Who leads the mlb in home runs? Who are the MLB single-season homerun leaders?

Who leads the mlb in home runs? Major League Baseball’s home run records are – and always have been – some of the most well-known marks in all of sports. Barry Bonds currently holds both the single-season (73 in 2001) and career (762) home run records, breaking the previous marks set by Mark McGwire (70 in 1998) and Hank Aaron (755), respectively.

In 2022, New York Yankees slugger Aaron Judge set the American League record with 62 home runs, passing Roger Maris – whose single-season mark of 61 stood from 1961 to 1998.

Home Run Leaders Since 2017

Mike Trout, 181

Mike Trout, a three-time AL MVP, wrapped up the 12th season of his career with an average of .303, 350 home runs and 893 RBI. When he won his third MVP award in 2019, he called it his best offensively, hitting a career-high 45 homers while leading the majors in on-base percentage. He also led the American League in slugging percentage as he hit .291/.438/.645 with 104 RBI, 110 runs and 11 stolen bases. This season, he became the ninth player in league history to homer in seven or more straight games, which is one game shy of the record.

Who leads the mlb in home runs

Kyle Schwarber, 185

From 2017 through 2019, Kyle Schwarber hit .234 with a strikeout rate of 27.8 percent, even though he averaged 31 home runs and 71 RBI during that span. Schwarber led the National League with 46 home runs in 2022, as he owns the second-highest home run total in the majors. Last season, Schwarber batted a combined .266 with 32 home runs, 71 RBI and a .928 OPS in 113 games with the Washington Nationals and Boston Red Sox. Before his injury, Schwarber tied the record for home runs over spans of two, five, ten, and 18 games. Sosa (1998) and Bonds (2001) are the only other players to match Schwarber’s run.

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Eugenio Suárez, 186

Eugenio Suárez was a shining example for the Cincinnati Reds. He was named to the All-Star Game in 2018, finishing the season leading the Reds with 36 home runs and 104 RBI. In 2021, Suarez hit 31 home runs, with his batting average falling dramatically, batting a major league worst .198. Suárez bounced back when he was traded to the Seattle Mariners with Jesse Winker. The third baseman has hit .235/.335/.470 with 31 home runs over 590 plate appearances, translating to a 133 OPS+ and a 135 wRC+. Despite leading the league in strikeouts, Suarez crushes the ball when he makes contact. His 12% walk rate is in the 90th percentile of all players.

Nolan Arenado, 188

Nolan Arenado hit .293 with a .890 OPS, 290 home runs, and 928 RBI in eight seasons with the Colorado Rockies. The six-time All-Star brought an incredible individual resume to the St. Louis Cardinals, with eight Gold Gloves and four Silver Slugger awards. However, he’s reached the 30 home run/100 RBI mark in seven straight full seasons, missing it once in the shortened 2020 season. Arenado is the only infielder to win the Gold Glove Award in his first nine seasons.

Aaron Judge, 216

Aaron Judge had a record-breaking rookie season in 2017. Since then, Judge has been a monster at the plate. While he finished fourth in American League MVP voting in 2021, he did win the Silver Slugger Award after hitting .287/.373/.544 with 39 home runs. Although, this year is much different than years past. Judge’s 62 home runs is the American League home record as he’s one of six players to hit more than 60 in MLB history. The 30-year-old is hitting .311/.425/.686 with 128 RBI and a 211 OPS+.


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Aaron Judge led MLB in home runs this season with 62. He is only 24 years old and has a lot of good baseball left in him. Fans can look forward to seeing even more home runs from him in 2022.

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Other players who have hit the most home runs include Giancarlo Stanton, Mike Trout and Justin Verlander, among others. Who will lead the MLB in home run totals next year? You’ll just have to watch and find out.


Barry Bonds currently holds the Major League Baseball home run record with 762. The record was set in 2007, and Bonds has since been surpassed by a number of players.

However, his stats remain impressive and he is still considered one of the best hitters in history. His dominance over the sport has led to various controversies and allegations of steroid use, but he has never been convicted or taken any punitive action as a result.

Despite being retired from playing baseball, Bond remains an iconic figure in American culture and will always be remembered for his accomplishments on the diamond.


Yankees slugger Aaron Judge clubbed his 62nd home run of the season to rewrite baseball’s history books Tuesday night against the Rangers. The home run broke a tie with Roger Maris, giving Judge sole possession of the American League single-season record.

The 27-year-old from Arlington Texas is now only one homer away from breaking Babe Ruth’s longstanding record for most homers in a season (60). With just 55 games remaining in the regular season, there’s still plenty of opportunity for Judge to break this record and become an all-time great in Major League Baseball.

What are your thoughts on AaronJudge ‘s chances of breaking Babe Ruth’s MLB records?


The Triple Crown is an award that’s been given to the best player in baseball three times: once to Babe Ruth, and twice to Mickey Mantle. It hasn’t been awarded since 2012, when Miguel Cabrera won it with the Detroit Tigers.

Twenty-seven players have won the Triple Crown, but only five of them happened after integration (1947-present). Ted Williams was the last person to win it back in 1947; Carl Yastrzemski was the last person to win it while playing for a team from Massachusetts, and Frank Robinson was the last African American player to win it.

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Outfielder Ty Cobb, whose career ended in 1928, has the highest batting average in Major League Baseball (MLB) history. He batted . 366 over 24 seasons, mostly with the Detroit Tigers.

In addition, he won a record 11 batting titles for leading the American League in BA over the course of an entire season. His average was so high that it still stands as one of baseball’s most impressive feats even after all these years.

Cobb is also known for his incredible speed and defense at both outfield positions; he was named to nine All-Star teams and held many records during his career as a result of his phenomenal play on either side of the ball. For fans interested in checking out some player stats from throughout MLB history, be sure to check out our list below

Who leads the mlb in home runs


Pete Rose holds the Major League record for most career hits, with 4,256. He and Ty Cobb are the only players with 4,000 or more career hits. George Davis was the first switch hitter to collect 2,000 hits, achieving that total during the 1902 season.

There have been other hitters who have accumulated over 3,000 career hits but they did so in a different way than Rose and Cobb – as pitchers or pinch hitters. Even though he’s passed away now, Pete Rose is still one of the most popular athletes in MLB history.


The Los Angeles Dodgers are the top dog in MLB 2022, and they’re not going to be pushed around by anyone. They finished the regular season with the best record in baseball, scoring the most runs and having one of the lowest ERAs in all of baseball.

Their lineup is stacked with talent from top to bottom, so no team is going to be able to stop them from making it far in the playoffs this year. With a championship pedigree that dates back more than 50 years, there’s no doubt that LA is ready for its return to glory this year.

It’s going to be an exciting season as we watch these talented Dodgers take on everyone else vying for supremacy in MLB 2022.

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