Did Joe Biden play Football? Joe Biden Blatantly Lies About Why He Quit College Football

Did joe biden play football ? Joe Biden played college football as a freshman at the University of Delaware in 1963. Biden did not play football in his junior year at college.

While hosting the Kansas City Chiefs at the White House recently, the American politician stated that he was a collegiate athlete.

Breaking911 is one of the news portals which tweeted about the untruthfulness of this statement.

Similarly, in October 2022, the 46th U.S. President also declared that he had given up a starting spot in the Delaware football team.

Joe further claimed that it was his mom who made him give up football, but according to a news article from the Washington Post published 36 years ago, it was his dad who made him quit football.

The Democratic Party representative who took the role of President on 20 January 2021 is a respected leader who has brought several reforms in America.

Nevertheless, Biden is notorious for giving out false information and making misleading claims according to CNN. And most U.S. citizens can not seem to digest his claims of being a college football player.

did joe biden play football

What College Did Joe Biden Graduate From?

Joe Biden graduated from the University of Delaware in 1965. Biden enrolled in Delaware in 1961.

He completed his undergraduate in history and political science. For the first two years at college, Biden became the class president due to his extraordinary ability to deal with people.

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Well, his other dream was to be a politician. That is why, to aid his career, he got enrolled in Syracuse University College of Law and graduated in 1968.

Joe was ranked 76th in his class. He became a member of the Delaware State Bar Association later that year.

Did Joe Biden Play Football At Delaware?

Yes, Joe Biden played football at Delaware in Newark. Joe played as a defensive back in Delaware per Best Colleges.

In 1965, he graduated from the University of Delaware with C. He did a double major in History and Political Science. Meanwhile, his secondary academic discipline was English.

Biden became a collegiate athlete in his freshman year for the team ‘BlueHens’/ ‘Blue Chicks’ during the fall. He had high hopes of making it to the varsity team, but his poor academics of a 1.9 GPA caused him to leave football.

Academics were more important than extracurricular activities like sports to his parents. That’s why, his parents compelled him to give up football and focus more on improving his grades.

Well, his grades improved, but not sufficiently. Joe had plans of rejoining the football squad after spring break and returning to the position of defensive back, but that never happened.

Something else was written in his destiny. Joe got romantically involved with a wealthy girl named Neilia Hunter who was based in Skaneateles, New York.

To spend more time with her and win her heart, he decided to focus on his legal profession. That is why, his football career ended officially in 1963 before he could even join the league.

Joe Biden College Football

Joe Biden football career had a short span of around a year. Biden was on the football team as a freshman at Blue Hens.

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When the Blue Hens defeated Ohio Bobcats, 29-12 in a 1963 match, Joe, too, was on the team. This was revealed by the 47th Vice President of the U.S. himself in the 2012 campaign stop.

However, New York Post revealed that this seems to be false because The University of Delaware claimed that Biden was not part of that game.

Again, in 2022, during a speech, he mentioned that his college football coach played at Michigan, who was also inducted into the Coaches’ Hall of Fame.

But Joe did not reveal the name of the coach, raising eyebrows from the public because, until 1972, freshmen were limited to freshmen teams only.

Furthermore, the 80-year-old stressed that he was a confident athlete and sports came as a second nature to him.

Due to his interest in football since a young age, his inclination toward the National Football League is quite visible.

Joe Biden and his tryst with Football

While Biden’s college football career didn’t pave the way for a professional football stint, his passion for the game remains evident to this day. Throughout his political career, he has maintained a close connection to the sport, often attending games and engaging with football enthusiasts.

The Pennsylvania native is an ardent Philadelphia Eagles fan, although he did fancy the Steelers a wee bit during his formative years. In 2018, President Biden was present in the stadium when the Eagles lifted the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

An athlete through and through, Biden has made allusions to his football career in his book “Promises to Keep.”

Biden hosts the Super Bowl-winning teams for a reception every year in an official capacity. We can be certain that he would have enjoyed Jalen Hurts and the Eagles visiting the White House had they won. Patrick Mahomes’ Kansas City Chiefs beat his favorite team in the Super Bowl.

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did joe biden play football


It’s hard to tell if Joe Biden is lying because he can’t help it, or if he’s lying because his memory is so far gone.

Quite literally every day in the past few weeks, Biden has engaged in increasingly bizarre behavior.

After completing a recent speech, he apologized to no one, grabbed a woman’s shoulder, and creepily rubbed another woman’s face.

Then after a reporter asked him about Democrats shying away from calling him in to campaign events, he mumbled incoherently in response for several sentences without ever once forming a cogent, coherent thought.

On Thursday though, he returned to doing what he’s done best throughout his political career; he blatantly lied.

During yet another speech, Biden made the claim that he left a starting role on his college football team to visit his first wife each weekend

Imagine if the mainstream media cared about “facts” and accuracy from politicians it supports. If former President Donald Trump said something like this, it would lead nightly news stories for days, with the “fact checking” industrial complex referencing it repeatedly as an example of a president who can’t be trusted.

Instead, Biden will get away with it, as he usually does, because the media covers for his mistakes, inappropriate behavior and obvious mental decline.

Thankfully, despite the media’s best efforts, many members of the general public have seen through the obvious political agenda.

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