What size is an nba basketball? Guide To Basketball Sizes By Age & Gender

What size is an nba basketball? Knowing what size basketball to use is important for any basketball player or coach. Using the correct basketball size ensures that games are played to competition rules and allows players to develop their ball skills and shooting technique which is essential for players of all ages.

Our comprehensive guide features a basketball size chart which clearly shows the correct basketball size by age. From kid’s size balls through to regulation NBA basketballs, we cover the recommended basketball sizes for players of all ages.

Our guide also covers the weights, circumferences, and recommended ball pressures for each basketball size, meaning you’ll find all the information you need to buy a basketball for you, your child, or someone else with confidence.


It is essential that players of all ages use the correct size basketball. Not only will it ensure the competition rules are adhered to, but it will also allow key skills such as shooting, dribbling and receiving the ball to be developed. The older the player, the bigger size basketball they will use.

Using a basketball that is too big at an early age will lead to a less enjoyable experience, as the heavier ball will make the basketball harder to catch, more difficult to control when dribbling and more of a struggle to pass or shoot accurately.

Training with a ball that is too small for you can also cause issues. Whilst you might be able to master all the required skills with a smaller, lighter ball, when it comes to playing matches with the correct size ball, you may struggle to adjust to the bigger and heavier ball.

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What size is an nba basketball

Basketball Size Chart

Using the chart/image below you’ll be able to quickly determine the size of basketball that you need for yourself, or your child. From Size 3 to size 7 basketballs, we’ve arranged the smaller balls for younger children on the left of the image, with the full size balls for men and women on the right

As you’d expect, the diameter of a basketball/circumference of a basketball gets bigger as the ball size increases. As the balls increase in size, the weight of a basketball also increases, with size 7 basketballs weighing more than twice as much as a size 3 basketball!

Youth basketball weights are lighter to allow players to develop skills and use a ball that is proportional to the size of the player. As mentioned previously, the size and weight of a basketball will have a great bearing on player performance, development, and enjoyment, so it is imperative to choose the right size basketball.


NBA Basketball Sizes

The official NBA men’s basketball size is 29.5in in circumference equating to a full size, size 7 basketball that weighs 22oz and must be inflated to a pressure of 7.5 – 8.5 pounds per square inch (PSI).

WNBA Basketball Sizes

The women’s WNBA use a slightly smaller basketball measuring 28.5in in circumference which equates to a size 6 basketball that weighs 20oz. Like in the NBA, the ball must be inflated to a pressure of 7.5 – 8.5 PSI.

FIBA Basketball Sizes

For international play governed by the FIBA, the basketball size used for both genders’ matches is slightly bigger with a 30.7in circumference for men’s international basketball and 29in circumference for a women’s basketball.

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In regards to weight, official rules state that the ball must ‘be inflated to an air pressure such that, when dropped onto the playing floor from a height of approximately 1,800 mm measured from the bottom of the ball, it will rebound to a height of between 1,200 mm and 1,400 mm, measured to the top of the ball.’

NCAA Basketball Sizes

The standard basketball size used in college (NCAA) basketball for men and women is the same size that is used in both the NBA and WNBA, which is 29.5in (size 7) for men and 28.5in (size 6) for women. The ball must be inflated so that the weight of the ball is a maximum of 22oz for men and a maximum of 20oz for women. There is not a specific requirement for the air pressure of the basketball.

High School Basketball Sizes

In High School basketball (NHFS) the basketball sizes used follow those used in the NBA, WNBA and NCAA, which is 29.5in (size 7) for men and 28.5in (size 6) for women. Like in college basketball, the ball must be inflated so that it weighs a maximum of 22oz in men’s High School basketball and 20oz in women’s High school basketball.

What size is an nba basketball

Basketball Inflation and Pressure Regulations

The inflation and air pressure of a basketball is also key to a game of basketball, as it not only affects ball performance but also has an impact on the weight of the basketball.

Using a ball that is over-inflated with an air pressure that is too high could result in the ball exceeding the ball weight and air pressure regulations. If a basketball has too little air inside, it will be too light and not fit within air pressure rules. This would impact the performance of the basketball, with the bounce off the ground and backboard being reduced.

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The inflation of a basketball is easy to change. If your basketball needs more air pressure, simply use a pump and needle system by inserting the needle into the valve in the outer cover of the basketball and pumping air into the ball. If your basketball’s air pressure is too high and needs deflating, separate your needle from the pump and insert fully into the basketball.

You should then hear the air coming out of the ball. Once you are satisfied enough air has been removed, remove the needle, and check the weight and the air pressure of the ball to make sure it aligns with competition rules. To check the air pressure of your ball, use a ball pressure gauge reader by inserting the needle of the reader into the valve for an accurate reading in pounds per square inch.

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