Where does Jurgen Klopp live ? Jurgen Klopp reveals bizarre living arrangement with Liverpool colleague

Where does jurgen klopp live ? Instead of holding a grudge against his successor, Rodgers, 46, has revealed that it was his idea to rent the impressive pad to Klopp.

He told the Telegraph: “I am the type of person who is happy for the club and especially happy for players like Jordan and James Milner – players I worked with and had a strong relationship with.

“I was so happy for Jordan when he lifted the Champions League trophy because I know how much he has developed and worked for it.

“I was never going to be bitter. That’s why I let Jurgen move into my house! I had a good relationship with Ray Haughan – the player liaison officer – and he told me Jurgen was struggling to find somewhere to live so I said, ‘Listen, I am moving to London for a bit and will not be there now, so Jurgen could move in’.

“I understand what it is like as a manager moving to a new place, wanting your family to be settled and happy. You want them in a good place. He took the house and has been there ever since.

“I wanted him to succeed and the club to succeed.”

Klopp, 52, has settled well at the home, which includes an indoor swimming pool.

However, when Rodgers returned to the Premier League as Leicester manager the German joked that there were a few issues with the property.

He said: “We have a lot of things to talk about.

“The plumbing issue, electricity, the pool and stuff like that.”

where does jurgen klopp live


When Leicester play Liverpool it’ll be the first time Rodgers has been to Anfield as a manager since he was axed.

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The Northern Irishman can return with his held held high after coming so close to breaking Liverpool’s Premier League drought in the 2013/14 season before eventually finishing two points behind Man City.

Unfortunately for Rodgers, he could not build on those foundations as Luis Suarez departed for Barcelona.

The Foxes boss said: “We went so close and ideally you want to build on that but then you lose a world-class player. We lost our identity.

“It went a bit pragmatic to get results and I was not watching a team playing in the way I believe in because we could not press high from the front. That was not the journey I wanted to be on.

“But you know that third season is arguably one of my best coaching years in terms of experience.

“We made Raheem [Sterling] the central striker and went on a great run, so from a coaching perspective it was good to see we could show aggression and find a way.”

Jurgen Klopp reveals bizarre living arrangement with Liverpool colleague

But with measures relaxed and the Premier League resuming a month ago, life is slowly returning to normal for most, with restaurants, pubs and bars permitted to reopen across England.

Klopp is still waiting to visit a restaurant, as he revealed in an interview with SWR Sport, but is planning to do so in his native Germany when the season concludes.

That should see him reunited with his wife, Ulla, who he explained is back in Germany while he lives, temporarily, with a colleague at Liverpool.

McCann is the club’s head of press, and conducts pre- and post-match press conferences alongside Klopp—he is the voice often heard directing journalists as they wait to ask questions.

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They have clearly developed a strong relationship having worked closely together since 2015, and the manager explained how the pair are dividing the household chores.

“If you come from the Black Forest, you don’t live in a shared apartment, but in an orderly relationship,” he said, recalling his upbringing in Glatten.

Klopp said he takes care of the laundry while McCann covers the washing up, which sounds like a reasonable agreement!

“I’m most looking forward to going back to a restaurant and enjoying the new normal in Germany,” he continued, with there being a short break between the end of the current campaign and the beginning of the next one.

Quite why the manager has left his house in Formby, which he had rented from Brendan Rodgers for four years before the club reportedly bought the property in 2019, is unclear.

But at least Klopp and McCann can share a ride to work every day, and plan how to navigate inevitable questions on transfers in the coming weeks.

Rent free! Liverpool have bought Jurgen Klopp’s house – and will let him live there for nothing

Purchasing the house cost £3.75 million and the club view it as an investment for the future, with future bosses able to use it as well, as has now almost become a tradition, and the value only likely to increase.

With Klopp so far unwilling to sign a new contract because he is unsure on how long he wants to stay at the club with his current deal set to run out in summer 2022, this could be a way for the club to reward him for his success without his contract being lengthened.

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where does jurgen klopp live

Liverpool ‘buy Brendan Rodgers’ £3.75m house’ and allow Jurgen Klopp to live there rent free as ‘reward’ for work with club

He led the Anfield club to their sixth Champions League title in June, having reached the final the previous campaign, and has also made them frontrunners to claim their first top-flight title in almost 30 years.

The 52-year-old has been living in the same house where Rodgers was based when he was Liverpool boss, but he is now set to be living their rent free with the Daily Mail reporting the club have now bought the property for £3.75million.

It is believed Klopp will only pay tax on its rental value as the perk is regarded by HMRC as an addition to salary as a benefit-in-kind.

The house has been purchased as a reward for Klopp’s brilliant work with the club – but Melwood chiefs also view it as an investment, enabling them to do the same for future managers.

Liverpool are currently eight points clear at the top of the Premier League after beating reigning champions Manchester City 3-1 last weekend.

The former Borussia Dortmund boss is contracted until the summer of 2022, and it is unclear whether he will extend his stay at Anfield beyond that.

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