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Where is messi from ? Do you tune in for the World Cup every four years? Do you dream of completing a hat trick in front of thousands of fans? Maybe you pull on your favorite jersey and cheer for your team to win a match every weekend. If so, it sounds like you’re a big fan of the world’s most popular sport—football!

Of course, if you live in the United States, you might call it “soccer.” Either way, billions of people around the world are fans of this sport. If you’re one of them, you’ve definitely heard of the athlete we’re talking about today. His name is Lionel Messi.

Who is Lionel Messi? Before he became one of the world’s greatest athletes, he was just a kid who loved to play soccer with his brothers and friends. He was born in 1987 and grew up in Rosario, Argentina.

As a kid, Messi was diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency (GHD). This is a rare condition in which the body doesn’t produce expected amounts of growth hormone. It can cause developmental delays and symptoms like fatigue. Often, people with GHD are shorter than average and have a hard time building muscle.

Messi began receiving treatment for GHD, but it quickly became very expensive. At age 13, his skills on the soccer field resulted in an offer to train at La Masia. That’s the youth academy of Football Club (FC) Barcelona. As part of this offer, the team would also cover Messi’s GHD treatments.

The Messi family relocated to Spain, where the young athlete quickly made a name for himself. His first official match as part of FC Barcelona’s first team came in 2004. Messi was only 17 years old. By 2008, he was the team’s top player.

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Today, many people say Messi is the greatest football player in the world. The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) has given him the Ballon d’Or award six times. He’s also the Champions League’s all-time leading scorer and won FIFA’s The Best award in 2019.

Currently, Messi still plays for FC Barcelona. Off the field, he is a husband and father of three. He also founded the Leo Messi Foundation in 2007. This is a nonprofit organization. It supports programs bringing education, clean water, and health care to children around the world.

Where will Lionel Messi go from here? His status as a world-class athlete and philanthropist could take him anywhere. Stay tuned to find out how this star writes the rest of his story!

where is messi from

Who is Lionel Messi’s wife?

Antonela Roccuzzo is from Rosario, Argentina. Because Messi was friends with her cousin Lucas Scaglia when they were children, he met Roccuzzo when they were just 5 years old and they became childhood sweethearts.

Antonela attended the University of Rosario. She initially went to school to become a dentist.

However, this 32-years-old lady is also a model who has endorsed various brands and products as of now. Moreover, she is also a businesswoman who is in partnership with Ricky Sarkany and her friend Sofia Balbi, Luis Suarez‘s wife.

Who are Lionel Messi’s parents?

Celia Cuccittini can be proud of herself, as she brought up not just a sports genius Leo Messi, but also three other beautiful and talented kids. Even though Celia and her son Leo see each other not so often, they remain close. Messi is always attentive to his mother.

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On her 57th birthday, he gave her a giant cake with a female high-heeled shoe on it and posted the pictures with it on his Instagram. In addition, the football star tattooed his mother’s face on his shoulder.

Jorge Messi is his father and agent since the time Leo started his professional football career. Jorge spent most of his life in the big industrial city of Rosario. He was from a working-class society and earned his living as a steel factory worker.

It was he, who taught his son to play football and noticed his talent for sports. He took Leo to the local sports club Grandoli and coached the kids’ football team, where his son played.

Who are Messi’s siblings?

Rodrigo is one of those, who helped Leo develop his athletics skills. When Leo and Rodrigo were in their early years, they played soccer together. Till now brothers remain close. Rodrigo Messi works with Lionel. He manages his daily schedule and public relations.

Matias is also busy developing Leo Messi’s professional brand. He runs his brother’s charity foundation, named “Leo Messi Foundation”. Maria Sol is the only girl in the Messi family. She is famous not just as Leo Messi’s sister, but also as an Instagram star with more than 200, 000 followers.

In her interview, Maria told, that she couldn’t believe her eyes when she watched her famous brother on TV for the first time.

How many children does Lionel Messi have?

Married for three years but together for over a decade, Argentinian soccer player Lionel “Leo” Messi and his wife, Antonela Roccuzzo, have three adorable sons together, Thiago, Mateo, and Ciro.

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Leo opened up in an interview about how his kids have shaped his outlook on life: “You grow and you learn. You gather experience in all aspects of life, on and off the field. But, as a human being, having three children changed my perspective on life, my way of thinking and it also helped me grow.”

The Messi-Roccuzzo boys are always popping up on both their dad and mom’s social media; from family-vacation posts to outdoor hangouts, we can always count on seeing one of their cute, smiling faces. And soccer fans are eagerly waiting to see which of the three Messi-Roccuzzo brothers will follow in their father’s magical soccer footsteps.

where is messi from

Messi Childhood Life

Born to a working-class family that has been by his side all his life, Messi has had his family close to him all the time. His dad was a manager at a steel factory while his mom occasionally cleaned houses for a living. Now his father Jorge is his agent, while his brothers maintain his professional brands.

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