Why do baseball players wear chains ?

Why do baseball players wear chains ? When watching Major League Baseball, we often come across images of professional players wearing gold chains during competition. Wearing jewelry is very popular with professional athletes. So, why do baseball players wear chains?

Most baseball players who wear gold chains want to upgrade their appearance. Religion is also among the primary reasons. Some players even think that wearing jewelry helps them play better.

Baseball Players Chains: Why do baseball players wear chains?

The official rules of Minor League Baseball and Major League Baseball allow players to wear jewelry while playing on the pitch. The only exception is when light reflected directly from the chain affects the batters’ eyes or hitters.

Professional baseball players strongly agree with this rule. They love carrying one or more gold chains when competing for a few reasons.

1. For Better Appearance

Gold is a precious metal with a luxurious and powerful appearance. Successful players that come with multi-million dollar contracts can afford to buy these luxury jewels from reputable jewelers.

This shopping is a hobby of wealthy people. Some players will leave their gold chains hidden under their shirts. A few others choose to unbutton their shirts completely to show them off to the audience. Their masculine look and sparkling jewelry will make them look attractive to female fans.

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why do baseball players wear chains

2. For Their Religion

We also often see baseball players wearing gold chains that come with crosses. The main reason why they choose this type of necklace is religion.

Religion plays a vital role in the spiritual life of people. Devoted players will often carry necklaces with crosses when entering the competition. This image is a representation of the cross where Jesus hung.

Devoted Major Leagues players also perform a few “procedural” moves during the game. For example, they will kiss the cross before entering the field or hitting the hitter’s box.

Depending on one’s faith, baseball necklaces come in different sizes and shapes.

3. For Confidence

Some superstitious players think that wearing baseball chains will help improve performance very well. It is believed to be able to help them strike out opposing players or hit home runs.

Some famous MLB baseball players like Jon Lester or Justin Verlander claim that wearing accessories has helped them play better. Phiten necklaces become a must-have accessory because of that.

What Are The Different Types Of Baseball Player Chains?

Not all baseball player gold chains are created equal. Depending on the purpose, baseball players wear specific necklaces. This section will help you learn a few types of chains that are popular with many professional athletes.

1. Gold Chain

You cannot go wrong with the simple gold chain. These necklaces look sophisticated, lightweight, and won’t distract you from the competition. You will look like your pitching hero if you add this accessory to the overall set.

One of the easiest ways to buy this necklace is to visit your local jewelry store. You can also choose these necklaces on Amazon to get more different opinions from customers.

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2. Gold Plated Chain

Necklaces like these often come with a plaited or interwoven design. This type of necklace is very thick and eye-catching, so the players love them.

A significant drawback of this type of baseball players necklace is that it can obstruct the view. At times when players wanted to speed up to chase a balloon, the chain became entangled.

One of the famous players who regularly wear chains is Mookie Betts. He’s almost built his brand into gold chains.

3. Gold Cross

MLB players who wear golden cross necklaces are usually devout and religious people.

This type of chain is much smaller and heavier than the traditional gold chains we mentioned above.

There are some concerns regarding the safety of players when they wear crosses around their necks. Infielders (even outfielders) often have to lie on their stomachs to field a ball. The cross-section is likely to stab the player’s neck in such situations.

4. Phiten Necklace

More and more MLB players are wearing some twisted rope necklace in baseball games. This type of jewelry has its own name, Phiten necklaces.

The principal designer of this jewelry claims to have infused them with titanium. The type of titanium used is also unusual. It has been converted into an active substance called Aqua-Titanium.

This compound acts as small magnets to redesign the body’s biological electrical fields. Baseball players who wear titanium necklaces will become more aggressive during competition as they stimulate their nerves. Do you believe this?

What are the famous incidents related to gold chains?

Baseball players wearing gold chains is sometimes not a good idea. Wearing jewelry while competing always comes with some risks.

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Let’s review the two most famous incidents related to this issue.

1. Yoenis Cespedes – New York Mets (2018)

When he slipped into second base, Yoenis Cespedes broke his precious necklace into many pieces. He then had to resort to the assistance of the referees to find all the diamonds that fell at Citi Field. What a valuable and expensive mess!

2. Lance McCullers Jr – Houston Astros (2017)

We don’t know why, but Lance McCullers witnessed his diamond-encrusted bracelet fall to pieces while playing against the New York Yankees. This incident forced him to spend a lot of time looking through as much “debris” as possible on the ground.

If these two incidents weren’t iconic, we really don’t know what to call them.

why do baseball players wear chains

1. Which Major League Baseball players wear gold chains?

Mookie Betts is one of the most famous MLB players wearing chains. He received it as a gift from a fan during a 2018 spring practice game against the Boston Red Sox.

In addition, you can see many famous players with gold or rope chains around their necks like Juan Soto, Chris Archer, Mallex Smith, or Javier Báez. They can show off the necklace around their neck or tuck it under their jerseys.

Derek Jeter, the New York Yankees star, often wears a necklace under his shirt, so you may not notice it when watching on TV.

2. Can players in other sports wear chains while playing?

Unlike the MLB, the NBA does not allow basketball players to wear chains to compete. The main reason for this ban was the fear that the chains could cause injury to the player in a collision.

Official NFL rules allow players to wear jewelry while playing, except for hard objects. Most NFL players will wear gold chains under their jerseys to avoid injury.

Above is information why do baseball players wear chains.   Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of why do baseball players wear chains .Thank you for reading our post.

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