When do college basketball rankings come out? College basketball’s NET rankings, explained

When do college basketball rankings come out? A fresh college basketball season has begun again, which means it’s once again time to start diving into NET Rankings and NCAA basketball championship odds.

In other words, it’s a beautiful time to be a hoops fan.

When Do College Basketball Rankings Come Out?

The AP poll releases new college basketball rankings every Monday, often early in the afternoon (around 1 p.m.) for those on East Coast time.

College Basketball Rankings

Unlike college football, the college basketball poll has virtually no impact on the postseason of the sport. That’s because 68 teams are ultimately included in the Division I postseason tournament, with seasonal on-court results dictating seeding (but not necessarily inclusion) for every team.

Below, you’ll find the current, updated rankings for this season.

When do college basketball rankings come out

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College basketball rankings

Marquette’s Shaka Smart told his players in advance of Wednesday’s showdown with Texas that coaching against the Big 12 program he previously led for six seasons didn’t really carry any special weight with him.

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“Bullshit,” Marquette point guard Tyler Kolek said following the Golden Eagles’ 86-65 blowout of the Longhorns.

Put me down as #TeamKolek, if only because it defies logic to think there wouldn’t be at least a little something swirling inside Smart as he prepared to face the school whose fans turned on him in a way that made it sensible to leave Texas for Marquette following the 2020-21 season.

Despite making three of the five NCAA Tournaments that were played while he was at Texas, most UT fans were bothered by the fact that Smart never advanced in the 68-team bracket. After Texas, as a No. 3 seed, was upset by Abilene Christian in the first round of the 2021 NCAA Tournament, it became clear that Smart would enter Year 7 at Texas very much on the so-called hot seat. Rather than live that life, he wisely bounced to Marquette, where Smart got a clean slate and fresh set of expectations.

The move has gone brilliantly.

Smart has already won a Big East championship and Big East Tournament title — and also participated in each of the past two NCAA Tournaments. His Golden Eagles are No. 7 in Thursday morning’s updated CBS Sports Top 25 And 1 daily college basketball rankings after the easy victory over Texas that served as a nice bounce-back from Saturday’s loss at Wisconsin.

“I told the guys in the locker room after the game that this really was the result, not just of their effort and connectivity tonight, but [of] what they were willing to put into the last few days,” Smart said. “There was some real conversation and reflection after Saturday’s game [at Wisconsin]. The difference between good teams and great teams is [that] great teams are able to come together after adversity.”

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Texas’ 21-point loss at Marquette compelled me to completely remove Rodney Terry’s team from the Top 25 And 1. Simply put, we’re now more than a month into the season, and nothing that has happened suggests the Longhorns deserve to continue to keep a number beside their name.

They’ve only played two schools ranked in the top 160 at KenPom.com — first UConn, then Marquette — and lost those games by an average of 15.5 points.

Their best victory is an 81-80 win over a Louisville program that’s embarrassingly bad and ranked 162nd at KenPom.com and 171st at BartTorvik.com, meaning UT’s resume is filled with some whatever-wins and two lopsided defeats. So Texas is out of the Top 25 And 1 — and now the Longhorns won’t have another opportunity to secure their first win over a currently ranked team until they play Baylor in 44 days.

How was the NET rankings system created?

The NET rankings system was improved in the summer of 2018 after consultation with the Division I Men’s Basketball Committee, the National Association of Basketball Coaches, top basketball analytics experts and Google Cloud Professional Services.

Late-season games from the 2017-18 season, including from the NCAA tournament, were originally used as test sets to develop a ranking model that used machine learning techniques. The model was used to predict the outcome of games in test sets and it was optimized until it was as accurate as possible.

When do college basketball rankings come out

Is there any notable data not included in the NET?

Game date and game order were not included in the NET rankings so a team’s first game counts the same as its 30th.

With the changes announced in May 2020, the NET will no longer use winning percentage, adjusted winning percentage and scoring margin. The change was made after the committee consulted with Google Cloud Professional Services, which worked with the NCAA to develop the original NET.

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“When we adopted the NET in 2018, we had reviewed several seasons worth of data and we insisted that we would continue to evaluate the metric,” said Dan Gavitt, the NCAA’s senior vice president of basketball. “We’ve been very satisfied with its performance thus far, but it became evident after two seasons of use that this change would be an improvement. While we will continue to monitor the metric, I don’t anticipate any additional adjustments for several years. We believe this change will result in more precision throughout the season and will be easier for our membership and the public to understand.”

The updated NET is consistent with the women’s basketball NET, which was revealed after the Division I Women’s Basketball Committee worked with a team from Google Cloud to evaluate women’s basketball statistical data for a 10-year period.

In addition, the overall and non-conference strength of schedule has been modernized to reflect a truer measure for how hard it is to defeat opponents. The strength of schedule is based on rating every game on a team’s schedule for how hard it would be for an NCAA tournament-caliber team to win. It considers opponent strength and site of each game, assigning each game a difficulty score. Aggregating these across all games results in an overall expected win percentage versus a team’s schedule, which can be ranked to get a better measure of the strength of schedule.

How are the NET rankings used?

Since the NET rankings serve as the primary sorting tool for Division I men’s basketball, they play an important role in establishing a team’s resume. The men’s and women’s basketball NET rankings and team sheets will be provided publicly on a daily basis on NCAA.com and NCAA.org starting in December.

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