Does youtube tv have mlb network? How to watch the MLB on YouTube TV

Does youtube tv have mlb network? MLB Network and YouTube TV were unable to reach an agreement on a contract renewal, meaning that YouTube TV will no longer carry the channel, according to an email that was sent to YouTube TV subscribers Tuesday. Here’s what you can do if you are a YouTube TV subscriber.

MLB Network and YouTube TV were unable to reach an agreement on a contract renewal, meaning that YouTube TV will no longer carry the channel, according to an email that was sent to YouTube TV subscribers Tuesday. MLB Network issued a press release confirming that the two parties were unable to reach a deal, and that the channel will be leaving YouTube TV.

“With Spring Training about to start, we regret that YouTube TV has been unwilling to negotiate a fair carriage agreement,” MLB Network said in a press release. “MLB Network has offered terms consistent with what close to 300 other U.S. providers have agreed to for distribution.”

If you are a YouTube TV subscriber and do not want to be without MLB Network, with Spring Training quickly approaching, here’s what you can do.

MLB Network is carried by a large variety of cable providers, such as AT&T U-Verse, DirecTV, DirecTV Stream, DISH Network, Spectrum, fuboTV, Hulu + Live TV, Sling TV and Xfinity/Comcast. Viewers can explore the possibility of switching cable providers in order to get MLB Network. They can also

Does youtube tv have mlb network

Where to stream MLB Network without YouTube TV

The loss of MLB Network on YouTube TV is certainly something fans will miss, as it was the only way to watch many Spring Training games, as well as countless other games throughout the regular season.

MLB Network is still available on some competing services, though, such as Sling TV and FuboTV.

With Sling, you’ll need to sign up for the base Sling Orange package as well as the Sports Extra add-on, for a total cost of $51 per month. That’s well below YouTube TV’s base package of $64.99 per month. Alternatively, FuboTV also offers MLB Network as a part of its $74.99 per month package.

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YouTube TV also recently lost its MLB.TV add-on package, but there’s no word on if that will come back, but you can subscribe to MLB.TV separately.

YouTube TV loses MLB Network and MLB.TV add-on

YouTube TV no longer has access to MLB Network — with Spring Training set to begin in less than a month. In a note to subscribers, YouTube TV said that it was unable to reach a deal that would keep Major League Baseball’s network available on the service’s base plan.

“We have been working hard to renew our deal with the MLB Network to continue carrying their content on YouTube TV,” the note stated. “However, we have been unable to reach an agreement, and starting today, January 31, 2023, MLB Network content will no longer be available on YouTube TV.”

Adding insult to injury, the MLB.TV add-on also is no longer available as an option on YouTube TV. That add-on allowed subscribers to watch out-of-market games.

The note from YouTube TV continued: “We apologize for the news and will continue conversations with the MLB to advocate on your behalf, in the hope of restoring their content on YouTube TV.”

YouTube TV Has Decided Some Sports Networks Are Not Worth It

Recently YouTube TV has been leaning into some sports but walking away from others. Over the last few years, most RSNs have now been removed from YouTube TV along with MLB Network. This comes as YouTube TV just dropped one of the last RSNs it had the SNY channel. So why is YouTube TV doing this?

In short, YouTube TV is balancing the cost of the services vs what sports fans it can bring in. Clearly, football has become one of the main focus of the service, not just with the NFL Sunday Ticket but also with focusing on sports networks that offer both college and pro football. This includes college focused networks like the Big Ten Network, ACC Network, and SEC Network, to name a few.

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This has resulted, though, in some networks being dropped, most noticeably the MLB Network and most RSNs. Clearly, YouTube TV has looked at its customer base and decided where it can focus its efforts.

The other real issue here is most regional sports networks (RSN) are starting to offer an option to stream their content as a standalone service. This leaves many companies like YouTube TV to wonder why they should include the cost of RSNs in their list price.

Not having the MLB Network and RSNs may push away some MLB fans, but the lower price could help attract fans of other sports.

This is a balancing act that all networks have been trying to figure out recently. Dish was one of the first to do this, as it dropped RSNs. According to Dish RSNs were some of the most expensive channels they offered and are also some of the least watched.

The question now is will YouTube TV and others find the right balance of channels to attract a large subscriber base. As always the more channels a service offers the higher the cost is.

Nationally televised broadcasts vs. local market availability

Sports broadcasting rights are shared between national networks and local channel affiliates across markets all over the US. When it comes to sports in general, your local collegiate and professional teams often appear on regional sports networks (RSNs) like AT&T SportsNet Pittsburgh, FOX Sports Florida, FOX Sports West, among others. As you can probably see, RSNs are specific to where you live and provide direct access to local teams. However, sometimes your sporting coverage is subject to local blackouts. So, the occasional game will only be available on national networks like ESPN, FS1, or NBC Sports Network — depending on the sport.

In the case of baseball, you’ll still have access to a lot of games even if you don’t have access to every local channel. It is televised across several national networks like ESPN, FOX, FS1, MLB Network, and TBS. Fortunately, YouTube TV is one of the few OTT cable-alternative streaming services that includes every channel you need to tune in and stream baseball on the national stage. By comparison, Sling TV’s Orange + Blue plan carries ESPN, FOX, FS1, and TBS, but you’ll need to pay an extra $10/mo. for MLB Network. There’s also fuboTV, a versatile OTT service renowned for its sports coverage. However, even fuboTV is missing TBS and requires an additional $11/mo. for MLB Network.

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Finding out whether a streaming service has your RSNs can prove to be a tricky business. That’s because availability is determined by things like your market area or ongoing negotiations between providers. Sinclair Broadcast Group recently acquired local FOX affiliates from the Walt Disney Company, which has sparked negotiations with several OTT services. YouTube TV is one of the cable-alternatives that decided to drop FOX RSNs in October of 2020. But YouTube TV isn’t alone. Hulu + Live TV also recently dropped numerous FOX RSNs like FS Arizona, FS Florida, FS Ohio, FS Prime Ticket, and YES Network. And Dish Network, fuboTV, and Sling TV have all cut ties with Sinclair networks at this time.

Does youtube tv have mlb network

Streaming your favorite MLB teams

YouTube TV provides you with all the national networks and most local channels (RSNs) that you’ll need to watch MLB action. But, does that mean you can watch every team with a YouTube TV subscription? Well, not exactly. There are some MLB teams that are only available through certain TV providers, like AT&T. In fact, AT&T TV NOW provides the most complete way to watch baseball. Let’s take a look at the availability of what teams you can and cannot stream with YouTube TV.

Out of the 30 MLB teams, YouTube TV gives direct access to about half. The teams that you can expect with YouTube TV include Atlanta Braves, Chicago Cubs, Chicago White Sox, Cincinnati Reds, Cleveland Indians, Houston Astros, Los Angeles Dodgers, Miami Marlins, Milwaukee Brewers, Minnesota Twins, New York Yankees, Oakland Athletics, San Diego Padres, St. Louis Cardinals, and Tampa Bay Rays. So, if your team isn’t one of these, then you may want to consider another service.

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