Is mlb the show 23 on pc? Will MLB The Show 23 be on PC?

Is mlb the show 23 on pc? The latest installment in the MLB video game franchise adds a new Storylines game mode, fresh faces for legend cards in Diamond Dynasty, and much more.

Baseball fans celebrated in 2021 as MLB The Show moved on from being a PlayStation-exclusive title. San Diego Studio opened its doors to players on Xbox and Nintendo Switch users, but PC players were left in the dark.

MLB The Show 22 rolled around, and PC players once again felt neglected. Community members turned their attention to MLB The Show 23, hoping this would finally be their year.

Is mlb the show 23 on pc

How to play MLB The Show 23 on PC

MLB The Show 23 is the latest in a long line of baseball games and a current console exclusive, but for fans who want to play on PC, there might be an alternate way to play it early.

The newest MLB game was released on Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation in March 2023. Like every prior version of the game, dating back to 2006, the game was not initially released on PC, which caused frustration among baseball fans who do not own a console.

Luckily, MLB The Show 21 decided to break the mold finally and was given a PC release. Well, sort of. Instead of a full-fledged PC port, the game came to Windows via the cloud gaming service of Xbox Game Pass, the popular game subscription service.

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MLB The Show 22 soon followed suit, and now that MLB The Show 23 has launched, you can also play the latest edition on PC via this method by following the steps below.

How to play MLB The Show 23 on PC, a guide

To play MLB The Show 23 on PC, players must sign up for an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, which includes a vast catalog of over 100 games for PC and Xbox. The Ultimate tier currently costs USD 16.99 a month.

Will MLB The Show 24 be on PC?

MLB The Show 24 will most likely not be coming to PC, considering the history of the franchise and no news from the devs over at Sony San Diego about the topic. With the playability via the cloud being an option, it doesn’t seem like a priority in allocating resources.

While the possibility is always there, some players have addressed concerns about the option stating that the PC players would have too much of an advantage. So, unless crossplay can be disabled, some payers wouldn’t even want the title on PC, adding even more fuel to the fire that the game will not appear on PC without significant work put in.

How to get MLB the Show 23 on PC

MLB the Show is available on Xbox thanks to the recent cross-platform change, which is how a PC can technically play the game. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is a gaming subscription service that allows players to access certain games for “free”.

That includes The Show 23. As a result, it can be accessed on a PC, but it’s not the same thing as the game actually being available on Steam or another PC gaming location.

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Will MLB The Show 23 Be On PC?

Unfortunately, The Show 23 will not be featured on PC this year. In The Show’s press release on the cover athlete, they noted that their new game will be available on current and next generation consoles for both Xbox and PlayStation, as well as the Nintendo Switch.

However, there was no mention that MLB The Show 23 would be making its debut on PC this year. As of this writing, both San Diego Studios and MLB The Show have not made any announcements on this matter, highlighting the unlikelihood of this changing anytime this year.

That said, be sure to stay tuned for more news and updates on the matter here should anything change.

MLB The Show 23 Early Access

The good news is that it’s relatively easy to play this game early. There’s no exclusive waitlist. The bad news is that it will cost extra to do so.

It all depends on which edition of MLB The Show 23 the player buys. If they buy the Digital Deluxe Edition or the Captain Edition, both priced at $99.99 USD, then they’re automatically enrolled into the game’s early access.

There is a separate option for Xbox Game Pass subscribers as well. The Microsoft store offers an MLB The Show 23 Xbox Game Pass Early Access Bundle for $44.99 USD. It’s a bit of an ask on top of the subscription price, but it also comes with 2 Gold Choice Packs, 10 Show Packs, 1 Ballplayer Pack, Double Daily login rewards, and 10k Stubs.

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Is Early Access Worth It?

Whether these deals are worth buying will depend on a lot of things, including how big a baseball fan the player is. If they were already planning on picking up these editions, or find the offered bonus content aside from the early access interesting, then it’s no question.

It goes without saying that, for players mostly interested in multiplayer, the early access period probably won’t be as populated as launch day proper, even with cross-play. There is plenty of single-player content, though, like MLB The Show 23’s storyline mode, taking players through historic baseball seasons.

Is mlb the show 23 on pc

Can You Play MLB The Show 23 on PC?

MLB The Show 23 will not be on PC this year. Unfortunately, this means that PC players cannot officially play MLB The Show 23 without using alternative methods. MLB The Show 23 will be available on the below platforms

However, if you are looking for an alternative method to playing MLB The Show 23 on PC, you can do so if you subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. While this method provides a less-than-desirable experience, it will still allow you to play MLB The Show 23 on your PC

Good Alternative to MLB The Show 23 That You Can Play on PC

If you are looking for an MLB The Show 23 alternative since it isn’t officially ported to the PC, you should check out the Super Mega Baseball franchise, available on Steam, instead. This franchise is updated every spring, just like MLB The Show, and provides a similar playing experience that will be sure to scratch any baseball itch you have. While the graphics are a bit cartoonish, the mechanics are incredibly satisfying and will make you forget about that aspect of the game.

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