MLB players that are gay? Minor Leaguer Solomon Bates comes out as gay

MLB players that are gay? Anderson Comás, a minor leaguer in the Chicago White Sox organization, revealed on Sunday that he is gay, becoming only the second active player affiliated with a major league team to make such a public announcement.

In an Instagram post, Comás warned homophobic readers that the message would not be for them and then said he is “proudly and happily part of the LGTBQ+ community.”

Comás, 23, signed with Chicago out of the Dominican Republic in 2016. He has spent most of his career as an outfielder but converted into a full-time relief pitcher in 2022. He had a 6.35 E.R.A. in 11⅓ innings with Chicago’s rookie league team in Arizona last season, battling with some control issues but striking out more than a batter per inning.

After Comás’s post was published, the White Sox showed support for the decision, saying on Twitter, “We are all so proud of you, Anderson!” The team also released a statement in support of the young player.

MLB players that are gay

How many openly gay MLB players have been there?

As the world becomes more progressive, so does the baseball community with clubs, fans, and teammates embracing openly gay MLB players. This season, 29 of the 30 MLB franchises hosted pride night to honor and celebrate Pride Month. The Texas Rangers are the only team who did not participate in the festivities.

As the MLB continues embracing the LGBTQ community, the players have also taken steps towards inclusiveness with Chicago White Sox pitcher, Anderson Comás, coming out as openly gay.

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The 23-year-old pitcher from the Dominican Republic hopes the revelation of his sexuality encourages other gay players to come out. In his first interview with the media following his announcement, Anderson said that he “wanted to open that door for those people that are fighting for their dreams.”

Although Anderson Comás is only the second openly gay MLB player to come out while actively with an organization, the Chicago White Sox, he is far from the first openly gay player to play professional baseball.

Former Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Glenn Burke was the first MLB player to come out as gay, however, he did so following his retirement. While he told his teammates and family about his sexual orientation, he did not share the information with the public until he retired.

However, given the time in which he played (1976-1979) Burke shared how his mistreatment surrounding his sexual orientation became too much to handle, which led to his retirement. After retiring he embraced his sexuality, becoming the first openly gay MLB player. “They can’t ever say now that a gay man can’t play in the majors, because I’m a gay man and I made it.”

Billy Bean continues to fight for the rights and inclusion of openly gay players in the MLB

One of the most important icons in the fight for the LGBTQ community in the MLB is Billy Bean. The former Detroit Tigers outfielder came out as gay in 1999, becoming the second former MLB player to do so, following in the footsteps of Glenn Burke.

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An advocate for the inclusion of homosexuality in baseball, Bean was named as the MLB’s first “Ambassador for Inclusion”. He also helped David Denson, who became the first openly gay minor league player signed to an MLB organization.

It has been a long road, but thanks to pioneers such as Glenn Burke, Billy Bean, David Denson, and Anderson Comás, baseball is becoming a more welcoming place for everyone.

Citing 9 baseball players coming out moment.

“Pride is for everyone,” In professional baseball, brave players who came out as gay publicly are mainly from minor leagues.

The pressure toward accepting pride players in baseball may be why homosexual players who come out as gay before or after retirement have a short career.

Here we gonna look at the baseball players who identify themselves as homosexuals during or after their playing careers.

Matt Barker

Matt Barker, back then, was considered a baseball prodigy in high school. Later Colorado Rockies drafted him as the 46th pick.

However, the club wanted him to complete his college. But the college team kicked him, and he wasn’t drafted later

Currently, he plays in National Adult Baseball League for Denver Browns as second base. Later, he revealed his identity as gay while interviewing with SB Nation.

He decided to join the Browns as the team already knew he was gay, and it wasn’t an issue for the team.

MLB players that are gay

Minor Leaguer Solomon Bates comes out as gay

SAN DIEGO — Former Giants Minor League pitcher Solomon Bates came out publicly as gay in an Instagram post on Tuesday, also announcing that he had been released by the organization.

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“Being gay in this sport you don’t know what comes at you!” Bates wrote. “I thank the [G]iants for giving me the opportunity to be myself and go out there and play the game that I love the most.”

Bates is the second Minor League player to come out as gay, joining former Brewers farmhand David Denson, who became the first openly gay player in affiliated baseball in 2015. No active Major League player has come out as gay, though Billy Bean, who now works as MLB’s senior vice president for diversity, equity and inclusion, and Glenn Burke both came out after their playing careers ended.

“Solomon has made a lasting and important impression on his teammates over the course of his college baseball and Minor League career,” said Bean. “I appreciate his decision and courage to share this part of his story with baseball and our fans.”

An eighth-round Draft pick of the Giants out of USC in 2018, Bates logged a 4.02 ERA over 23 relief appearances with Double-A Richmond in 2022 before being released on Tuesday.

“I haven’t been out as my complete self because I’ve been hiding myself,” Bates told Outsports. “I’m a masculine man who loves the sport of baseball, and now I want to open up doors for gay athletes like me.”

He wrote on Instagram that he was “still in shock” over being let go in the midst of his fifth Minor League season, though he vowed to find a new organization and continue to pursue his dream of reaching the Majors.

“Baseball I’m not done with you,” Bates wrote. “I’m leaving on my terms and my terms only. Gay men can play a manly sport if you give us a chance to.”

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