Does mlb all star game decide home field? Rangers have home field over D-backs in World Series

Does mlb all star game decide home field? The Space Needle can take a much-deserved break. Major League Baseball’s stars will be the ones illuminating the Emerald City tonight.

Starting pitchers and lineups were announced live at an All-Star Game news conference at T-Mobile Park in Seattle on Monday. Keep it here for the latest updates and details on the 93rd All-Star Game.

When the 2023 All-Star Game takes place at T-Mobile Park, the atmosphere will be perkier than a cup of Seattle-brewed coffee, the cheers will be louder than a grunge concert and the athletic feats will be even more impressive than a Pike Place Market fish toss.

That’s admittedly a lot of Seattle clichés to use at once. Forgive us, though, because it’s been a long time since we could use them in relation to the All-Star Game. The Mariners haven’t hosted this exhibition since 2001. Last fall, they ended a postseason drought dating back to that year, and now they’re finally back in the midsummer spotlight, as well.

But this game will also throw a spotlight on what a stunning season it’s been in MLB. The standings are full of surprises, and, by extension, so are the American League and National League rosters, which are a stellar representation of the game’s global reach; more than 40% of the players were born outside of the United States. Ultimately, the talent level here is as lush as Washington evergreens and as deep as Puget Sound.

All right, before we get too deep into this and reference Frasier Crane, let’s go over everything you need to know about this year’s All-Star Game.

Does mlb all star game decide home field

How can I watch the game?

FOX’s national broadcast begins at 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT, with game coverage beginning an hour later.

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The game will also be broadcast in Canada by Rogers Sportsnet and TVA Sports and worldwide by partners in 209 countries. FOX Deportes will provide Spanish-language coverage in the United States, while ESPN Radio will provide exclusive national radio coverage of the event, while Univision will provide Spanish-language radio coverage.

Who are the starting pitchers?

AL skipper Dusty Baker chose Yankees ace Gerrit Cole, and NL skipper Rob Thomson went with budding D-backs ace Zac Gallen.

Both managers described those as easy choices. For all he has accomplished in his great career, Cole, who has a 9-2 record, 2.85 ERA and 148 ERA+ this season, is still chasing his first Cy Young and had never started an All-Star Game. He can now check off one of those two boxes.

“Guy’s been here about five or six times,” Baker said of the six-time All-Star. “About time he’s started one. He’s one of the best there is. … Hey man, if Gerrit Cole wants to pitch, I’ll let him pitch.”

Cole, who counted Hall of Famer Pedro Martinez’s epic start in the 1999 Midsummer Classic as a favorite childhood memory, was plenty eager to pitch.

“It’s always something that I’ve wanted to do,” Cole said. “I feel like I’m physically able to do it, and I’ve got an opportunity.”

Thomson said when he looked at Gallen’s numbers (11-3, 3.04 ERA, 140 ERA+), it was a no-brainer.

“I had found out last Wednesday or Thursday,” Gallen said of the starting assignment. “I had to tell white lies to family. … This is something I dreamed about as a kid. For it to come to fruition is everything and more, really.”

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How many times have the Mariners hosted the All-Star Game?

This is the third time the Mariners have hosted. The first was in 1979, at the Kingdome, where the NL was victorious, 7-6 (the Pirates’ Dave Parker was the MVP). T-Mobile Park, then known as Safeco Field, hosted the game in 2001, in the ballpark’s third season of existence. That year, the AL won, 4-1, with Hall of Famer Cal Ripken Jr. taking MVP honors in his 19th and final All-Star Game.

How can fans get involved in the game?

Fans will once again have the opportunity to participate in the official voting for the Ted Williams All-Star Game Most Valuable Player Award presented by Chevrolet. During the game, fans can vote exclusively at and the 30 club sites — online or via their mobile devices — with the 2023 All-Star Game MVP Vote, and their collective voice will represent 20% of the official vote determining this year’s recipient of what was originally named the Arch Ward Memorial Award.

Which league has the all-time edge in the All-Star Game?

The AL has the edge all-time — 47 wins and 43 losses, with two ties. The scores of those 92 games add up to 381 runs for the AL and 374 for the NL.

Though relatively close all-time, this matchup has been very lopsided of late. The AL has lost just six times since 1988 and three times since 1997. The AL is riding a nine-game winning streak into this one.

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MLB All Star Game does not determine home field in World Series

Instead of a random exhibition game in which each position sees three players play it during nine innings and upwards of eight pitchers per team are used, the MLB determines home field a different way now.

The team with the better record gets home-field advantage in the World Series, not whichever league won a game several months prior. For example, last year, the Houston Astros earned home-field over the Philadelphia Phillies by being quite a few games better.

Naturally, there are tiebreakers in place, but the MLB All Star Game is not one of them. This year, whichever of the two teams that make the World Series won more games will host more games.

Does mlb all star game decide home field

How much does home field matter?

On one hand, teams with World Series home-field advantage in the Wild Card Era (since 1995) have gone on to win the championship 18 of 27 times (66.7%), excluding the 2020 World Series played at a neutral site. But when it comes down to a winner-take-all Game 7, that home field has not made a big difference.

Teams playing in their home ballparks are 19-21 all-time in winner-take-all World Series contests and 62-65 in winner-take-all postseason games of any kind, including 0-2 in this year’s LCS round.

In 2022, the World Series champion Astros had home-field advantage against the Phillies but only captured the title after losing Game 1 at home. A year earlier, the Braves overcame a lack of home field to beat the Astros in the Fall Classic, winning Game 1 and a decisive Game 6 in hostile territory.

And in an unusual World Series in 2019, the Nationals beat the Astros after a seven-game battle in which the home team didn’t win a single contest. (The same thing just happened in the 2023 ALCS as well.)

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