Where does Jurgen Klopp live ? Jurgen Klopp reveals what life is like living on Merseyside

Where does jurgen klopp live ? The Tuesday night quiz at the Freshfield public house on Massams Lane in Formby, England, is a popular affair. Teams of five or six huddle around wooden tables and hush descends upon the bar, with its award-winning selection of 14 cask ales, as a quizmaster clearly enjoying his authority reads out teasers. On busy nights at the ‘Freshie,’ as it is known locally, up to 100 residents pack this space. Bowls of curry, mini-hamburger platters and nacho sharers wait uneaten. Mobile phones are forbidden; concentration is absolute.

And then Jurgen Klopp walks in.

Liverpool’s manager lives just around the corner in Victoria Road, a three-minute stagger from home to pub. If Liverpool aren’t playing—if there isn’t a game to prepare for later in the week—this is where he sometimes spends his evenings. He’s sometimes with his wife Ulla, sometimes with other members of Liverpool’s coaching staff, but he sometimes comes alone as well.

He doesn’t just sit there quietly sipping a pint, collecting his thoughts. He politely asks to join one of the quiz teams at random, whoever happens to be congregated closest. One quiz regular revealed he is good at answering questions about music, geography and politics. He buys a round of drinks, not to say thanks but because this is the cultural norm where groups are concerned.

Klopp has reached the point where he is now accepted as a member of the community. Neighbours like to speak to him, but they respect his privacy. They respect his humility, that he hasn’t tried to be different to anyone else. At the beginning, though, when Klopp appeared on the boundaries at the nearby Formby Cricket Club with his pet dog Emma, a seven-year-old retriever cross named after former Borussia Dortmund striker Lothar Emmerich, word quickly spread across the town.

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It had been his first public sighting. Crowds did not surround him; rather, they watched him from a healthy distance, as if a prophet had appeared on their land. That was how it widely felt when Liverpool appointed him as manager: Klopp had come to save a fallen club.

“He’s very tall and striking,” recalls one onlooker who was watching cricket that day but asks not to be named here. Formby, 14 miles or so north of Anfield, where Liverpool play their home games, is small enough for everybody to think they know everyone else’s business. However, conservatism (with a small “c”) exists emphatically, so being seen to shout about it is about frowned upon on a social level.

“I’ve seen him a lot around Formby since,” the onlooker adds. “He’s usually with his dog on long walks. He hasn’t kept himself away from anyone. He’s always very relaxed and approachable. He’ll talk about football. But he has other interests too. He’s worldly.”

Victoria Road is known as millionaires’ row. In 2016, Land Registry data named the boulevard as the most expensive in Merseyside, according to Josh Perry of the Echo. During The Open in July, eventual champion Jordan Spieth rented the property next door to Klopp’s family home while he was away in Hong Kong conducting Liverpool’s pre-season schedule. This is a private area, where mansions have names rather than numbers—where beautiful willow trees overhang entire streets, where there are high walls and big cars.

where does jurgen klopp live

Jurgen Klopp reveals bizarre living arrangement with Liverpool colleague

But with measures relaxed and the Premier League resuming a month ago, life is slowly returning to normal for most, with restaurants, pubs and bars permitted to reopen across England.

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Klopp is still waiting to visit a restaurant, as he revealed in an interview with SWR Sport, but is planning to do so in his native Germany when the season concludes.

That should see him reunited with his wife, Ulla, who he explained is back in Germany while he lives, temporarily, with a colleague at Liverpool.

McCann is the club’s head of press, and conducts pre- and post-match press conferences alongside Klopp—he is the voice often heard directing journalists as they wait to ask questions.

They have clearly developed a strong relationship having worked closely together since 2015, and the manager explained how the pair are dividing the household chores.

“If you come from the Black Forest, you don’t live in a shared apartment, but in an orderly relationship,” he said, recalling his upbringing in Glatten.

Klopp said he takes care of the laundry while McCann covers the washing up, which sounds like a reasonable agreement!

“I’m most looking forward to going back to a restaurant and enjoying the new normal in Germany,” he continued, with there being a short break between the end of the current campaign and the beginning of the next one.

Quite why the manager has left his house in Formby, which he had rented from Brendan Rodgers for four years before the club reportedly bought the property in 2019, is unclear.

But at least Klopp and McCann can share a ride to work every day, and plan how to navigate inevitable questions on transfers in the coming weeks.

Rent free! Liverpool have bought Jurgen Klopp’s house – and will let him live there for nothing

Liverpool have bought a house in Formby belonging to former manager Brendan Rodgers, according to the Daily Mail, and will let Jurgen Klopp live in it for nothing.

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Klopp had been renting it from the Leicester City boss but with the property, a seven-bedroom mansion, up for sale, the club decided to purchase it and use it for the German to live in, and for future managers too.

Purchasing the house cost £3.75 million and the club view it as an investment for the future, with future bosses able to use it as well, as has now almost become a tradition, and the value only likely to increase.

With Klopp so far unwilling to sign a new contract because he is unsure on how long he wants to stay at the club with his current deal set to run out in summer 2022, this could be a way for the club to reward him for his success without his contract being lengthened.

where does jurgen klopp live

Juergen Klopp buys Mallorca home

Liverpool manager Juergen Klopp has bought a holiday home next to the tennis club in Santa Ponsa. The deal was finalised shortly before Liverpool’s Champions league clash with Real Madrid. His neighbours include Leicester manager Brendan Rodgers. Our German sister publication, Mallorca Magazin, published a photograph of the house on their website which we reproduce here.

Klopp, along with Rodgers, attended the Mallorca ATP tennis tournament in Santa Ponsa last year, fuelling rumours that the German had bought a holiday home on the island. Initially, it was rumoured that he was looking to purchase in the Andratx area but in the end he went for Santa Ponsa, buying a home which is within walking distance of the Mallorca Country Club.

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