How many ex nba players are jehovah’s witnesses? NBA Players Turned Jehovah Witnesses, How Many Jehovah Witnesses are in the NBA?

How many ex nba players are jehovah’s witnesses? Comedian Brittany Schmitt released her first full-length comedy special on YouTube in July, but her material had gotten increasing attention lately for a bit about a former NBA player she dated. Schmitt told the story of how the former NBA player had reached out to her after they broke up to tell her he is now a Jehovah’s Witness and she should repent.

The bit also includes several very NSWF anecdotes about their relationship (you can watch the full clip here).

While she never names the player, the bit wraps up with a mention of her husband encouraging her to Google how many ex-NBA players are Jehovah’s Witnesses. According to Schmitt, there are just two, which kind of defeats the purpose of her trying to maintain his anonymity by not naming him in the set.

How many ex nba players are jehovah's witnesses

Which current and ex-NBA players are Jehovah’s Witnesses?

According to Google, there are actually three current and ex-NBA players who are Jehovah’s Witnesses — Dewayne Dedmon (currently of the Miami Heat) and former Indiana Pacers’ teammates, Danny Granger and Darren Collison. The one other identifying details in her set (a light skin tone) seems to imply that Schmitt is talking about Granger. However, she also mentions a cousin named Keith and a basic Google search was didn’t turn up a cousin named Keith for either Granger or Collison.

And whether any of this is actually true or just a somewhat wild standup bit, who knows?

NBA player asked Brittany Schmitt to repent

Brittany revealed that her ex claimed that he had gone through a life-altering decision. Having become a Jehovah’s witness, he demanded Brittany Schmitt to repent.

But Schmitt was having none of it and reminded the NBA player of all the things they had done together. The details of their adventure together are too explicit.

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Schmitt: “I heard from a guy recently that I used to hook up with in the NBA. And I figured he was going to be calling to talk about the glory days, the wh***-y days. But instead, he calls to tell me that now he’s a Jehovah’s witness and I should repent. And I started laughing.”

Brittany’s husband google searched NBA players who are Jehovah’s witnesses
Brittany is married to a fellow comedian by the name of Chris Rutkowski. As per Schmitt, once Chris heard her story, he immediately googled NBA players who are Jehovah’s witnesses.

His thorough search helped him realize that there are only two Jehovah’s witnesses who played in the NBA. However, our search yielded three results.

There are three players in NBA history – Danny Granger, Darren Collison, and Dewayne Dedmon – who were Jehovah’s witnesses.

All hints point at Danny Granger. Granger, who played for the Pacers, was raised in a family which identified itself as Jehovah’s witnesses. However, he wasn’t baptized until 2017.

So, it is highly likely that Brittany is talking about Danny. But there is also a chance that Brittany Schmitt may just be joking. Though the details and her story question the nature of her joke. Do you think she was telling the true story?

Danny Granger

Another player who played for the Indiana Pacers and is a Jehovah’s Witness is Danny Granger.

Granger spent nine seasons with the Pacers and was one of the best scorers on the team. After Indiana, the forward played for the Los Angeles Clippers and Miami Heat. Unfortunately for him, he could not win a championship.

Granger was raised in a religious household by Jehovah’s Witnesses, but wasn’t baptized until 2017, two years after his final season in the NBA.

Dewayne Dedmon

Dewayne Dedmon is one of the best role players in the NBA. However, the 7-foot center may not have been in the NBA if he had followed his mother’s advice. Dedmon was raised in a household by Jehovah’s Witnesses and his mother forbade him from playing basketball.

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As a teenager, he was skinny and due to his family’s religion, he wasn’t coached. However, he put in the work and was eventually picked up by the NBA.

Dedmon hasn’t won a championship yet and is entering the final stages of his career. His story is very inspiring and proof that anything is possible with hard work and dedication.

How many ex-NBA players are Jehovah’s Witnesses? Over the years, numerous current and former NBA players opened about their religious beliefs and used their platform to express their faith. Like any other professional sport, NBA has people with diverse cultural and religious beliefs. Here is a list of ex-NBA players that are Jehovah’s Witnesses. Read more:

Jehovah Witness

Jehovah’s Witnesses is a Christian denomination that was founded in the United States in the late 19th century. The religion’s beliefs are based on the Bible, and members place a strong emphasis on evangelism and spreading their message. They are known for their door-to-door evangelism and the distribution of their literature, which includes the Watchtower and Awake! magazines. Jehovah’s Witnesses are also known for their strict adherence to certain practices and beliefs, such as the rejection of blood transfusions, the celebration of holidays and birthdays, and the prohibition of premarital and extramarital sex.

Jehovah’s Witnesses have been recognized for their growth since their inception, with over 8 million members worldwide as of 2021. In addition to their evangelism efforts, Jehovah’s Witnesses are also known for their organization and structure, which includes regular meetings, local congregations, and a hierarchical leadership structure. They do not have traditional clergy but instead rely on a small group of elders to provide spiritual guidance and oversight.

Religion has been the subject of controversy and criticism over the years, with some accusing the group of being a cult and alleging that certain practices, such as their rejection of blood transfusions, are harmful to members’ health. However, Jehovah’s Witnesses maintain that their practices and beliefs are based on their interpretation of the Bible and that their focus on living a moral and ethical life is essential for attaining eternal life in the future paradise on earth that they believe in.

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How many ex nba players are jehovah's witnesses

NBA Players Turned Jehovah Witness

A number of NBA players belong to the religious denomination of Jehovah’s Witnesses. The NBA, being the premier basketball league worldwide, is renowned for its diversity, encompassing players of various nationalities, races, religions, and even sexual orientations.

Jehovah’s Witnesses, a Christian denomination established in the 1870s, have a significant presence in the sports world, with numerous members achieving global recognition as professional athletes. As of 2022, the denomination boasts over 100,000 congregations worldwide.

Over the course of its existence, the NBA has seen players who are affiliated with the religious denomination of Jehovah’s Witnesses. In fact, one player made the decision to retire from basketball in order to prioritize his health. In this article, we will delve into the stories of three NBA players who are Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Darren Collison

Darren Collison had a successful NBA career spanning from 2009 to 2019. He played for various teams, including the Indiana Pacers for four years, and the Sacramento Kings for three years, and also had stints with the Dallas Mavericks, New Orleans Pelicans, and both Los Angeles teams.

In 2019, at the age of 31, Collison made a significant decision to retire from professional basketball and shift his focus toward his faith. This choice came after a productive season with the Pacers, during which he averaged 11.2 points and 6 assists per game.

However, Collison later made a brief comeback to the NBA when he signed a 10-day contract with the Los Angeles Lakers in December 2021. Unfortunately, his time with the team was short-lived, as he only appeared in three games before his contract expired and the Lakers decided not to extend it.

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