Where was Ronaldo Jr born ? Who is Cristiano Ronaldo Jr? Everything you need to know about Man Utd forward’s son

Where was ronaldo jr born ? Cristiano Ronaldo Jr., born in the sun-soaked city of San Diego, California, is now 13 years old, having been introduced to the world on July 3, 2010. This youngster, being the son of the legendary footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, naturally garners curiosity and interest. His birth story is both unique and intriguing. Not only was he born to a surrogate, but Cristiano Ronaldo Sr. also paid a staggering €12,000,000 to ensure complete custody. Now, let’s embark on an exploration of Ronaldo Jr.’s world.

The lineage of the renowned Portuguese footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo, extends with the young Ronaldo Jr. As his age indicates a journey that’s just begun, the tales surrounding his life and upbringing offer layers of fascination. His background serves as a testament to the intersection of fame, tradition, and modern-day complexities.


Ronaldo Jr. is not just another teenager. His father’s prominence has thrust him into the limelight from an early age. Understandably, many are curious about his age and the story behind his upbringing.

The legacy Cristiano Ronaldo is creating in the football world has naturally cast a spotlight on his son. The quest to understand how old Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. is only the beginning of a deeper dive into his life.

where was ronaldo jr born

Birth and Background

San Diego, a city renowned for its beaches and sun, was the starting point for Ronaldo Jr.’s journey. Being the offspring of the football maestro Cristiano Ronaldo adds an intriguing dimension to his life.

On the 3rd of July 2010, the world was made aware of this young addition to the Ronaldo lineage. While Ronaldo Sr.’s fame envelops his son, Ronaldo Jr.’s birth has its own tales, including a surrogate mother’s role and her decision to remain anonymous. This birth, wrapped in mystery and marked by a multi-million euro custody agreement, piques global interest.

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Unique Upbringing

Modern parenting is replete with liberal approaches, but Ronaldo Jr.’s childhood deviates from this norm. It’s marked by discipline and particular lifestyle choices, guided largely by his iconic father.

A soda like Coca-Cola? Off the table. Staple fast foods like French fries? They’re restricted too. And while most teenagers are glued to their mobile phones, Ronaldo Jr. is yet to possess one. These choices are a testament to Ronaldo Sr.’s discipline and his intent to pass it down.

Such a lifestyle, undoubtedly, molds character. While these choices might seem stringent, they are drenched in lessons of discipline and prioritize health over fleeting pleasures.

Cultural Heritage

History often shapes the present. In Ronaldo Jr.’s case, his heritage traces back to Cape Verde through his great-great-grandmother. This lineage infuses his life with a rich tapestry of cultural stories and practices.

This diverse heritage, combining the vibrancy of Cape Verdean culture with Portuguese traditions, likely offers Ronaldo Jr. a unique world view. It’s a blend of histories, values, and traditions that will influence his journey ahead.


From understanding how old Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. is to delving deep into his life’s tapestry, we’ve traversed a tale marked by fame, discipline, and rich heritage. As we conclude, it’s evident that his age is just a number in a saga that’s bound to be even more enthralling.

His life, embedded with lessons from the past and promises of the future, is sure to captivate many. As he grows, both his age and his experiences will offer a continued blend of fascination and inspiration.

Who is Cristiano Ronaldo Jr?

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr was born in San Diego in 2010.

In the family, he is nicknamed ‘Cristianinho’, which means ‘Little Cristiano’.

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And he is already living up to that billing, having joined the Man Utd academy.

Cristiano Jr has also been regularly seen performing his father’s famous “siiiu” celebration when scoring for the Red Devils U12s.

Proud dad Ronaldo often shares pics and videos of his son’s incredible football skills.

Who is Cristiano Ronaldo Jr’s mother?
The identity of Cristiano Ronaldo Jr’s mother is not known and Ronaldo Sr says he will never reveal it to the public.

However, he did say that he would inform Cristiano Jr when he feels he is old enough to know the truth.

He told Jonathan Ross: “People speculate I was with this girl or another, or there was a surrogate mother.

“I have never told anyone and never will.

“When Cristiano [Junior] is going to grow up, I am always going to say the truth to him because he deserves it, because he is my son.

“But I am not going to say [it just] because people want me to say.”

Ronaldo added that he did not believe it would be an issue for Cristiano Jr to grow up without his mother.

He commented: “For me it’s not a problem.

“In the world, many kids do not have a mum or have dads, or dads die and mums die, or they beat them up.”

Ronaldo then joked: “Cristiano has a dad – unbelievable dad!

“He has a grandfather, grandmother, [he] has the support of my family.”

where was ronaldo jr born

Who does he play for?

There has been plenty of debate over whether Cristiano Jr will become a footballer like his father but he has shown in recent years that he is well on the way to following in his footsteps. Cristiano Jr now plays for Manchester United under 12s, after signing for the club earlier this year.

However, whilst Ronaldo was at Juventus, his son started playing for the club’s youth sides, and a number of videos of him scoring a hatful of goals went viral as he showed glimpses of the talent he already possesses and the similarities he shares with his father in the way plays.

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While the family were still living in Turin, his father revealed: “I hope that Cris, my son, can be like his dad. He says he is going to be better [than me], but I think it’s difficult. He is playing for Juventus and adapting really well, it has been easier for him than for me.”

By the time he left Juventus following his father’s transfer to Man Utd last year, Cristiano Jr left a huge mark at the club after producing some phenomenal numbers for the youth sides. In just 23 games, the 11-year-old notched a remarkable 58 goals and 17 assists during his time in Turin.

Despite having to wait a while to join the Red Devils’ youth set-up, Cristiano Jr is now an important member of his side and plays alongside Wayne Rooney’s son, Kai, while he wears the famous no. 7 shirt, just like his father. The pair have impressed at the club and Cristiano Jr even copied his dad’s famous ‘Siu’ celebration after scoring at an overseas tournament recently.

In 2020, Ronaldo said: “We’ll see if my son will become a great footballer. He has potential. He is fast and dribbles well, but that is not enough. I always tell him that it takes work and dedication to have success. I won’t pressure him to become a footballer, but if you ask me if I want him to, yes I would like it. The most important thing is to become the best at whatever he does, whether it is as a footballer or a doctor.”

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