted for Anthony Martial by interim manager Ralf Rangnick.

January 30, 2022: Greenwood arrested after allegations made

A series of pictures, videos and audio recordings were released via social media that prompted Greenwood’s arrest by police on suspicion of rape and assault and an investigation was launched. A GMP statement said they have seen “social media images and videos posted by a woman reporting incidents of physical violence”.

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February 2, 2022: Further charges brought against Greenwood, who is bailed

Greenwood was taken into questioning by police and, while still in custody, the England international was re-arrested on suspicion of sexual assault and threats to kill before being granted bail. He denied all charges.

February 2, 2022: Sponsors drop Greenwood

Over the course of the next few days in early February, a series of sponsors — including United’s official partners Cadbury, DHL, and Konami — revealed their concerns over the situation, with Nike revealing they had suspended their relationship with the player. Their statement said they were “deeply concerned by the disturbing allegations” and “will continue to closely monitor the situation”.

October 15, 2022: Charges brought against Greenwood

A police statement confirmed the footballer had been charged with one count of attempted rape, one count of controlling and coercive behaviour and one count of assault occasioning actual bodily harm. All three charges related to the same complainant.

Greenwood appeared at Greater Manchester Magistrates’ Court a few days later. He was initially remanded in custody ahead of a pre-trial hearing in November but was released on bail on October 19 following a private hearing.

February 2, 2023: Prosecutors drop all charges against Greenwood

The Crown Prosecution Service announced there was “no longer a realistic prospect of conviction” in Greenwood’s case after key witnesses withdrew their cooperation from the police investigation. All charges were dropped against him and the case discontinued.

United released a statement to say they would, at this point, conduct their own internal investigation into Greenwood, whose contract at the club runs until June 2025 on a reported £75,000/$96,000 per week. Manager Erik ten Hag refused to comment when asked about the player in a press conference, referring the media to United’s statement.

August 11, 2023: Greenwood decision delayed by United amid potential backlash

With United due to make a decision on Greenwood’s future before the start of the 2023/24 season, the club made a series of delays. Widespread reports claim club officials wanted to consult members of United’s women’s team — including England’s Mary Earps, Ella Toone and Katie Zelem — who are currently in Australia playing at the World Cup.

Around the same time, a group called ‘Female Fans Against Greenwood’s Return’ started a campaign to demand that United block Greenwood’s return to action. They released a statement and demonstrated outside Old Trafford before United’s opening Premier League game of the season.

United’s chief operating officer, Collette Roche, told The Athletic this week: “We’ve done a really detailed and thorough internal investigation and we’ve asked as many people as we can around what happened and try to understand it beyond the original investigation done by the police.

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“You’d expect us to engage with people who were relevant in terms of stakeholder groups. And now we just need to make the decision. That decision is firmly a decision that’s on us.”

August 16, 2023: United dispute claim that Greenwood decision was made a week ago

The Athletic reported that United’s chief executive, Richard Arnold, told senior staff at the club in the first week of August that Greenwood would be brought back into the first-team picture. The report claimed United planned to make the announcement on August 4, but the club then delayed this.

United disputed the claim that the decision on Greenwood had already been made. They said: “The fact-finding phase of our investigation is now complete, and we are in the final stages of making a decision on Mason’s future. Contrary to media speculation, that decision has not yet been made and is currently the subject of intensive internal deliberation. Responsibility ultimately rests with the Chief Executive Officer.

“Once made, the decision will be communicated and explained to the club’s internal and external stakeholders.”

Manchester United Mason Greenwood statement in full

A report from The Athletic suggested Ten Hag was “open” to the idea of reintegrating the player, who has been training alone at his Manchester home and with private coaches in a park nearby. The same publication later said the club had decided to bring him back into the first-team squad, but United disputed that by saying: “Contrary to media speculation, that decision has not yet been made and is currently the subject of intensive internal deliberation. Responsibility ultimately rests with the Chief Executive Officer.”

“Manchester United has concluded its internal investigation into the allegations made against Mason Greenwood.

“Our process commenced in February 2023, following all charges against Mason being dropped. Throughout, we have taken into account the wishes, rights and perspective of the alleged victim along with the club’s standards and values, and sought to collate as much information and context as possible. This has required us to proceed with sensitivity and care to obtain evidence not in the public domain, including from those with direct knowledge of the case.

“Based on the evidence available to us, we have concluded that the material posted online did not provide a full picture and that Mason did not commit the offences in respect of which he was originally charged. That said, as Mason publicly acknowledges today, he has made mistakes which he is taking responsibility for.

“All those involved, including Mason, recognise the difficulties with him recommencing his career at Manchester United. It has therefore been mutually agreed that it would be most appropriate for him to do so away from Old Trafford, and we will now work with Mason to achieve that outcome.”

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Mason Greenwood and Richard Arnold statements

The club’s CEO Richard Arnold also released a statement, explaining the club’s process on making a decision on Greenwood.

Part of it, released on August 21, said: “Last week the media reported that we had decided to reintegrate Mason and that elements of a plan to do so had been leaked to them. Reintegration was one of the outcomes we considered and planned for. For context, over the course of the past six months several outcomes have been contemplated and planned for, and my view has evolved as our process progressed. While the ultimate decision rested with me, I was taking various factors and views into account right up until the point of finalising my decision.

“While I am satisfied that Mason did not commit the acts he was charged with, Mason’s accepted that he has made mistakes which he takes responsibility for.

I am also mindful of the challenge that Mason would face rebuilding his career and raising a baby together with his partner in the harsh spotlight of Manchester United. Further, this case has provoked strong opinions, and it is my responsibility to minimise any distraction to the unity we are seeking within the club. ”

when is mason greenwood coming back

Greenwood also released a statement, which read as follows:

“I want to start by saying I understand that people will judge me because of what they have seen and heard on social media, and I know people will think the worst. I was brought up to know that violence or abuse in any relationship is wrong, I did not do the things I was accused of, and in February I was cleared of all charges. However, I fully accept I made mistakes in my relationship, and I take my share of responsibility for the situations which led to the social media post.

“I am learning to understand my responsibilities to set a good example as a professional footballer, and I’m focused on the big responsibility of being a father, as well as a good partner.

“Today’s decision has been part of a collaborative process between Manchester United, my family and me. The best decision for us all, is for me to continue my football career away from Old Trafford, where my presence will not be a distraction for the club. I thank the club for their support since I joined aged seven.

There will always be a part of me which is United. I am enormously grateful to my family and all my loved ones for their support, and it is now for me to repay the trust those around me have shown. I intend to be a better footballer, but most importantly a good father, a better person, and to use my talents in a positive way on and off the pitch.”

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