Why do baseball players wear mittens? Why Do Baseball Players Wear Mittens?

Why do baseball players wear mittens ? If you’re a baseball player, or simply an avid fan of the game, you have probably seen players using sliding mitts while running the bases. And if you’ve caught yourself wondering what they are and what purpose they serve, no worries! They’re actually quite new in the baseball world still, having just been incorporated into pro ball in 2008.

While sliding mitts might look a bit surprising to see on your favorite player given their newness to the game, they have a very important purpose: safety. And as sliding mitts become more and more popular, the team of experts at Guardian Baseball is on a mission to help you understand why the trend is taking flight.


A baseball sliding mitt is a specialized piece of protective equipment designed to safeguard a player’s hand and fingers while he or she is running the bases. These mitts feature extra padding and durable materials to minimize the risk of injuries caused by friction and impact while sliding.

If you’ve ever seen a baseball player’s sliding hand get stepped on or “cleated,” you’ll know it’s a serious injury. Sliding mitts are here to prevent that from happening. With a non-slip surface on the palm, they provide improved grip and control, allowing players to execute smooth and controlled slides. Whether you’re a professional athlete or a recreational player, investing in a high-quality sliding mitt can enhance your performance, instill confidence, and ensure your safety on the diamond.

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why do baseball players wear mittens

Why do base runners in baseball wear an oven mitt?

I’m not laughing! I’ve noticed that too. What we are looking at when we see a base runner put on what looks like an oven mitt is a new evolution of safety equipment. The oven mitt — called, unsurprisingly, a sliding mitt, is a clever combination of two separate pieces of safety equipment that some baseball players wore to prevent injuries when sliding into a base.

Baseball is, on the whole, a very safe sport. The story from the late 1800s when both sports began in earnest in America is that baseball was played by the working class, who couldn’t afford to injure themselves, while football was played by the upper class whose lifestyle could sustain frequent broken bones.

Perhaps the most common danger in baseball is sliding into a base. The speed with which players slide, combined with the great need to touch the base and keep touching it before the fielder gets the ball and steps on the base or tags them, leads to jammed or broken fingers and wrists and even torn wrist cartilage. More rare but still possible is a fielding player coming down on a runner’s hand with their baseball cleats. Ouch!

Baseball players have long had strategies to deal with these risks. Before the sliding mitt, players were taught to hold their batting gloves in their hands or even a fistful of dirt as a reminder to keep their hands in the air for as much of the sliding process as possible. For players who favor protective equipment, a slider’s wrist guard is and has been readily available for years.

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Like something you would have worn in the late 1990s when you learned how to roller blade, the wrist guard keeps the arm from bending back when it hits the base. The other element that the sliding mitt incorporates is rigid, often fiberglass, protection for the fingers. This evolved from a cast that Kansas City Royals player Scott Podsednik started wearing in 2008.

Why Do Baseball Players Wear Mittens?

Sliding mitts protect the fingers and hands of baserunners, helping to keep them safe from injuries. Baserunning is a dangerous sport full of risks for players, and sliding mitts can help minimize those risks.

Sliding mitts make it easier for baserunners to grip the ball securely so they can reach base safely and quickly. They are also helpful in preventing hand injuries that could hamper an outfielder’s ability to play baseball or prevent a runner from getting home safely on a steal attempt.

Keep your baserunning safety in mind with these slick gloves.

Sliding Mitts Protect Baserunners’ Fingers and Hands

Mittens protect the fingers and hands of baseball players by providing a cushion against hard impacts. Sliding mittens also keep dirt, debris, and other foreign objects from getting into the player’s hand or onto the ball.

They are made out of leather or neoprene materials that stretch when hit with a batted ball, absorbing most of the impact force instead of causing injury to your hand/fingers. Wearing sliding mittens prevents blisters on your palms from forming in cold weather games due to wetness seeping through thin fabric gloves as you play defense at first base for example.

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As seen above, wearing these protective devices can save not only your hands but also your career – so make sure you have them on game day.

They Can Help Keep Players From Getting Injured

Mittens protect baseball players from being injured when they make contact with the ball. They keep hands warm and help to avoid blisters or other skin injuries while playing the sport.

Baseball mittens are also designed to provide a snug fit, which helps reduce movement during play and reduces chances of injury caused by slipping or falling on ice or snowfields during games in cold weather climates.

When choosing a pair of baseball gloves, it is important to find a style that matches your personal preferences as well as those of your favorite team members and coaches.

why do baseball players wear mittens

Baserunning is a Dangerous Sport

Baseball gloves provide protection for the hands and help keep the ball in play. Players may use different baserunning techniques to extend their chances of getting on base safely.

Wearing mittens also helps protect against cuts, bruises, and blisters that can occur from running around a baseball field. Mittens are especially important when it starts to get cold outside-the thicker material will keep your hands warm even if you catch a frozen ball.

Don’t forget about batting practice-throwing with mitts gives players an extra advantage in developing their hand-eye coordination.

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